Monday, January 19, 2009

SHHHHH, We are moving again!

Matt and Luke chowing down at the 'Oakhouse' BBQ place at the Villages.
My girl and me at the table. I had a chocolate explosion or eruption cake for a birthday cake no picture, everyone ate it, before anyone thought of a picture.

My ribs and chicken after I had been working on them for awhile.

Luke looking up at Uncle Jack as he talks about Armadillo eggs.

Mark lecturing, Matt looking across the table .

Jack and his Dad (me), we all had a good visit. They went home to the cold weather.

Today's exciting entry...............................

I am sitting here, enjoying the evening, reading Blogs, forums etc. I read the most obnoxious, ignorant, gross, mean misdirected comments concerning articles in the news. I lean back and say, these are real people. They are going to breed and put more like them on this earth, that is sad.
I went to copy some, but just gave up, TOO SICK for this blog.. Look under about any news article and read some if you have not.
Today when we walked we saw the little cowboy, on the ranch next door. He was sitting on the ground in the shade of his saddled and ready horse. It looked like he was posted beside a gate ready to open or close it. I loved the picture, he had the clothes and hat all saying, ‘I am a cowboy’. Now down here they were actually called cow hunters vs cowboy, I like cowboy better, they do to, cow hunter is only a historical term now.
Anyway we got a kick out of the big cowboy on a tractor hauling one of the giant round bales, it was loose and he was shaking it as he drove in reverse, scattering it to the running herd that was following.
Tomorrow is moving day. Yeah someone told the bill collectors where we are. But we will be gone before they can serve any papers.
I am reading Baldacci’s ‘Camel Club’ and Sherry is reading Ann Rule’s, ‘Possession’. Plus Sherry is reading ‘Rags’ by Jack Darnell for the last time. Ha!
They are actually predicting 27 degrees down here tomorrow night. I have seen it predicted before, but it seldom makes it. I hope again it does not make it down. Ah, I know that sounds like crying to you guys in New York, Nebraska, Northern ALA, NC & PA but hey, it ain’t ‘posed to do that in Florida! Ha! Oh, we still do have fruit on the trees but thank goodness the trees are not blooming.
Big doings in DC tomorrow. Good luck to our new President.
Nite Shipslog

******There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with: orange, purple, and silver!

*****Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors. Also, it took him 10 years to paint Mona Lisa's lips. (I don’t believe that one….Guess I should check)

*****A tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it instantly go mad and sting itself to death. (Most folks will drink it first, then stomp the bug.)

****The mask used by Michael Myers in the original 'Halloween' was a Captain Kirk's mask painted white.

****If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar (good to know.)


Sheila Y said...

Great photos of all the gang. Drive careful on moving day. Sheila

shirl72 said...

I think it is Paula that keep wanting to rat on
you. Glad you had a good Birthday and everybody
was there. They all got back safely. I can
hardly wait for JJ to get Rags to me so I can
start reading. Talk with him tonight he worked
until 9:30. He said he might have Josh deliver


Paula said...

I didn't do it, I swear I didn't. That is such a good picture of Sherry and you at the top. Drive safely.

Helen said...

I just wonder where you two are moving that will be warmer than where you are now? Maybe CA. Great pictures of the family. Let us know as you move along which direction you are going or you may have already done so in some of the entries I have missed. Helen

Lucy said...

Loved the pictures and glad you had a Happy Birthday. I have been out of the loop but decided this morning I am going to live. That stuff is nasty. It is a wait and see what the next day brings kind of virus. I gave it the boot last night. Thanks for the feel better wishes. It really does make you want to get better. When that food made me hungry I knew I was getting over the crud. Lucy

Jean said...

Hi Jack I like the pictures of you and your family. It is cold and windy here in south Alabama today I told hubby it was suppose to be on inauguration day, Lol. Makes me hungry showing all that good food so I think I will go fix me a cup of coffee and a donut, take care, jean

betty said...

I loved the pictures of your family enjoying your time together and that food looked delicious!

may the Lord give our new president wisdom for sure; he will definitely need it!

have fun moving! at least it isn't too stressful like moving a 2500 square foot home; just don't pull your back out moving any heavy boxes :)

how exciting with the progress of Rags!!!


jun said...

I too enjoyed the pictures. Y'all were definetely having fun! congrats and kudos on Rags! you sure have been busy, lol
where you referring to the nasty comments full of hate and ignorance concerning the parents who gave their children neo natzi names. if so you are right , it is too sick to talk about in public. just surprised me stuff like this still coming up in this day and time. makes me feel like i have had my head stuck in the sand.makes me want to keep my head buried in the sand

Terri said...

Love the glad you had a great birthday!

Been sick the last couple days..not gonna be on here much longer..think I need to go lay down...


Debbie said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves. The food looks yummy and it's good size portions.

I quit reading those comments under new articles. Those folks get carried away and I think the reason why they do it is cause they are attention seekers.