Friday, January 22, 2010

AT 0200 this morning I finished designing my book cover. Submitted it for review then for a proof. I turned to the internet and blogs. One opened and the rest just laughed at me. I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Of course I was, I guess, But I was too tired to care.

So, do you plan your life or just let it happen? As my life progressed from one wild dream to the next, I thought I was planning, but following dreams is not planning. I do a lot of soul searching as I get older, and reflect back more. That is a natural process of us humans I guess. WE think of family and old friends more. Sometimes it is fun. My buddy Sonny is back in the hospital. I couldn’t believe I ran into Sticky a few weeks ago.
(If you read my books This is the character, J. Leon, The character also has a little of me thrown in.)

. I get to see Tuck everyonce in awhile.

Buddy is in New Mexico, can’t wait to see him. Haven’t seen him since the mid fifties.
Buddy then and Buddy now!!!! (That is lady Di with Buddy)

This is a synopsis of our latest book, I say ours, because Sherry spends more time trying to read my stuff than I do writing it sometimes. I have cried and laughed reading my own stuff as I gave it a final read, I like it!
This is a tale of vigilantes, people who are tired of criminals being given the breaks while victims suffer. The lives of four boys are forever changed when they antagonize and name an apparently homeless man. They name him Rags. Rags is forced to leave the small town of Mount Bell and heads for the city of Pittsburgh. His leaving was forced by his former employers, the CIA.
In Pittsburgh he changes his name to S'gar and forms the MVA, a benevolent vigilante group. That is: benevolent to the victims of criminals, benevolent to the victims of the legal system and benevolent to some of the victims of society. AS the organization grows and is successful. S'gar continually follows the lives of the kids he knew in Mt. Bell.
When they reach the age of eighteen he contacts each one separately, and invites them to join the MVA! All of the boys follow different paths as they grow. One a heavy equipment contractor, one a fighter, another to the military and the rouge goes to Vegas to get rich quick.
S'gar pulls this unlikely crew together to form a smooth operating machine, and the MVA has many successes. Together they fight to bring the crook to justice before the justice system starts spinning its wheels.
The MVA really starts rolling when they get wind of a Judge sending young people, of low income families to juvenile facilities for financial gain. S'gar Places two undercover MVA members in the facility. The bad guys kidnap one of the agents and ship her out of state. Join the MVA as they work just outside the law, for the law!

Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog
I have a lady friend who said A Good Friend Is Like A Good Bra: Hard to Find, Supportive, Comfortable,And Always Close To Your Heart!

Never take life seriously.. Nobody gets out alive anyway!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack, thank you for that entry of yours. To be honest until now it seems indeed as if life wasn't planned at all.
Starting to study, then meeting me wife, changing countries, to say the least, receiving Stefan's joy a few years later and then the day when I got stuck in traffic for half an hour, which changed my whole day. Guess there's much writing on the wall, that I should pay more attention to.
Please have a wonderful weekend you two.

Paula said...

Can't wait to read the new book.

betty said...

I had trouble the other night getting onto blogs; think Blogger must have been having some problems. new book sounds intriguing

I think every time I plan my life God laughs :)

(but his plans are always so much better :)


shirl72 said...

Can't wait until I get your new book. I check
on the books at Historic Place and they are
selling. I am going to get you a book signing
at Stowe Park and put up a sign my brother is a local "AUTHOR" come on down. Maybe I will get our band to play named "Almost in Tune".
We should be a hit and make the Mayor proud.


Lucy said...

I can't wait to read it. Shirl sounds like a proud sister, and she has every right to be. I love the way she puts it.

Rose said...

Looking forward to reading you book.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Terri said...

Looking forward to the new book!

I kinda just let my life happen and go with the flow... I do try to plan ahead for some things...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

Love ya!
Hugs Terri