Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This photo belongs down at the ****** Sherry headed to find a lost POND.
I put an entry on this morning before our hike. It was a little rainy out, so I thought we might not do much. We are cutting back a little to about four miles of good trails and less on rough. This today was a good trail. WE started the climb to Mt. Washington. and turned back. Then we decided to try another approach.

This is before we turned back, I loved this natural bridge over a creek, and the

Creek itself demanded to be photographed, it was so clear Everything you see above, is under water.

This indicates today's theme. Trees and rocks (AGAIN? yep), I love the audacity of a tree to assume it will live on a Rock.

We figured since someone had lost a pond the least we could do is help them find it.
*******Pretend the first picture is here...Sherry on a bridge.

Looking back up at Mt. Washington, you might see one reason we turned back...

Another tree on a BIG rock

This guy grew between rocks.

You would thnk the rock grew, but this tree has hun on for about eighty years. pretty good for a tree, he may have fifty more years with those roots.

Here is one that was not so lucky, couldn't hack it on a rock.

WEll you will be happy we found the lost POND, I have been calling it a lake.

Sherry found a rock with her name on it, as she expresses it. A good look at the lake. So I decided to go over to this rock and get her picture.

I said look what is coming from behind that rock, she startled, because one time she had her feet soaking a Water Moccasin brushed by them. We were thrilled to see the lady duck.

Evidently we are not the only humans to find this lost pond. I know this wild duck has been fed by many hikers, she is just toooo friendly.

She even decided to sample Sherry's toes. I sorta like Sherry's toes myself.

Then another guy came up, He too, had found the Lost Pond. Ms. Duck is having nothing to do with him, but she didn't run either.

Now this was the surprise fo the day, our first Moose in New Hampshire. She isn't too afraid of hikers either

But at over 2000 pounds, you can take all the time you want.
That was our day. A very interesting one. The Forest Service was glad to know that we had found the Lost Pond. Now they will rename it the Found POND. LOL
Thanks for coming by the Log.
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Anonymous said...

Judging from your blog adventures, you & Sherry are in better shape and having a more interesting life than the rest of us put together ;-)~finding ponds & all.
I love the way you live. Mz Duck looked sort of brave.~Mary

Sheila Y said...

I wouldn't say 'barn' cleaning is fun, but at least they don't have animals in it to clean up after. Take care of those toes, Sheila

betty said...

a water moccasin! Oh my gosh! if that happened to me, that would be the LAST time my feet dipped into a pond or a lake or any body of water. Sherry is one brave lady!

so glad you found the Lost Pond because it is beautiful!!


Paula said...

I was thinking those ducks sure are tame. Glad you found the pond.

shirl72 said...

The pictures are beautiful. That is something
trees growing on rocks and trees we plant
have a hard time surviving with our help. Love
the picture with the duck headed for Sherry's toes. That is one for the Gazette.


Helen said...

Loved the pictures. Glad it was a duck that came upon Sherry and not a snake. Helen

Anonymous said...

Oh wow a moose! Neat! I haven't seen a moose in a year or so, seen a lot of tracks though. I've heard the bulls are quite nasty during the mating season! I love the photos of the trees growing on and through the rocks! And that was quite a capture, the creek photo, with the current swirling!!! Loved it! Storm was brewing there, I would have headed back too!