Friday, January 29, 2010

Motor home work... Hard to find a real freak now.

This is Jr. & Mozelle. Both have passed on now. This was their shop. They sold china, flowers and outside ornaments inShelby, NC. I miss them.
This is Ben (the little guy) and Corey the one with RED hair. This is was years ago. They live in Utah. We will see them later this year. We hope to make one more swing around the USA.

I have been doing some remodeling. Gonna make our VCR more assessable, buzz word is: User friendly! Oh, I read a new buzz word yesterday, I have heard of a hiring freeze. Now there is a hiring frost. Not quite a freeze! We Americans love buzz word, alphabet soup names and mnemonics. It is to keep the dictionary writers busy.

Anyway our VCR has been hid, high and out of Sherry’s reach. I am lowering it. OH HO, also have ordered, received and installed (from the internet), three windshield shades, electric and remote control no less. Yes it is hard in this thing if you are headed toward the sun, the little sun visor does very little good. I hope this does the trick. I bought three for $87. They were asking $265 each at the RV place.

I repaired an awning on which the pull straps had broken. WE had the gasket replaced that surrounds the slide out in the living room. Whoa, when they see you coming with one of these things $$$ get’s in their eyes. Sorta like driving a Lincoln/Caddy. Anyway we were leaking and that was not good. Hope all is well in that respect now.

We did get four or five ‘free’ grapefruits out of the deal. Many businesses down here will put boxes of fruit at the entrance. The fruit comes from fruit trees at their homes. A lot of folks have more than they can ever use so they give them away. It is a nice gesture. These are red seedless and delicious.
It seems there may be fewer tourists or less snowbirds down here, I’m not sure. Gasoline plays at going up and going down. It has went up to near $3 now back down to $2.65.

Strange, the last Circus Fat man died. Bruce Snowden made his living as a freak in a sideshow at 600lbs. A freak is a person that is strikingly unusual. He is not strikingly unusual today. Of course neither is the tattooed lady or tattooed man. The pierced guy etc. They are no longer freaks, they walk among us.

I still like circuses & fairs sometime. We had a yearly ritual with the grandkids for years to go to the Cleveland County Fair. I think they had fun. We saw the older lady of the Walendas there doing a high pole act. She was great and in her 70’s too.

Take care and thanks for coming by the log.
NIte Shipslog.

PS: Noticed about getting older.

Sometimes I read a book, and realize when I finish, I have read that before.

Also I used to have freckles, now they call them liver spots. What causes a liver spot, I have always had a liver, but without the spots?

I ain’t necessarily thrilled about old age, except when I realize what other alternative is available? Then it ain’t so bad.
On my entry yesterday conderning mules. Anybody recognize the book on the shelf on the right, "Crackers Mule" Great book written by Billy Moore, a Son and Brother of two Bloggers. Or a Blogger and commenter. Or Commontater. What ever. S'a good book anyway!


Paula said...

I don't think it is fair for people to be charged more just because they have been successful. One of my daughters and her husband live in a well known area of a large city. Everytime they hire something done they have to pay through the nose. Where did that saying come from?

Helen said...

I have never heard of a hiring freeze or frost. Of course I know you have seen plenty of those beautiful hoar frost. It's a shame people get charged more because other people think they have more. I think age spots are actually sun spots. If not then I have plenty of liver problems. I have also hear them called liver spots. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. Helen

betty said...

that was nice of you Jack to lower the VCR to accommodate Sherry :) seems like it was productive with all the repairs you were doing (and have to have done); that is neat that the merchants put out some of their bounty to share with others, probably helps to soften the blow after you see the repair bill :)


Fred Alton said...

Mnemonics! That's a demonstration of your word power for sure. And you also are quite the construction mechanic, looks like, with all the repairs. I looked up that big word and mused..."So that's what I was doing when I came up with 5-12-5-5-12 as a way to learn the books of the Old Testament." Ha. And be careful about that remodeling in the motor home. Always wear a hat if you don't want to bump your head on an open cabinet door. We baldies have to do that because we don't have hair to warn us in time to duck! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the buzzwords....I remember an ex-boss (ahem, idiot) who used to misuse buzz words, but I never corrected him because he was such a fool! LOL....

Bookncoffee said...

Glad you are getting the VCR thing where Sherry can reach it. And that you found some shades much cheaper.
We are enjoying our snow day here.
Ya'll have fun.

Lucy said...

So Jack, is this the new you doing all these nice things for Sherry or is just the nice guy I have always known from Journals? Of course it is the nice guy I have always known.