Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We drove over to Andover, Maine and found some breakfast in this unique 'Red Hen Diner'. Local folk and the place was decorated nice. Andover population is less than a thousand.
When we reached the trail this is what we saw, hundreds of dead falls, actually none blocking the trail. Amazing.

No Comment, Don't know how this got here. (Pretty though, ain't it?)

First stream to cross, clear like all the rest.

Other than being a little muddy in spots, as a whole, once we climbed out of the Notch, it was an absolutely beautiful walk in the woods.

Here I am with no hat, no one is supposed to take my picture without a hat, being bald is a secret!

Above is thru hiker, 'Katz' I forgot his picture, until he had forded this creek.

Katz is followed closely (10-15 mins)by another thru hiker, 'Pusher'. He chatted for a few minutes then heade upthe trail, 'Miles to go before he sleeps'.

Now you cannot resist falls, and I have deleted some already.

Not too far away is another cascading falls.

This crossing just about got us wet. The thru hikers, who have just completed over 1870 miles of backpacking, just jump the rocks or walk right through, knowing their gear will dry on the next mountain.

Here we have three who have teamed up as partners. Two on the left are from North Carolina and the one on the right is from Michigan. Sherry wrote the names on her palm, but ended up wearing it off, so we only know the center guy is 'Apache' from Waynesville, NC

This is my girl, beside one of the AT direction signs.

There were a few rocks, but mostly smaller, the trail was good.

The rock stackers have passed this point.

Leaving we passed this neat 'A' frame home. Notice the out building is also an 'A'.

Uh, oh, some farmer's wife hung the husband out to dry.
Great hike today, feet doing pretty good. The remaining hikes will be in Maine.
Thanks for coming this way.
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Lucy said...

The pictures are just great. The most attractive is Sherry. Then the first picture of the water falls. Just so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love the big and small A frames...and I'd love to live somewhere with a pop of less than 1000.

The no comment picture...hahaha. It probably looks so good because it hikes so much....;).

robert said... two seem to fit so nicely into that beautiful nature...

Paula said...

Aha Sherry got even with you by taking a picture of you with no hat on. I like those A frame houses. We have a couple on some country roads we travel.

Sheila Y said...

I bet when Sherry seen that 'no comment' picture you had to get her foot out of your....well I won't go there...
Bald? Bald? I thought you just kept it shaved off. Or maybe Sherry 'skint' you for that picture of her...ha.
Can't wait to see the next part of the trail,

betty said...

I always love to see pictures of waterfalls, so the more the merrier for those for sure!

I can't say it enough, but I really truly admire the both of you for going out there and hiking this trail! you guys are both such an inspiration! I just love following along with you on your adventures!


Rose said...

That Red Hen Diner looked inviting.

You two amaze me doing all that hiking!

My kids took me on a few trails in New England and I certainly was not prepared for it...because I'm out of shape...LOL

Love the photos that you share with us.

Hugs, Rose

Helen said...

Great pictures. I liked the one with you smiling Jack. Cute A frame house and outhouse. The streams and waterfalls were beautiful. Helen

shirl72 said...

Love the pictures and Sherry got you back from
showing her back-side HAAAAAHAAAAAAA. Now be nice. Love to see the Hikers you meet on the trail everybody looks so happy and enjoying
life. I know you are having a good time.
Stay safe.


Lucy said...

Great photos but the prettiest one was of the back of Sherry. I feel better today. After one stroke many years ago , don't want another. I think I may be to ornery for it to try to attack me again. Stay safe you 2.

Terri said...

HAHAHA! Jack you crack me up...with the no comment pic of Sherry's hiney... She's gonna get you..LOL

I love and have missed looking at all of ya'lls pics from the trails... I have never seen waterfalls in person they are beautiful...I hope to see some at one time or another in my life...

I'm just popping in here or let you guys know I haven't forgot about ya!

Miss & love ya'll