Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some folk have no problem sleeping.

If you are going to sleep and don't have a bike lock, this should work.

Today's exciting entry!!!!

Wow, it is Saturday and we are back to normal in Florida. Some rain etc. Yesterday we did a little volunteer work locally at a church. Cleaning flower beds (don’t laugh Shirl) I said cleaning flower beds. I told them in the beginning I know nothing about landscaping and beautification. But I know work. It was mostly just spraying.

This is Shirl and Smoky, a friend of ours, (ok hers). In between them and to the back you can see Jim, another musician.

We don’t know how to act with weather you can get out and walk in. This is nice.

Rose had a great entry today about chronic insomnia. Now I shouldn’t have any sympathy for the pretty lady, since the episode with the nettie pot. But I will forgive her. YES, now I know I has nothing to do with tea. Don’t try to explain it. There are some other bloggers bothered with insomnia I think Debbie is but that could be meanness LOL (A joke Deb, don’t throw stuff!). Lucy can’t sleep, When it isn’t pain keeping her awake, she lays there and thinks of something to aggravate my buddy Joe. (Joe is a year older now and she was nice to him today! Be warned, the sky might fall!). LOL
I hope Rose finds the answer to the problem, so far she says the Doctors haven’t helped a lot. I suggested she move next door to Lucy and share her neighbors bottle, but the Doctors don’t recommend that. Rose shares an insight on this I never knew. She would like all the GOOD advice she could get. Roses are Read..

I have stayed awake a couple times for a day or two, but then I crashed and burned for a day, nothing would wake me.
I believe we all have those ‘occasional’ nights we cannot sleep. You get a child that is in trouble on your mind or a problem at work. A co-worker who is impossible to deal with or have a guilty conscience for stealing those great ‘Camp King’ knives when you were a kid. We humans have a million things that can keep us awake. I have learned to deal with that since retiring and getting older also. I just get up and read a good book or turn this crazy thing (computer) on and go to work.
The occasional sleepless nights are easier to deal with now. Sleep well. Really counting sheep works but counting your blessings works better.
NIte Shipslog
Thoughts for the weekend:

Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press….'Ctr- Alt- Delete' and start all over?

If raising children was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called 'labor!'

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.


Bookncoffee said...

Well, I am so jealous of you all being in Florida. However, it did get up to 50 I think here today. It is raining now, and that is ok. I am sure we needed some.

I usually sleep pretty good. But you are right when something worries you it can keep you awake and then also if you are woken up at certain points in the sleep cycle, it can ruin it for ya.

Rose said...

To my favorite couple,

How sweet of you to feature my blog on your site. Now that I'm on Medicare, I have insurance which is great and a new doctor that is willing to tackle my chronic insomnia. First he has to find out the problem that is causing it and it is usually triggered by experiencing bad trauma.

Which he feels the death of my husband was one bad trauma as that day repeats in my head alot giving the love of my life CPR.

I'm instructed to take meditation classes and yoga and now I'm a member of Silver Sneakers and went to my first class yesterday. Yikes, the older folks were putting me to shame as I couldn't keep up lifting weights and stuff for a whole hour. And, I do exercise in the pool mostly and with my DVDs with Leslie Sanesone walking at home tapes.

I suppose if I went hiking with you guys, that should put me to sleep. I probably would not make it with the first incline of a hill! LOL

Glad, you are in Florida. Gosh it got hot here today in the 80s in South Florida. Better than the temps in the 40s we had with that cold snap.

Hmmmmmmmm, you have me figured out pretty well when you left a comment that when I post an entry that it is about life. Yes, this is true. You are amazing!

Thanks for your concern dear friends.

Hugs, Rose

Helen said...

Now that's a good way to hold on to your bike. I also have chronic insomnia. Sleep maybe a couple of hours wake up stay up a couple of hours then back to bed to sleep a couple more hours then wake up often before getting up. I do have something the doc gave me but that is still my pattern. If I didn't take something I would probably never sleep. Seems like things crowd into my mind and it won't shut down.
Your little tidbits at the end happen to be true. Glad that it had warmed back up down there as it has here also. Have a nice night and Sunday. Helen

Anonymous said...

"Sleepless in Athens" could for sure have been my middle name. Working from 09.30 until 21.30 on a Saturday just is too long to go to bed and find sleep. That's usually why I spend half the night awake, reading, writing, trying to close the circle.
Very interesting entry of yours indeed. Please have you two a wonderful Sunday.
p.s.: and as i am already "inside this day of rest" I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday and a nice sleep as well.

Paula said...

Years ago when I was young I heard my doctor tell an older lady to not stay in bed and toss and turn. To get up and do something so now that I am that older lady I'm taking his advice. If I wake at three or four and after a while I get up and do something, anything. A load of laundry, clean the sink, or read. When I get sleepy I go back to bed and to sleep usually. Like the picture of the bike lock.

Debbie said...

I'm going over to Rose's blog and then I'm coming back to deal with you. HAHAHAHA!


PS: Be very, very scared! HAHAHAHA!

PSS: If I don't come back soon it's because I'm having computer problems.

Debbie said...

I'm too tired to throw anything. I'm too tired to be mean. Why? Because of chronic insomnia.

Everything Rose described in her entry is true when you're trying to funtion with chronic insomnia. Like Rose, I also have gone many times without a wink of sleep for 2-3 days and when you do finally go to sleep it isn't a restful sleep. I've also been dealing with it for as many years as Rose has and when working I had no choice but to function and somehow found the energy I needed to do my job add to that another health issue I've had for that many years and WHAMO, ZILTH, NOTHING, NO energy at all.

I would love 2 restful hours of sleep at a time it would be more than I get now because when I do go to sleep it is nothing more than a cat nap of 15 minutes here 20 minutes there. And speaking of naps if I lay down and try to take a nap it takes me hours of laying there tossing and turning before I go to sleep.

Counting sheep and counting your blessings may work for some people but believe me it doesn't work for me. I will say that my insomnia was a blessing when I was helping to care for my sister because while others slept at night I was awake and could put her back to bed when she'd roam at night tho she didn't have the strength to get out of bed on her own during the day.

Unless someone has dealt with chronic insomnia they have no idea what it's like because days without sleep is so much different than a few hours of sleeplessness. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Love ya'll

Sheila Y said...

When I saw the armadilla I called my other daughter on the phone and told her to look out the guest room window. I told her later...'see if you had the video camera ready and waiting you could have gotten it all on tape...then I could have put it on my blog..ha...(I'm kind of glad she didn't, that would have been a sight to see...ha). This seems to be the worst year, the armadillos are tearing up our yard, front, back and side...I don't understand, they have plenty of woods to play in... :) Hope you get something nice for your birthday....Sheila

shirl72 said...

I don't remember you takiing this picture.

I sleep about 4 hrs get up one time go back
and sleep about 2 more hrs. Occasionally I will have a night that I can't sleep. My problem is getting to sleep after that I sleep


Fred Alton said...

Your post made me give thanks to God all over again for the good health I've enjoyed for 71 years now. I've never ever had problems sleeping like Rose describes. Well...with the exception of the overseas trips when the "body-clock" got confused because of changing time zones. I was always back into sync within three days tho. I can only imagine what a problem it is. I've never had to rely on sleeping pills to sleep good. Is that something about "Blessed is the sleep of a working man?" Or is that just the "sleep of the slothful? A little slumber, a little sleep, a little folding of the hands to sleep."?

Here's a suggestion though - When you can't sleep, try reading the books of Chronicles in the Bible...or a heavy theology book!

Anonymous said...





Lucy said...

You would be in trouble if it were not your birthday. I told Joe I was going to let you off the hook this time because you are getting to old to pick on. He took your part and I told him you might just be in for it right along with him tomorrow if he didn't straighten up and fly right. He is being nice now. That could end most any time.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Anonymous said...

well good grief Jack..didn't know it was your birthday....39 and holding...on tight??? well welcome tothe club...LOL...Happy Birthday good buddy...glad Florida is warming up for you..and a few others is raining here...and chilly...just damp I think...and no I don't have insomnia (SP?) but I have a rough sleeping pattern...take last night forinstance...I fell asleep about six thirty...and slept until one oclock (in the morning) and that was it for me...LOL..have been up...but have done a bit of this and that...have to stay quiet so "he" can sleep...took the dog outside...he was is nighttime lady...what are we doing out here LOL...and there are computer games and puzzles...and other whatnot LOLOL...and if I want a nap a bit later...that's ok...who cares LOLOLOL??? anyway...enough rambling...have a great and hugs from Ora and Him...whoever he is...wherever he is...whatever!!!!! LOL