Monday, January 5, 2009

A kinship to Arizona

Thanks Texas, the bill collectors caught up with us, here we are in the Yuma Territorial prison.
This is what they brought us in. (pretty corner scroll trim, huh?)
But today.......
WE are very warm in Florida, not heat stroke weather yet, but really warm for this time of year here. I know, I know that is mean, except for the folks that love the snow and cold. I just read a Blog (Backroad Chronicles) of some full-timers (sent me by a dog, a Corgi in Southern California.) Check yesterday's comments for a thread to the blog.They are in Yuma, AZ. What is it about me that wants to be where I ain’t. haha! Reminds me of a SS teacher I had once, a great guy, who came in saying, ‘ when I am on the road it seems like everyone wants to be where I am.’
If it has to do with travel, I want it. OH, I have good memories of Yuma, I think I won $75 in the lottery there. IF you wash your car it leaves spots (if you do not wipe it down) I know! You thought everyone wiped their car down after washing. Huh uh, only if necessary. I think everyone there buys their drinking water. I think Arizona holds some of the most interesting historical areas in the USA.
There are plenty of us out here enjoying the road. Some folks are actually not running from Bill collectors, we are in a minority. But someone has to keep the lenders on their toes. LOL.
WE WON! Paula in Texas is not the only one who won a free meal. We did too! Yes a lecture comes with it I am sure. But they said it was FREE. So you know us old folks, if it is free. LOL
Question for you. Do you know why you have a lawn? (or want one)
Answer: So Jeff can get paid to cut and trim it.
No, that is not it. Originally grass was planted for the animals close to the house to have food. (Cow, Goat & Horse). They were the first lawn mowers. Also the first automatic fertilizer spreaders.
Then the Castle owners wanted it so they could look out in the morning to see if someone had tracked close to their holdings.

Then someone (a nut, LOL) thought it was pretty, so there you have it.

The first lawn mowers were introduced in the mid 1800’s. My guess is they were not gas or electric powered. Just a guess.
Big day today, huh? You could tell?
Nite Shipslog
PS: Some things to think ponder:

Scratch a cat and you will have a permanent job.

No one has more driving ambition than the boy who wants to buy a car.

There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity.

There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM. - ......It could be a right number


shirl72 said...

Where do we send the money to get you out of Jail. I commented on Rags where does he live?
That maybe Koda's friend who lives in Ca. Well
we are having a rainy day tomorrow but not to
cold maybe 60's. I am a little tired of rain and fog.


Rose said...

I'm in now here!

Should I send the Lasagna to that prison for you?

Hugs, Rose

Woody said...

I bet that "Brig" didn't hold you very long before you got itchy feet to travel, LoL*


Terri said...

Jeff likes getting paid for peoples lawns who don't want to cut it themselves :) and Terri likes it

I know I am 34..but believe it or not I remember the manual lawn mowers...that weren't gas/ just cut the grass with the sharp blades as you walked along...of course it wasn't a perfect cut...but for back in the I bet Mom remembers too


Debbie said...

Go ahead and brag about your nice warm weather. We're supposed to get a little sleet and freezing rain tonight followed by rain for a couple days.
I love the pictures and the captions you've put under them.
That's the only good thing about winter cause after mowing all summer I'm ready for a rest from it. I do like a pretty neat lawn. Best I remember when Jeff got his zero turn mower when he started his business he mowed our yard for free so he could kinda get the hang of the mower and then Terri got on it and rode around in the backyard so she could learn how to use it. If I was going to pay anyone to do my yard it would be Jeff because he is very picky about his work and does a great job. I do remember those old lawnmowers Terri is talking about and also remember the old sickles that I guess you could call an antique weedeater.

Paula said...

Well at least you got to ride in that cute little buggy.

Sandra said...

My brother once had a large lawn and he got himself 2 cute little goats to help him cut it... the goats turned out to be nice pets for the summer but he still had to cut it so back went the goats in the

betty said...

glad you paid a visit to that Phil and Joy's blog; I thought you might enjoy reading about fellow RVers!! Koda usually gives me a list of interesting blogs that he reads at night when I'm sleeping and then I pass them on to others, LOL! there are so many blogs out there; not enough time for sure to see them all!

funny, I've driven through Yuma several times and it doesn't strike me as a city I'd want to stay long in; oh wait, that might have been Gila Bend that I didn't want to stay in......

so I have to know, is Rags part of your journal writing????? its a cute blog; I checked it out a few days ago