Thursday, January 21, 2010

1961 my nephew Woody and Jack Jr. spy a BIG bear in the Smokies
This is a BIG bear, the boys probably got too close, but I was young too, not realizing the real danger. I have a movie or picture somewhere of the bear jumping over or close Jack Jr.

My sister Kat and Sherry. This was our first trip to Florida together. Sherry had just found out she was expecting our first. (And she could still sleep!) WE were on this exact same lake.

We moved again. Our home is in the State park in Fruitland Park, FL. It is pretty populated around here. When we came in the Ranger said don’t leave food out and that the dumpster is locked from 5:30PM until 8AM due to Bear activity. Now we are used to bears in The Blue Ridge and Smokies. And on up ito the North East, but Leesburg Florida? I am gonna look for the dude. Hahaha! If I see him I will ask for a picture.

We have Beautiful weather, finally acting like Florida.

Well it is done. I have a manuscript for S’gar. I am going over it once more before submitting it. Sherry says this is the best yet. I like it, but of course. I never built a house I would not live in, I won’t write a book I don’t like. That makes sense to me. One reason I built like I would live in, there was always the possibility that I might have to. Hahahahah!

But the books, I don’tknow what you do with them. I think I told you about Jim, a recording artist from home. He asked me one day had I bought his latest album? I said, ‘ I didn’t know you had a new one.’ ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘it is a million Seller’. Then he paused and said, ‘Well at least there are a million in my cellar’. Jim’s card says “The Loose Ends Band”. Shirl says Jim and Dean have their own museum.

We bought a new car you know, a 2004 Odyssey. We only had one remote so I ordered Sherry one. Now I have to teach it to open the doors. Problem is, it says if I do it wrong, the old one will not longer work. “Why do they want to scare me like that?” Now I am afraid to try to program it. Hahahaha!

The motor home has a 12v pump for water when we are going down the road. Ours gave out so I ordered one over the internet. I just got it working. I order tooooo much stuff over the internet. Hahaha! Sherry says I support the net.

We checked our mail today. I got another thousand Birthday cards. ********* Okay so I got five ******. Every body loves you on your birthday (except your mama, she worked that day & still remembers it!)

Thanks for coming this way,
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On getting older….
Going out is good. Coming home is better!
When people say you look "Great"... they add "for your age!"


Debbie said...

Hey Jack, Gary said to tell ya don't be scared about programming that remote cause ya only live once. Seriously though, he said if you haven't got the instructions for programming it he can get the instructions for you but we might have to remind him a couple times so he can remember it.

That's great that you've finished another book. You're on a roll!

Be careful if ya run across one of those bears. I'd hate to hear that Sherry had to wrestle that thing to rescue you just cause you wanted a picture for your blog. HAHAHA!

Love ya'll,

betty said...

hope you see and get a picture of the bear down there; somehow I don't equate bears and Florida, almost like an anomaly

good for you for finishing another book!


Helen said...

Congrats on finishing your new book.
You and Sherry keep a watch out on that bear. Watching out doesn't mean getting close enough to take pictures. Helen

Anonymous said...

Youve probably heard about the small boy that told his mother he had just seen a bear in the vacant lot next door. mother looked and said that is a big black dog.
after his prayer told his mother, GOD SAID THAT'S OK, AT FIRST I THOT IT WAS A BEAR TOO.

Lucy said...

I would put out a sign that say, " No Bears Allowed". Congrats on the new book. If it is as good as the others it will be a big seller.

Woody said...

Learn something new every day, I didn't know Florida had Bears!!!!
Glad yer Book is coming to completion.
Cold here, going to dip down to below zero tonight. BUT it makes great "Snuggling" at bedtime!!
You 2 take care, stay warm!

Terri said...

Love the so close to that bear!

Moms comment cracks me

Congrats on the new book are an awesome writer/ of luck with the sales!

I support the internet too...LOL It's just so easy shopping at home...

Love ya'll
Hugs Terri