Monday, August 24, 2009

Traveling the GPS is handy. However you cannot trust them completely. On the way up here 'She' tried to get me to turn the motor home onto this road. It is for Off road vehicles only, and about 7 feet wide. The road is called 'Happy Corners Road'. I wouldn't have been so happy if I had turned!
BUT this morning we stopped at the 'Abbot village Bakery', all the good baked right here. We had a deli sandwich and an apple tart to go, on the way to the trail. While we waited..
we met this Bull moose fellow in the dining room! I had a letter to mail so we headed to the post office. I missed the road and turned around in a drive with this pink/purple barn at the end of the drive. Neat, huh?
Going back to the Postoffice i turned by this old hotel, IT IS down town Abbot, nothing else but an antique store, church and barber shop.

We traveled thru Moscow, Maine. to Carratunk, Me. to starty our days hike. IT is on he Kennebec River. This is the only river on the entire 2000+ miles they strongly suggest you not ford, because it can change depths by 2-4 feet in a matter of minutes. The AT provides this Canoe and a volunteer operator to transport ALL hikers across the river. They have certain hours of opertation, we were between time so we did not get to talk to the operator.

Sherry down looking at the Kennebec river.

Today's hike started along the Kennebec. It flows very fast and is about 8-10 feet down from this trail.

Of course we got a kick out of this blaze. some one had put a little face in it. I am sure it causes a smile on every hiker's face. Looks sorta like Casper the Friendly ghost.

Our first Thru hiker of the day Parastas, he started from Gerogia March 15th. Hopes to finish in a week.
Our last hiker of the day was 'Tahoe', from Orland Florida, 30 miles from where we winter over. He started from Georgia April 2nd this year. He will finish in about a week. These guys are excited because the next long shot is tomorrow, or the day after they start the 100 mile wilderness.

The vistas today were fantastic.

This lake had a great expanse and was beautiful. We sat here for awhile.

We attracted a gaggle of ducks. This is two of them, they ate most of Sherrys trail mix.

Back by our down town Hotel, with beautiful hanging baskets, it is partly a furniture show room. i cannot figure where the customers are.
We are about to wind up our hiking adventure for the year and head toward Bangor. We have about three days left here. Tomorrow we visit the beginning of the 100 mile wilderness. It is above Monson, Maine.
Thanks for coming along with out day trip. tonight it is chicken sandwiches.
Nite Shipslog

Sherry said that every time she heard that dirty word 'exercise',She just washed my mouth out with chocolate.


betty said...

somehow that 100 mile wilderness seems daunting! I bet for those 2 hikers so close to being done, they must be feeline such a sense of excitement; truly an accomplishment

guess you guys will be winding it down too for the year if I read that right; I think you did great and enjoyed reading all the adventures you had on the AT and loved all the gorgeous pictures!

I know what you mean about GPS. One time ours took us on this dirt and rocky road. We eventually turned around, but we figured they thought the road would be built and it never got finished


shirl72 said...

I am so surprised meeting so many hikers. Like
the scenery. Looks like you both are doing OK.
Good idea washing mouth out with Chocolate. We
are getting a break in the weather a few days,
It will be in the 80's but week-end back to low
90's. Looks like you are having good weather.


Lucy said...

First thank you for your encouraging words. I will have to call my doctor but I must admit I am getting a little tired and discouraged but I will get over it. Looking at your pictures makes me feel better. I would not want to be near that water but it is a beautiful sight. Take care and I am glad you did not listen to your mapper, or GPS

robert said...

Before knowing Athens, remember to have turned one street right and the following left, leading me many times towards great places.
Seems as if you are lucky as well with your turns, as your photography tells.
Please have a wonderful evening and a nice Tuesday as well.

Sheila Y said...

I love that old hotel with the hanging baskets. I'll imagine myself rocking on that porch. Exercise...oops better go wash my mouth out...ha. Have fun, Sheila

Paula said...

Sherry looks small beside that big moose or visa versa. Bet your glad you didn't pull down that tiny road.