Monday, August 17, 2009

I really don’t know where to begin. We are on lake Flagstaff in Maine. We think Sherry’s heels ae getting better, we were able to make three miles on the trail today. Still just day hiking. Ever going North incase that is all we ever do. We are meeting some of the nicest folk.

Today we hiked near lake Rangely Maine. We met Grandma here with a 'Get dirty' shirt on and she sure had. this young lady had hiked the entire 2176+ miles of the Trail and is now doing some section hiking. She had her family with her. I did not ask her age, would have beenimpolite, I just told Sherry, that girl is older than us!
This is US after a half hike.

This one of the Root ladders we climbed today. We have traded the rocks and birches for roots and Pines.
We had to laugh at this sign, it was on the trail at US4 as we approached. Did they think we were going to RUN out into the construction. Folks on this trail are hiking for heavens sake.

This is a natural chasm for a creek, clear and beautiful.

I was trying to photograph this half log ladder. I was not trying to get a pic. of my favorite hinney. (Still pretty though)

This is a grad from Ohio State. Headed for graduate School. But first the AT. She is hiking solo and goes by the trail name of Evergreen. She has an infectious smile and has hiked over 1900 miles since Mid April. Gotta give her credit for gumption!
This was a small rock gap on the trail, mostly today was just a wonderful walk in the woods, some ups of course, but not heart breaking.

We ran upon 'In-Tent' as he is called. he is from Orlando, Florida and was just lying on the side of the trail taking a break. he has hiked since March first. Still in good spirits. Looking for katahdin.

This is the entry to our Home for six days.
The following pictures should be first. They are when we were leaving New Hampshire.

The view from our picture window. The mountains of maine approach.

We are entering Maine.

I loved this old hotel that had been converted into a service station and an INN.

We drove by the beautiful Androscoggin River for miles. Canoers and rafters enjoying the day.

The fields on the left are Wild Blue Berries, folks gathering them.
Back in the STratten/Eustis area...

We ate at a Diner in Stratford, Maine this morning. I went to the head (toilet to you land lubbers).When is the last time you saw an 'eye and hook' latch? They got one in the head. I loved it. Brought back so many memories of mama saying, “Jackie, did you latch the screen door?”
They don’t have loaf bread in the diners up here, everyone bakes their own, it is tooo good!

We are outta here until we find a signal again.
Nite Shipslog

Confucius Says:
Man with one Chopstick go hungry.
Man who scratch butt Should not bite fingernails.
Man who eat many Prunes get good run for money.


betty said...

I had to do a double take on this one, Jack and Sherry. I read you saying "I don't know where to begin" and then I caught "Flagstaff" (not the Maine part) and I'm thinking how did they end up in Arizona????? then I looked again and say the Maine part (chuckle chuckle)

loved Evergreen! wow! hiking alone! you are right gumption!

loved the road work sign; someone's attempt at humor perhaps?

and the grandmother who hiked the whole trail, wow!!

all wonderful adventures for the two of you! something to remember and think about and talk about in the middle of winter when hiking will be a distant memory


Helen said...

You two met some great folks. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Beautiful scenery. Helen

Lucy said...

Do you realize just how much you have stored in your brain, and not to many people get that opportunity. You better quit snapping pictures of Sherry's behind, You are missing out on Shirls cantalope. You should be very proud of her. Please take care and enjoy. Winter is closing in.

robert said...

I don't know where to begin...such beautiful nature to see, so much fresh air to breath, such joy of life to read..
Thank you for sharing.

shirl72 said...

Maine look beautiful and peaceful. Love seeing the people that are walking the trail. I have 15 cantaloupes on the vines out front in the sloping natural area. Now 14 cut one Sat. Three more are ready to cut. This is a funny sight. Cantaloupes not even in a garden spot. I just planted 2 plants. You know whos uncle gave them
to him and he said he did not have a good spot
so that is how I ended up with them. I have pictures and witnesses to prove my story.