Friday, August 28, 2009

Today is moving day. We are headed into Bangor. This is a better picture of the plant with a river running under it. This is in Guiford, Maine.
There must not be any unemployment in Maine, everyone has a job working on the roads. Now I know all work on the roads up here must be done in the Summer, but I figure some of this must be Stimulus money.

My favorite part of the trip. I have never seen a tractor grave yard, but here it is. I stopped the motor home and got out to take these pictures.

Don't you just love it.

Looks like about fifteen acres of old tractors. When I RETIRE I think I will bring a trailer up and buy about three of these, I would love to work on them.

On the way here I was saying (too late), get a picture of that. don't you just love this old Ford truck. Oh, I'm sorry my mirror got in her way.

We are not actually in Bangor, we are in Hermon, Maine. We are at the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort. Wonderful folk with all kinds of information. The last time we were here, these were the only folk that would tell us where Steven King lived. He had said drop by, but did not give his address. he was sure surprised when we did drop in for coffee and a chat. We will not see him this time. LOL (It is a joke!) His front gates have Bats protecting it.
Tonight we will attend the 'American Folk Festival' down town. There is a parade kicking off the start. There are supposed to be a lot of different foods avail. Looking forwad to it.
Take care this Blogger would not let me upload all the pictures. Gotta do something about that.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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It would be nice if you tried to smile at most of the people you meet in life.
Even though you cannot accomplish every dream, be thankful for the ones you can make come true. We are thinking this is our final try at the AT, but who knows? We have sure enjoyed meeting the folks on the trail. So even though that AT dream may not come true, we are gonna be happy just to maybe 'Canoe the Suwanee river' or Swim the Mississippi the long way. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Moving day can be a hard day but at least you aren't sleeping on the floor with soup for your dinner like before. You 2 are having all the adventure I am not. I'd be jealous except I know I could do it, but I don't '-). ~Mary

Sheila Y said...

Thanks for your prayers, stay safe on your journey. Sheila

Paula said...

I like the tractor grave yard. John used to have a irrigation system grave yard but it finally all went to the salvage yard.

shirl72 said...

Glad you saw a junk yard for tractors. Get a long haul driver coming through Belmont and
have three delivered. Jim or Bill up the road will let you store them at there place. I didn't know old tractors died. Singing Ole
Willie's song "On the Road Again".


betty said...

when you RETIRE??? I thought you were retired! but I know what you mean, I think

I remember when we lived in Montana, they always had the roads torn up during summer for construction and there wasn't stimulus money back then, so I'm sure same thing with Maine.......

take care both of you!


Helen said...

That was a neat old tractor graveyard. That mirror sure messed up the shot of the Ford Truck. Glad that got to stop and say Hi to Stephen King LOL. Helen

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never seen a tractor graveyard either! That is pretty cool!