Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our last scheduled Hike. Sample of the 100 mile wilderness.

Today is the last day of our planned hikes. We took off to Monson to find our cook at the general store was out, so we hauled a couple up to the trail head while we were waiting for her to return.

The first picture is out of sequence because I don't know what I am doing. LOL We came back and had this breakfast. (Shirl, don't look, that is HAM and EGGS and home fries), we are celebrating our last day of hikes.
This is 'Juke Box Hero' and 'Double Vision' and the Bearded driver. below.

Here they are about to head into the 100 mile wilderness. They are happy campers today, they are headed toward their goal Mt. Katahdan.

Here is the warning posted before they enter the wilderness, that there will be no place to buy food etc, or get help for the next 100 miles. But that did not phase my Girl (since she wasn't walking but 7 miles (total).

The first thing she encountered was a shaky ladder bridge.

Then two blow downs across the trail, but her short legs could still manage to cross.

Just me and a AT sign.

One of the many root ladders today, but it was an easy walk most of the way a few bogs, a few rocks and a lot of roots. Then you see simple things like this, you have to give Ole' Bill Irwin another pat on the back. Today I tried a few times to close my eyes and work my way along. Man it is tough even it you saw what was coming before you closed your eyes.

"She always says when I catch up and find her like this, "I found this tree (or rock) with my name on it."

Just another sample shot of today's trail.

The rock stackers strike again.

Sherry is walking ast a root ladder, she is on a solid rock top.

A picture of the first Pond we came to, beautiful but today extremely windy.

Sherry on the Solid rock shore line of hte second lake. I wondered if the whole lake was on or in a rock.

Broken bridge ofver one of the many bogs.

We walked back out of the woods and decided to visit Greenville, a town just up the road. We passed this house with a beautiful model church in the yard.

We passed a small settlement named Shirley, incorporated in 1834. See that Shirl, there are things older than you!!!

This is a painted rock. I am a yard sale enthusiast. We passed a sign saying yard sale. Found a part Indian lady, who paints and does crafts, ties flies, dresses deer and Moose, etc. Today she was having a yard sale. Sorry the other pitures did not come out. But Sherry got a pair of ear rings for Christmas made from deer antlers. No not the whole antler just a cross section. LOL

I am depressed with so many huge houses that stand abandoned up here. My mind will not stay still making up stories of WHY?

What do you call these? Aren't they something like 'Pinz nez' glasses? What would you pay for them? In the original case, Dr. name on the case and everything is tact. I got these at a yard sale for a dollar. No I don't know why, they just struck me as very interesting. I am going to search the Dr. name later this evening.
That was our day. Tomorrow we head down to Bangor,
Thanks for coming by this way.
Nite Shipslog
And yeah we are still high with meeting Debra and Bill Irwin. We are still bragging. I love to see the faces of the folks when I say we met them. The cook and the owner of the Generl Store was impressed also. But you should have heard the kids we took to the trail. There must be a youthful saying now, "NO WAY!" AWESOME!


Paula said...

Sherry must have very good balance walking on that kind of ladder. Did you go to Lost Maples when you went to Bandera? We had to walk on some rocks to cross the creek and of course I fell in. Not good balance at all. That lady did a fab job painting the rock. I like it. I was probably going to say something else but I forgot what it was. I don't have good balance in my brain either. Very nice entry though.

betty said...

loved that ladder bridge; that must have been an adventure to cross! how bittersweet your last hike of the AT for this year; I bet there was a lot of sentiment in it as you walked

you just can't let it go and have to "goad" Shirl with anything you can, LOL; had to laugh about the settlement

safe travels


Helen said...

About time the trail travels are over. Gonna be cold in those mountains soon. Interesting pair of glasses. Helen

Lucy said...

First of all thank you Jack and Sherry for your thoughts for my family. I wish I had a sister or brother left to talk with, but guess what, you all are great substitutes. I welcome your prayers for Mike and all, who love him. Great pictures and young people can be great can't they? You 2 have been to tough cookies. Especially Sherry battling her feet like she had to. Where are you headed now? We had a big juicy tomato that was so good last night. I don't know about your kind of grapes. I told Sheila they look like green olives and black olives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! I hope you're having the cool weather we are here, I'm loving it! Those root ladders can really come in handy for footing, lots of those on the mountain here too. The pictures are great! I love the specs!

shirl72 said...

I love the painted rock. I don't know why my
mind want work like that when I have painted
rocks. I think you have painted rocks also.
You both look like you are and had a good time.
Enjoyed the pictures. I will get you for finding something older than dirt and using my name in vain.


Woody said...

Have enjoyed reading your adventures and the pictures were very unique, I have several pairs of those glasses as they were my Grandpas and my dad wore them also, we are both exhusted, we slept in till 9AM and Anna is having back problems from doing to much yesterday!!

It is a shame to see empty, vacant houses, but everything is going to the cities and malls.

You never mentioned if you tried to fish in any of those ponds and lakes and srteams you found off the AT!!!!!

Keep that rock away from Shirley so she don't hit you with it!!!

You 2 take it easy!!!!!!

Sheila Y said...

Loved the pictures, especially the view of the lakes (ponds?). Tis' beautiful. Sheila