Monday, January 18, 2010

SPAM, Curious, Greyhounds and Friends in distress

Over the past few months I have wondered about an e-mail or two I was expecting. YEP, found them in the SPAM folder. At one time I would get irritated at the little ‘pop-up’ that said, “want to check your SPAM folder?” Not any more. I e-mailed the author of ‘Say it Baldys’ asking about his career as a bus driver. I say I am not curious, when I see/hear folks who want to know what come celebrity eats,

where they buy their clothes or what the inside of their house looks like. I’m not curious as to what gift the Queen gave the President or vice versa. Therefore I say, ‘I’m not curious’. But that is a misconception on my part. Like the lower animals, humans are curious by nature.
Sometimes I am nosey or curious about someone’s career of occupation. Over the years I have learned there is more to someone’s job than is apparent to the casual observer.
Finding his e-mail in SPAM and reading it is great. Sam has driven in familiar places to me. He has driven charters and regular routes. No serious accidents. If you have never ridden in a Motor Home but have a bus, there is no comparison on a rough road. The bus rides smooth; this motor home feels the bumps. See Jack, you R curious, WHY? We have air ride, but not as cushy as the Greyhound.

Much more serious note....

WE all have watched in disbelief the unfolding stories in Haiti. Our good friends Fred & Frances were watching, and lo and behold there are good friends of theirs being interviewed. (Lovell was being interviewed on CNN, with his wife, Ginny, in distress being treated in the back ground, the Careys must be in their 80’s). They were visiting Haiti with a mission’s delegation. What a shock it must be to see something like that, and what are the odds?

From Fred’s Blog:

We have learned that the overseer of the Churches of God in that country was killed when a 20 foot concrete wall fell on his car; that was the car that Lovell and Ginny Carey were traveling in. Lovell and Ginny were last known to be in Dominican Republic. Ginny is in the hospital being observed for possible heart attack.

Since then I have learned that the Carey’s are back at their home and trying to rest, in Cleveland, TN.

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Clip of the interview at the Haitian Airport if you are interested it is about 40 seconds. click:

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Helen said...

I have read Sam's blog for many years. We almost lost him a year or so back to a stroke. I was so glad to see him back online.
Ken was listening to the news just now and found out they have children slavery over there in Haiti. Now some of the masters have been killed the children have no where to go. They interviewed a girl about it and it was awful what all they did to her if she didn't obey. I will check out the blogs you have listed. By the way the comment I made the other day about them telling the doctors and nurses to leave. They set up in another area I believe. Helen

Terri said...

So glad that couple is back home in TN and recovering scary!


Anonymous said...

How nice to learn that the friends of you are fine. TV stations over here are bringing many interviews and keep attention, maybe even fear, high, as the last major earthquake is quiet a while back. Tribble knock on wood for everyone.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.

shirl72 said...

Glad some are safe. This is really bad can't imagine how awful it would be to see the devastation. We are blessed and should never


Fred Alton said...

Jack & Sherry, thanks for the note here that has encouraged your friends to pray about the situation in Haiti. I have not been able to contact the Carey's nor Lloyd Frazier today - but will continue trying until we know more details. Frances said she did not believe they were home yet, but our middle daughter had also heard that they were home, she said, "Through the news". Will try to learn more tomorrow.

Lucy said...

I may be wrong but since Haiti, I see how unimportant so many things are that we are all guilty of thinking or talking about the election in Mass. and the little things in life that we view as a catastrophe and they are so unimportant. So glad your friends are safe. I thought it was amazing when on day 7 they were still pulling out survivors. I have not heard if the mans daughter was found in Hotel Montana but when I heard him say there were only foregners (sp) searching the rubble and get some US troops searching, I thought was so unfair. At first I felt very sorry for the man and still do but just because he had money, spoken like a selfish rich man, did not give him the right to deserve special treatment.