Friday, January 23, 2009

Just read and relax

Plans for today:
Go to a little local café for breakfast, I am ordering real EGGS!
Go to Wal Mart to pick up the usual suspects, (stuff)
Come back to the camp, start a fire sit down read some more in Baldacci’s Camel Club and relax drinking coffee all day. I drink coffee, don’t know why. Dr. Carter says he had a brother that would say, when asked if coffee bothered him, “Only coffee that bothers me is that which is still in the pot.”

Oh, I got to use the line about the pocket knife I learned on the blog from Debbie. She said when Gary was asked if he had his knife, he would answer, “I’ve got my pants on don’t I.” Meaning absolutely! Thanks Debbie.

Pocket knives play an important part in Rags.
Hope you are having a great day, It is beautiful here in downtown Florida. The fruit did freeze though.
Take care and come back, we might say something here one day.
Night Shipslog

1.. You walka pasta da bakery.

2.. You walka pasta da candy store.

3.. You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.

4... You walka pasta da table and da fridge.

You will lose weight!


shirl72 said...

Jim and his Dad always had a pocket knife. They had just the right size so it would not weight the pants down. They were slim line. I will keep reading your entries hoping you will have something important to say one day. Rags is very good. To bad everybody didn't not know Tuck, Buddy and Leon personally like me. If the boys couldn't find something to get into they would invent some problems. RAGS IS A HIT.


Randy said...

Hello mr. Jack,

It has finally warmed up here and my Father and Grandfather always carried pockets knifes! In fact I have a cigar box full of them but, I never carry one. So glad you got to use your

God Bless


Paula said...

I spend a lot of time looking for John's pocket knife. I'm not going on that walka pasta diet.

jun said...

Thanks to Shirl , I have already started the pasta diet!
Its one of the easiest diets ever.
my son and his dad are proud of their fingernail clippers hanging from their keys. They use those for everything.The dad had a swiss army knife at one time but didnt carry it around. nowadays you get scanned and exrayed when you go in buildings and such and could wind up being detained for questioning. When Gottfried came home from Kuwait he was in his b.d.u's and he still got detained at the airport due to his facial features .he's of german and middle eastern descent. good thing he didnt have a knife on him.

Jean said...

Hi Jack, my hubby wouldn't go without his pocketknife and he likes to keep it sharp. That was bad about the fruit freezing I love the Florida orange juice. Hope you have a nice weekend, jean

Debbie said...

Your welcome Jack. Gary grinned when I told him you were able to use that line. Glad it came in handy for ya. I saw Randy's comment and he needs to hang on to that box of knives if he uses them cause like everything else the Case pocket knife is no longer made here they moved their operations to Mexico. Anyone with older pocket knives needs to hang on to them because the quality of the ones you buy now aren't worth a hoot.

Glad you planned on eating real eggs instead of the fake ones. I have to have my coffee when I get up. I use to drink it throughout the day but I don't anymore. I made a trip to Walmart today too. Was getting low on stuff.

I noticed the pictures at the bottom of your blog last night. I love the one in 1942.


betty said...

hope you enjoyed your real eggs this morning Jack

my hubby never goes anywhere without his pocket knife, LOL; he forgot to pack it one time when we were flying and our luggage was already checked when we were getting our boarding passes; the lady at the counter offered to mail it back to him and did!!!

then there was the one he had to throw away when we were at the courthouse with something with my son and had to go through security; no time to go back to car and no kind people to offer to hold it for him so that one got tossed (thankfully it wasn't one he especially liked)

can't wait to read Rags


Lucy said...

Ok Jack, I just have to tell you this. It was 2.2 when I got up at 6 AM. Now, the streets are slicker than heck, it snowed like mad and supposed to again tonight, tomorrow and the next dAY. I really think you should come to Nebraska and see how the other half live. Lucy
My brothers and dad always carried a pocket knife. Joe has one but does not carry it.

Rose said...

Loved the Pasta Diet!

Hugs, Rose

Sheila Y said...

Well Jack that sounds like a near perfect day. I don't drink that much coffee, maybe change it to tea or hot chocolate. Fire sounds good. Take care, Sheila

Terri said...

Ahhh sitting around the fire....makes me want to go camping....I cannot wait till summer!

Hope you enjoyed your real eggs, coffee and a good book :)