Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting old and Preachers

Everyone wants to pass me and I am doing the speed limit plus 8-10 mph. I wonder if a person can change. I always hate to hold anyone up. I will even pull the Motor home and tow car off the road to allow folks to pass. I read in one of Rain’s blog entry that she was like that, but now she is able to let the guy behind have the heart attack and not her. Meaning she was not going to allow someone she does not even know to intimidate her into taking chances. I want to change, but alas it is impossible.

I have mentioned many times I was raised in a parsonage. My dad was a great man, not only to his family but to his churches. Dad was in a denomination that allowed the church to vote on it’s pastors. In his lifetime he organized and built one large church, then pastored six more. He received 100% vote at every church. I said that to say this, he had a lot of good common sense advice to young preachers if they would listen. One of his points in advice was: ‘When you announce you are closing (or finished) the sermon, QUIT!, don’t continue for ten or fifteen minutes more.” I thought of that this morning at the church we visited. The man did a great job preaching on ‘The Rich Fool’, then killed it by having music and talking another fifteen minutes.

Hope you all are well out there. We had heavy rain yesterday and strongs winds last night. Sherry thought we were going to roll over in the motor home. HA!

I had some interesting subjects to talk about but I forgot them all. I loaded ten pictures and the system dropped them twice. Glad you dropped by the log.

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PS:The wife sat down on the couch as hubby was flipping channels.She asked, 'What's on TV?'
Dumb hubby says, 'Dust.'

And then the fight started...
Us guys learn sloooooooow


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh....that just kills me every time. It's NEVER fast enough for some drivers! It took me a long while not to let them bother me! I also pull over sometimes to let the tailgaters get to their destination a few seconds before they would have if they had (gosh forbid) driven the speed limit. Guess what? Creepy neighbour was on my property this afternoon! I looked out my window and there he was...I contemplated calling the cops, but I called the landlady instead and she took care of it. He was picking up some wood that he was supposed to do AFTER I leave...but Jack, I remembered your idea of shooting the trespasser and had to laugh about it, and the laughter eased the nerves and anger! So thanks! :-)

Helen said...

If I am going the speed limit or am 5 over I just let the other person stay where they are or take a chance on them getting caught going over the limit. You do have the right of way. It gets a person riled up a bit having someone ride their bumper but that is what they are trying to do. Helen

betty said...

my son drives an older Cadillac. He used to drive this mountain road with 1-lane traffic either way to visit his girlfriend. As he babied the Cadillac he would take corners at the speed limit, etc. He would pull over and let people pass if they were "polite" and didn't flash their lights at him or beep or indicate any other way they wanted him to pull over. He said trucks usually were the worst for riding his bumper. He could see in his rear window people cussing him out, etc. One time the car behind him made him a bit upset so he didn't pull over but kept the speed the whole way down the mountain. When he got to the bottom, he pulled over and let all the other cars pass; and counted how many.....162 cars.......I was surprised no one came out and cussed him out, but again, they were probably in a hurry to get where they needed to be

I think some pastors think they need to go to a certain time to make sure people think they got a good deal by going to church; throw in those extra things not really needed

don't you hate when Blogger doesn't post pictures? its almost as bad as AOL journals :)


Anonymous said...

I can admit to a long speech with a partner to try to make my point when I was hot about something but whenever I had to give a talk as a manager I ended it early, never a complaint on that one. People not only lose retention over a long speech, they also start to hate you :0.

I do pull over if the person behind me is freaking out, not because I care about him, but because I care about me & I don't want him hitting my car or pulling up along mine & shooting at me. ~Mary

shirl72 said...

Not only do they drive fast on the road but now
people are having trouble through residential areas. Some neighbors threathen to shoot paint
balls at the cars driving fast. I can't figure
out where everybody is going. We listen to a
preacher this morning that kept saying I know I am running overtime. I thought stop taking up time saying it and stay on track. He finally
ran out of time. (Asst. Pastor Boring) Some people don't need to be a preacher. You are
right about our Dad he was one of THE GREAT ONES
and loved by everyone.


robert said...

How about a sign in your back window, writing: 'Never drive faster, than your guardian angle can fly.'

Paula said...

I agree with Mary I pull over and let them go if they are on my bumper. Our new preacher preaches longer then the old one so we are having to adjust to him. Every Sunday he says during his sermon sunday school starts at ten o'clock. Last sunday when he did that he lost his place and said I'm going to have to stop saying that. Today he didn't say it. lol

Lucy said...

I think the longest funeral I sat through was Ted Kennedy's. That family has had many problems they brought on themselves but they have had a lot of tragedies. Don't ask where that came from? People speed through residential areas as well as tailgaiting. Guess what, at my age, it is their problem. I go the speed limit and trust no one so if they have thir turn signal on I wait and see if they are really going to turn. I pause at intersections where it is tricky to see and not sure they are going to yield. When I die I don't want it to be due to some fools negligence.