Sunday, August 2, 2009

PET owners! Some of'em

Mark and our flying dog in Key West.
Signs that are becoming more and more familiar.

I know, when youy are this pretty your poop don't stink. hahahahahaha!
Today's Bitching,

Most pet owners are wonderful folk. Butthere are some pet owners who are complete Asses. We were at a park and three RV’s over there was a dog that barked constantly all day. The family was there and didn’t seem to mind, not only did they not try to quiet the dog, they kept encouraging it.

Every park requires owners to pick up after their dogs, most folk do. But we were in one site on Okeechobee in Florida, where I carried dog poop into the MH two or three times where it was hid in the grass and not cleaned up. All parks require that all pets be leashed (inc cats). Then you have the dog owner who is sure the rule does not apply to their 'well' trained dog. HA!

You have pet owners who leave the dog in the MH while they take a day trip. I have these dogs bark from the time the owner leaves until he returns. Etc. I’ve often wondered: does a dog ever get tired of doing that constant , yip, yap or bark. You would think they would get tired, or at least their throat would get dry!

You can get quite upset at some pet owners.

This is my day for bitching about ‘the ignorant’ pet owner. You could not tell, could you?
Come back again, things can get worse.

Nite Shipslog
Robert, from Athens, Greece, clarified the Orthodox Church mystery for me (Yesterday’s entry). It is a Russian Orthodox. Built in 1916. Thanks Robert.


Three men were hiking through the Appalachian Trail when they came upon a large raging , Violent river. Kowing they had to cross, The first man prayed: 'God , please give me the strength to cross the river.'
Poof! .. God gave him big arms and strong legs And he was able to swim Across in about 2 hours , having almost drowned twice.

After witnessing that , the second man prayed: 'God , please give me Strength and the tools to cross the river' Poof! . God gave him a rowboat and strong arms And strong legs and he Was able to row across in about an hour After almost capsizing once.

Seeing what happened to the first two men , The third man prayed: 'God , please give me the strength , The tools and the intelligence To cross the river'


scroll down

.. He was turned into a woman. She checked the map,Hiked oneHundred yards up stream And walked across the bridge.

Okay boys, have we got the hint yet?

'If at first you don't succeed , do it the way your wife told you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack!
I know what you mean about irresponsible pet owners, I have one next door. She used to let her big golden run all over my land and basically use it as a toilet, so I put up a little fence and she got the hint. My jackets and shirts all make noise from the plastic poop bags I constantly have in my pockets! I love dogs, but yeah, a barking dog all day can be very upsetting. Stupid humans! I just hate when people take it out on the animals because they're too ignorant to train them properly...hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Lucy said...

Hi Sherry and Jack, Believe it or not even Joe carries plastic bags. I have stepped in to many piles of poop to not clean up after our dog's and it makes me furious to see animals running loose. They get hit by cars or attack dogs that are on a leash held by owner that WILL DEFEND HIS DOG, (Joe). He keeps our yard clean and I will not allow howling out of our beagle.

Melanie said...

i always picked up after my dog....


shirl72 said...

I have never understood how the owners can sit
there and hear a dog back constantly. Chalk it up to ignorance. They are not considerate of others. Our hill day is quiet lately. He will
bark when he sees a squirrel. I don't think
I would have a dog if I had to pick the poop
up. I would not be a good poop handler.


robert said...

Good morning Jack&Sherry,
what an interesting entry you provide tonight.
Twenty past four in the morning and it's still about 75F outside. Even though five years here, can't sleep with that much heat...
Neither can I understand the owners that leave their dogs do what they want close to the playground I visit with my son.
In Austria one can call the local authority and they would fine the owner with about US $ 30 for not cleaning up.
Untinkable here.
Please have a nice start into the new week.

Paula said...

I like animals but I've never understood how anyone can stand to hear a dog bark for hours. Good entry and I was waiting to see you write something about cow poop then I didn't know what I was going to do.

JOHN said...

Hello Jck&Sherry,
You right about the barking dog.Those people need to learn respecr and have some compassion.Oh by the way the joke was great,My Pastor will get kick out of that one.Happy Ninday'

betty said...

LOL with the joke with the hikers; we always pick up after the pooch; he barks for about 5 minutes after we leave him; I think he's indignant that we left him behind. Then he settles and sleeps until we return (we know its for about 5 minutes because we've waited around and timed it)

my biggest gripe about dog owners is the ones that have their dogs off leash and the dogs come running over to our pooch who is on a leash and not social at all and they always say "he/she is friendly" and I say "he's not" as he is growling at them and they give me a look of disdain as they call their dog back

hope you guys have a good day