Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ironman, from NJ, Rough climb and I am beat!

These two pictures are for perspective. The upper one shows where we were when we took the next picture. I am standing in the middle of the road you see below.
From high on the mountain among the rock, we finally got our best vista of the day.

Now for todays entry:

This blog starts eith a Bitter sweet Love Story. We met Iron man as we were climbing Webster Mountain. Sherry related much of the story. Ironman is through hiking from Springer Mt. in Georgia to Mt Katahdin in Maine. His legs are hurting and he is tired. He is carrying close to fifty pounds. I enjoyed waht conversation I understood, but I missed some key parts. He started his through hike on his wife's birthday. The sad part is he had lost her to the terrible nasty word cancer, and he wanted some thing to spur him on, he used her birthday. He is a cheerful man, and agrees, it is not just the hike, but the magic and great folks you meet along the way. We probably won't see Iron man again, but we wish him a completed thru-hike. He was hoping his daughter could find the Shipslog and see his picture, WE DO TOOOO!

Take care Ironman. Happy trails.

We ran into a lot of dead falls on the trail today. Gettin under some of these would be extremely rough with a large pack.

We took a break beside this ancient Birch. It has survived a pretty good lightening hit!

This sht makes me mad, this is a beautiful spring. It must be pumping 20 gallons a minute, and it doesn't even show up on camera.

I caught my favorite hinnie going under this dead fall, and I was told I would not use it! So I had to blank out what's her name.

These huge pines were two sets of ded falls that you could still smell the pine strong, they had not been down but a day or so.

I got Sherry after she got up this climb without my help. (As she did most today)

This dead fall fell perfectly along the trail, protecting the 'Down side' like a rail. Sherry feels safer with falls like this.

Here I go down on my rear, she says. This is a steep. Pictures just don't show reality.

I stopped to look at these musrooms(?) on a birch, they were hard tot he touch. They looked like a sconce on the wall to sit a candle.

One of the few vista's today. I love the shot with the pines in the foreground.

Some places the climb was great, some natural steps, others man helped. I think man helped here.

This rock looked like a ship's bow, I asked "What are you doing on a mountain?"

Answer "You never heard of the Ark?"

This is a beautiful bridge built by the AMC That is a three foot composite wood beam. Beautiful.

The Webster Clift Trail. It was rough, and today it wasw ME who was complaining of the rough climb. We met some wonderful folk today. One was Gaspar, from Canada.
Thanks for stopping by,
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shirl72 said...

Well great pictures with fearless Sherry up
on those mountains. Glad you are meeting some
of your friends on the trail you've met before.
Think you will meet the smartest man in the world this year. Have you seen the man and his dog a few I remember. Try to be careful and safe
You don't want to break anything at this age.


robert said...

Good morning,
much food for thought tonight. Allow me to tell you what I tasted:
- have this thought for many years now, walking towards Ulan Bator (capital of Mongolia) whenever things will be over here. So if someday you won't read much new, at least you know where I am.
- thank you for remembering me about the smell of fallen down/cut trees...years now since last met.
- about the hell:guess it would be if we were without them.
Wish you a nice Sunday and safe roads ahead. Hope you did not break any law standing in the middle of a road, taking the picture ;)

Lucy said...

Love all the pictures. You 2 are very hearty or crazy individuals, but I know who made who crazy. Your girl is looking good. Do be careful. As Shirl says bones break easy, at Jacks ripe old age. oops I don't think she mentioned any names.

Paula said...

Well whats her name's hinny must be cute the rest of her is. Those mushroom scones are very interesting. I'm amazed at all you two are seeing and the people you are meeting. You are making memories to talk about in your old age.

betty said...

wow! this did look like a tough day of hiking! so sad about IronMan; he looks young too! glad he's out there trying to do something to help him with his grief

I keep saying this, but please be careful you too, up there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack! I love the photos! That one of Sherry going down the embankment...yeah, the photo DOES NOT show how steep it really is! I've descended cliffs like that, scary, especially when things are wet and slippy. Nice to see the first two shots that show the perspective.

Jean said...

Sherry is so brave if that had been me I would have had to crawl down backward (scared of high places) lol. Be careful, jean