Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just call it boring

I asked about these beautiful bushes in Kentucky once. Did the leaves stay on all year"

(My friend Gary with me, below. He just had a little bump-up with his truck, strictly Debbie's fault)
I got an e-mail, telling me later in the year that they did not. Debbie's mind is like a steel trap, she remembered the question and watched to see, then said huh-uh they don't.

Today's rambling I couldn't figure a title for this entry.

For some reason I cannot write during the day, so my working time is usually after ten. I can go until around two and ideas sorta dwindle. This book has taken many turns from my original idea. It is also much longer than I had hoped. But like a blog entry, I can’t seem to cut it down.
It is a personal thing. When I first started a journal my entries went from 1500 words to 3000. I was tootling along not realizing I was boring folks that came by. The blog is for me of course, but I don’t want to bore anyone, who is welcome to stop by, to tears. I learned via the back door. You know how It is with e-mails. You answer someone and the original e-mail hangs on. They just keep growing. Well I received an e-mail from a family member and several e-mails were below it. So to get context for the forward, I scrolled on down.
1.. Do you read Jack’s journal, the Shipslog?
2.. Yeah sometimes but he is so worded, too long.
3.. Yeah me too, I like to know where they are and so on, I like a good story but not a novel.
Hey, I am thick, but not completely dense. Maybe the forward was not an accident, what do you think?
Anyway I started looking back. YEP TOOO LONG, you just run off at the fingers. I started looking at the blogs that I truly enjoyed. I copied and pasted them and got the word count. It was always less than a 1000 words.

So I cut back. I worked to get it to a 1000 words. Then 700. Now I am down to 400-700, still too long but I am still trying bear with me.
Good example is Paula’s blog. That Cowgirl can say a lot in 200-500 words. There are many more but hers always sticks out. Then there are those who go way over 1000 that I am sorry they end.

Sherry keeps up with who is blogging and who is not. I just read most of the time as they are posted. She goes through the list of 100 or so. She can do that because I cannot get her to comment. I hear, Hey Debbie is back, Betty has a new one. I wonder about Mel or Mel. Sheila hasn’t said much. Wonder what happened to Randy? Oh well I would continue but I reached 400 and must taper off (trying to keep my rules). LOL

This entry is my thoughts, what you do is your business, I respect it and enjoy the blogs. That is what makes the world go ‘round.
NIte Shipslog
PS: Thanks for reading this stuff.

I read for fun, I also find myself reading for challenge (some times). I can’t keep up with Mary of Frankand Mary(thought see was gone), she is way toooo smart (anybody whose favorite music is the hiss of her cat, ain’t right) and Robert (from over inAthens) I gotta think, he makes me THINK most times.
I guess there is something about every blog I like, because we all are unique.

(Oh, That is Sherry, Debbie and Terri with me and Gary in the picture!)


Helen said...

I don't think your blog is to long at all. I enjoy reading every word. I have wondered several times why Randy quit blogging. I enjoyed his also. I enjoy Paula's blog also. She finds a lot of interesting things to say. Helen

Fred Alton said...

Boring? NEVER! Jack, you are a skilled communicator. I love reading your blogs because it makes me feel like we are next door neighbors again.

BTW - we have two gorgeous crepe myrtles I can see from where I'm working. Well, they don't look so pretty now - but when they do bloom this summer they will look beautiful again!

Anonymous said...

Jack..rest assured that you might be alot of things...but boring is NOT one of them...LOL..write on brother...write on!!!! and I was going to answer the question about the "burning bush leaves"...but guess Debbie beat me to it....and yes they do lose them...but are one of the first to turn green again in the spring....I check my spam ever day...some stuff gets put into the wrong place...cause some folks won't "copy and paste"!!!!!! hmmmmm???? give Sherry a nice soft hug from me....and stay happy!!!!! love and hugs...Ora and him....

shirl72 said...

Brother don't apologize do what makes you happy.
I don't follow as many blogs as you do. I feel they are my long distance friends. You do good
so keep it up.


Paula said...

I had never thought much about length here. I just write until the thoughs stop coming. If your's are longer I'll read. Say "hey" to Sherry.

Debbie said...

Yeah, I guess you could say the little bumpity bump was stricly my fault cause I wasn't with him the grab the dash and push my foot through the floorboard on the passenger side to let him know he was about to screw up. HAHAHAHA!

Yeah, and I guess you could say my mind is like a steel trap. It's got a lot of stuff stuck up there that ain't nothing but junk. HAHAHAHA!

Sheesh Jack quit worrying about your word count, sometimes it takes longer get to your point across than it does others. I won't even ask you what my word count is cause I can't seem to write without putting all my if's, and's & but's in there. I remember us laughing about some of my comments being longer than your entries.

Your right we're all unique in our own way of writing and our thought process, we all grew up with different backgrounds. That's what I like about reading blogs and our friends here, it would be boring if we were all the same and thought the same way. We're all the same in one way or another, we're all trying to figure out what makes us tick.

Love ya'll

Debbie said...

Ok, I see ya counting the words in my last comment. HAHAHHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
as love and life negate every distance, it seems to me only reasonable to go all "the way", sometimes with a lot of words other times with only a hand full; remains the destination to be reached.
Please have you two a wonderful Wednesday.
p.s.: interesting too, that it already takes over two weeks for something to arrive at the other side of the Atlantic.

betty said...

I don't think I can say "hello" without it turning into 100 words so I can't imagine keeping a blog entry down to less than 500 words, LOL.

I never thought your entries were too long or "boring". Always interesting, informative, great pictures when you were hiking the trail; loved to read your/Sherry's adventures. Sherry is an efficient "secretary", informing you of who does what in the blogging world, thanks Sherry for keeping Jack on his "toes" so to speak.

Mary of Frank and Mary is a good person, she just has to start believing that herself :)

and I too wonder what happened to Randy

take care of yourselves, you two :)


Woody said...

Yer Blogs are not too long! Makes for good reading for bedtime, keep it up!!

Terri said...

Jack I love your blog everything about it..entries long or entries short...I will read them all...I wouldn't try to keep it under a certain amount...just let your fingers flow and do the talking... I enjoy every minute of it! If someone doesn't like long winded entries then they don't have to read..just my humble opinion...LOL :) I'm just a ray full of sunshine aren't I? hehe

Tell Sherry hello, and I would love for her to leave me comments when she reads me...don't be shy Sherry...hehe

Ahhh, looking back at that pic from the day we met just makes me smile... I cannot believe it's been that long ago...seems like yesterday! I wish we would have had longer to visit...but feel soooo very blessed that we even got to meet...that was just wonderful ~ love ya'll!