Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our 100 mile round robin to Maine and back.

We needed to make some decisions so we went for a drive over into Maine to check the trail there. but First Bethel Maine and a nice Inn for Breakfast.
This is the Sudbury Inn in Bethel, Maine.

Their inviting sign. Nice folk, very elegant surrounds, but relaxed atmosphere.

This is looking toward Grafton Notch, where the worst mile of the trail, 7 miles south, Mahoosuc Notch is located.

At the trail crossing, this is some young hikers who are doing a weekend of hiking in the Big Loop.

My Girl looking at the Trail Journal to see if she recognizes anyone who has passed in the last few days. None familiar (And I thought she knew them all)>

Back over in New Hampshire, we stopped at a Yard sale just across from this beautiful very white Methodist Church.

Highway 16 runs parallel to the Androscoggin River. Some youngsters having a ball in fairly nice water, some real rapids coming up on down stream. The river runs fast.

It had been so long since we picked wild blue berries, we stopped along Route 16 and picked a few, they were very small.

This is one of the larger ones.

We saw a sign, Yard sale at the Lutheran Church, could not resist. There Sherry met a lady who for some reason knew we were not from New Hampshire, asked if we were from NC. Yes.
Oh she has a brother who lives in Monroe, NC. That is not far from our home. The above house was near the Church. It just struck my fancy. At one time a noble house, I would love to remodel it, but it would take a fortune.

The house and church we just left are in Berlin, NH. Not pronounced like Berlin GErmany. More Berln as well as I can tell. But leaving I spotted these onion shaped domes on the side of the mt. I just had to find them and see them close.
Getting to the area we ran up against a solid rock wall, turn Left she says!!

This is the domes, an Orthodox church. I cannot tell whether Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox by the signs. They just read Orthodox.

Leaving the church was another story, This hill is a VERY steep incline. What do these folks do in the winter????

My last orders were: Stop at that Dunkin Donut Shop, we want a good cup of coffee and a roll. Just as we stopped Sherry spotted this old building covered with green vines and shot the picture. I didn't notice at the time there was a sign advertising AIG Insurance. They are the ones who got the lions share of the BAIL OUT and want more.
That is our 100 mile round trip. I will let you know our decisions as soon as we know.
Thanks for coming by the Log.
NIte Shipslog
Someone sent me a Joe Joke, I am sure he is no relation to the Joe we all know and love who has a dog named Spanky or something.
A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, took the husband aside, and said, 'Joe, I don't like the looks ; of your wife at all.'
'Me neither doc,' said Joe, 'But she's a great cook and really good with the kids.'
It is just a joke folks!!!!!!!!


Lucy said...

Great trip with no effort on my part at all. Good commentary and great pictures. I will take the Joe joke as meant, a Spunky would bite you if you called him Spanky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack! The weather looks great from the photos, oh boy, I'd love to be in that boat right about now!!! Comment on the French signs...I used to go to Plattsburg beach in the summers, and I swear to you 95% of the license plates on the cars in the parking lot were Quebecers, lol. All you heard was really get a vacation, you'd have to go much further South, lol!

That's a beautiful looking house, it's got a lot of charm!

Helen said...

Looks like and sounds like you two had a good day. That little church was beautiful. I would like to be physically well enough to ride in those river rafts. That is if I could swim LOL.
Those little blueberries used to taste delicious.
Thanks for sharing your day. Helen

robert said...

Good morning you two,
again a wonderful 'journey' to be taken to. What a joy it must have been to pick those berries...remember to pick apples, pears and corn back in Germany, without the farmer knowing.
About the church, it's probably Russian, as the Greek ones don't have those golden 'onion' tops.
Please have a safe journey and a nice Sunday too.

Bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Wish George and I were up there with you all. We love some hiking/travel adventures. That Inn looked nice! Have fun. Big party here tomorrow to celebrate George's 50th.

Paula said...

Like the Methodist church picture and all of them but have you ever noticed most Methodist churches are white?

Woody said...

Nice pictures, we have traveled a lot in Vermont, New Hampshaw and Maine, Bethel is nice, My Great Uncle and Aunt live in Maine, have visited there often, We spend our time in Old Orchard Beach and Sacco Maine then go to Bar Harbor to Acadia National Park where the "Old" Lobsta shacks are!! My best was 8 Lobsta and curly french fries!!!and Anna Mae managed to do 4 of them. Sounds like your enjoying yer selves, Take Care!!! ENJOY!!!!

shirl72 said...

Love the pictures and the the Methodist White
Church. I can see Dr. Page preaching there.
I love the house lets buy it just renovate the
inside and leave the outside the way it looks.
It is just beautiful. I know you are enjoying
yourself and adventures to add to what you have.
You are missed back home. On the way to Smoky's
I saw another volunteers job at the Fire Station
wanting EMT'S. Needless to say he said no and we had a good laugh. I am staying busy. I know
that makes you happy its keeps me out of trouble. Sherry's brother get me into trouble.

Love ya, Shirl

Sheila Y said...

Thanks for taking us on the trip with you. I bet Sherry's feet healed quick with your expert foot massages. The girls had a great time at the beach, I think they were all sore from all the laughing they did. I'm sure you have been around a bunch of giggling girls...take care, Sheila

betty said...

I know you/Sherry will be the best decision for the two of you! Its funny, but once you live in a place that has snow/ice, you always wonder what they do in winter when you see a big incline/hill; funny, too, when you live where there is no "snow ball's chance" it will be snowy/icy, you still wonder how they manage in winter (that's what we kept thinking the first year we moved back to So. Calif)

seems like you had a delightful day in your 100-mile trip! a little bit of everything in the day; all great pictures!


JOHN said...

I love all the pictures you posted. think it amazinf that you two can travel by Motoe home. And yes when you play in the Garden with your Grandson.It will be a memory he will Cherish. oNWARD WITH THE YOUR JOURNEY.bE sAFE

Rose said...

The pictures were delightful and thank you for sharing. I miss New England! Well, I'm originally a Boston City girl but spent many weekends in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Nice Memories.

The humidity today in South Florida is so high, it is steaming hot!

Hugs, Rose