Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of the not so good days, but Life is great.

This is the crowd at the Manatee Hammock RV park. This is the closest camp to the launch site. You can feel the ground vibrate.

Since I am on the other computer now, I ran across this launch. I don't know if this was John Glenns return to sapce or not. But the launch series is backwards, With the blast off four pictures down. Oh well.

This is the blast off.,,,,
Now today's sob story....

This morning my 'new' computer, that went to Texas for a repair two months ago, has again bit the dust. hold that thought.

We bought the computer at Staples in Florida. There is a staples just South of here. 30+ miles. We will just run down there and drop it off.

N. Conway, NH is a Tourist town. The main highway runs right through it. The speed is about minus five miles an hour bumper to bumper. Now back to the computer.
Disconnect the 6000 wires I have hidden and stapled and tied back. Take the back up hard drive (Thank goodness) locate all the records and receipts, head south. Over the mountain and through the woods just a cadillacking along. But at N. Conway, dead STOP. Idling down through town, you get a bad smell. Nothing to worry about. Since we are here Sherry will treat herself to a 'Nail job' (Is that what it is called?). Drop her off and go to Staples. We fixee, 6-7 days. Okay? Okay, I will figure how to get it back. Hey, is that a Dell on sale for $500? Yeah and a great buy. Don't tell my wife put it on the credit card......(closer look) Oh no, will I have a problem this thing says 64 bit I have 32. Yeah, big time trouble. Forget it. call me when George is fixed.

Picked up my happy wife, nice looking nails. (She doesn't know I just saved us $500) Looked for a TacoBell, nada.

What is that smell? Hot Anitfreeze! Steam coming from under the hood.

Busted radiator hose. No way out of this town but North through that wall to wall traffic. Had to stop to add water once in the middle of town.

HEY A DAIRY QUEEN! A BLIZZARD WILL FIX EVERYTHING. While Sherry ordered the treats I used their hose in the yard to refil the radiator.

Have you ever heard of 'mole skin'? WE use it on areas where blisters are forming. I took a sheet out of our packs, stuck it to the two inch break in the hose. added a walMart plastic bag and 400 feet of tape.
We made it home, the Blizzard was a Tropical Blizzard, it fixed everything 'cept the confuser.

I may not be around for a few days. We head off into Maine the back woods and may not bee too much communications. Will do what we can.
TAke care.
Nite Shipslog.



Lucy said...

Lets hope nothing else breaks down. Glad you made it to You both take care.

robert said...

Remember to have my laptop in maintenace for more than two months, while writing my dissertation with a pencil and tiping it into afterwards...
Again impressed as you seem not only to know how to use your feet, but also both of your hands.
Wish you a nice time and a always safe path.

Woody said...

Nice entry, We have been to Conway, several times, nice place, its only about an 8 hour drive from here, well now its probably an overnighter as I can no longer drive after DARK!!! My pictures I load on the blog I have to load BACKWARDS if I want them in order, for some reason this happens alot. SO< I put in my last picture first!!!!!!
Hope you have eaten yer fill of LOBSTA!!!!!!!!!
you 2 take care!!!!!

Paula said...

Yep I know what mole skin is. You had a chance for a blizzard and you didn't have any chocolate in it? You two got a fever?

betty said...

I know what mole skin is; very clever repair you did! yum on the Blizzard; I'm trying the tropical one the next time we go to DQ; I know there is no way you would have been able to keep that computer purchase from Sherry :) (glad you were able to resist getting it and that you other one will be fixed soon)

safe adventures you two!


shirl72 said...

Well looks like everything is going swell.
Car, computers, nail job, and blizzards. We have blizzards in Town. I think you need to get on the road back home. Mole skin I don't know. Glad the little mole rode under the hood and held your hose together. Maybe they will
stop digging in people's yards since they have
found another use. HEE HEE


Anonymous said...

Oh that's bad luck with your laptop! What the heck is the problem? Maybe that internal hard drive is faulty...I hope you get it back fast and functioning well! Yikes about the radiator! I always worry that something will happen on my trip and I won't know how to fix it. Hope you're having a better day today! And yes, a Blizzard does fix everything!!!

Sheila Y said...

How many moles do you have to skin to get enough mole skin for hiking....or radiator hose fixin'... :) Have a safe hike, Sheila

Hurry home, Shirl can't wait to try out her new RV park upgrades...