Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Road trip for Catfish and Fun!

Please forgive me for this one, I could not resist the one above!!!!!!! (I tried to clean it up)
Don and Evelyn beore the Frostie!!!!! Great folk (Don owns a tractor!!!)

Yesterday we had a great day. This weather has not lent itself for our walks and soaking up the sunshine. Don and Evelyn (friends from Home) come down to Florida every years also. They stay over in the Melbourne area. Sherry and Evelyn went to school to gether and still like to get together, thus a road trip. We meet somewhere in between our winter homes for lunch. We do that at least once during the winter.

Sherry has decided that if we do it again, she wants to meet at BoJangles in Orlando. There are only two Bo’s in Florida, Orlando and Miami.
Yesterday we had a great time. I talk too loudly and too much (when I am talking I am not trying to hear,LOL). But everyone got to say something. We proudly showed off our new vehicle.

WE all ate well then the girls conspired, and we went to Wendy’s for a Frosty. Evelyn asked what kind I wanted Vanilla or Chocolate. I am a very religious person, and since God created the Frostie Chocolate it seems sorta sacrilegious to eat Vanilla, even though I do prefer Vanilla. So I had a kiddie Chocolate Frostie. I like them next to a Tropical Blizzard. LOL

WE found no road kill, (not even an Armadillo) so no supper tonight.
Oh, today was mail call. We got our tag from Mark, a newspaper from Shirl and a bill for Auto Insurance. The local paper Shirl sent was our interview with the local paper. It was a very good article, the picture was not flattering, but………. Oh well, it was long and well written. Titled “Captain Jack’s Sweet Voyage”.

We have been lucky, both local Gaston County papers have done very good articles. WE are appreciative.

Tonight it is supposed to freeze, Yeah, this is Florida. We don’t mind, because in a week or so we will enjoy short sleeve weather again. Yeah!

(by demand)...Paula is a Cow Girl.. She contributed some great poems to my Children’s book (Toby’s Tales). She is a Great Gal and a HOOT Texas style….. SCroll back to 'Shopping for Dungarees'.

Thanks for coming by the log.
NIte Shipslog
Man I wish I had a pair of fender skirts.
We will play marbles, but remember I play for keeps?
I call Tobies on that! (strictly North Carolina I think)
Fenders on bikes are for sissies.


Paula said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm so appreciative. Speaking of fender skirts---my brother and our cousin belonged to the Naval Reserve in the 50's. While they were attending a meeting someone stole my brother's fender skirts. The next meeting they stayed outside and spotted his fender skirts on another car. They took them back.

Helen said...

Thar was nice meeting up with friends and having a meal. Keep warm tonight. Snow here tomorrow so they say. Anyway we stocked on groceries yesterday.Helen

LYN said...

hey I'm in orange park florida and we have a Bo Jangles!!

Lucy said...


Paula said...

Back again from eating my blizzard. I intended to tell you if you like blizzards you should join the blizzard club but on second thought since you don't have a permanent address don't know if it would work. I have to use my coupon at my Dairy Queen here in my town. They send me coupons to print on my computer. I get a free one on my birthday and about once a month I get a buy one, get one free for the blizzard of the month.

Anonymous said...

meeting friends...eating...chatting...just doesn't get much better than that huh??? and your little "funny" at the top of the page is cute...I always laugh when I read it...and shucks..we just jump overe them *_(*&&&^ words!!! LOL...glad you are enjoying your stay...hugs from cold, chilly, freezing, and possible snow tonight place in Kentucky...Ora

Fred Alton said...

OMGoodness, Jack! I was warned about those kind of people who will slap the stuffin's outta ya! Had to smile. Couldn't help it. Do you think I can get forgiveness from God during the next revival I attend? If my mama finds out - it will be that proverbial arms-length circle I hop around in hollering, "I'm sorry Mama! I'm sorry... I won't ever do it again!" :D

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with good friends. Those are some of the greatest pleasures in this life.

Frances is the "road-kill mama" here. Get her to tell you about the deer she picked up on the highway one year. It was a funny, funny story!

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon, lol! Glad you're enjoying the oranges! I agree, sacreligious to order vanila, tsk tsk! :)

Terri said...

Glad you had a great time with friends!

When you get back to short sleeve weather I am headin down that way okay..hehe

We got a little more snow last night it looks like...very cold out!