Monday, January 25, 2010

Four letter words! Everyone uses them sometime!!!

Four letter words. I have been using a couple of them more and more since getting older. Mama and daddy never really warned me about four letter words. That would have been too close to thinking or saying the bad four letter words. Of course in school I learned them from the kids who were a bad influence. (Where did they learn them, from kids who were a badder influence?). I know four letter words are becoming the norm in some parts of society. When I joined the USMC we had one day of training strictly dedicated on how to act around ladies. And ladies meant ALL females. The instructor said I am here to teach you s--- Heads to be nice and learn manners. You DO NOT SAY _____,_______,______ in front of women! You open the door for them and ALWAYS SAY YES OR NO MAM! Is that clear ---t-heads? WE answered in unison, “YES SIR!”

Now, I am told girls, ladies (females) use them more than men. My wife said before she quit work the ladies there could turn the air blue with some words. That is very hard for an old man to take or understand. There was a time in my military career to straighten a junior out, I used some choice words. Once a LCDR called me in to explain that I needed to learn the English language so I could express myself properly, I tried.
Now that I am reaching what some of you call the GOLDEN years I find myself using at least two four letter words constantly. Honestly it is embarrassing, but all I am trying to do is express myself and learn. Here in the motor home, in private, I find myself repeating the word, WHAT? Over and over again. And if a schedule is made I say, WHEN? WHEN?
I just can’t stop myself. The psychologist says I will learn to live with it, but it is so embarrassing!
I hope you do not have the same problem. Take it from me, you will learn to live with it. Hahahahaha!
Thanks for coming by the log,
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PS: Hazards of getting Old….
We forget names ... but it's OK because other people forgot they even knew us!!!
The 5 pounds we wanted to loseis now 15 and we have a better chance of losing our keys than the 15 pounds.
But that is okay, we are still here!

There are other four letter words we must watch: Work, Wash, Whyy
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Fred Alton said...

LoL Jack! In reading your book giving out advice on how to stay married - I think you used a choice four letter word that was always hard for me to say in public. I would turn red in the face if I said it in front of Frances. However, nowadays it's a habit. It is L O V E.

Good post Jack!

Paula said...

My deceased husband used to utter cuss words after he came back from the service. I would tell him you shouldn't have said that word in front of that lady. He would say what? what word? He had such a habit he didn't even realize what he was saying. He didn't drink or smoke though and he never missed a day of school or was late in 12 years. Seldom ever missed work so I guess he wasn't too bad. lol

Sheila Y said...

I think we need to get Shirl down there to wash your mouth out with soap...ooops, I used one too. Well, if that is the worse that you do, I guess it is alright. Sherry needs to pick her up a paddle and give you a swat every time you say it and that will break you...ha. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

doctor I worked for years ago said that cuss words are usually the first ones that come back after a stroke, even if a patient didn't use them before the stroke, weird don't you think?? sometimes a good way to let off steam as long as we don't say them outloud or use the Lord's name in vain


Anonymous said...

hi Jack...and Sherry too...your blog brought up a memory..of when my first gson was born...our son had a habit of using a "four lettered word"!!! so one time just after the birth of gson while visiting I told him "if you want the FIRST word your son says before "Daddy"...just keep saying that loud and clear..." he stopped cold turkey...right there...I was so proud of him...and he was a happy camper too when the first word Gson said of "daddy" was music to his ears....LOL...sometimes our "tongue" is our biggest roadblock in life...sighing heavily and hugs...Ora and him...

Helen said...

I am surprised that Cook in not one of your four letter words. Helen

shirl72 said...

Is the four letter word S--t. I use is all the
time it just fits. That is the only cuss word
I know, I think. There is another one "OH HELL"
I guess that is not to bad afer all the other cuss words that fly on TV.


Anonymous said...

Only glad that in German most of these words are written with more than five letters - might keep me save for not using them too much.
With regard to "small Stefan" assume that it is unavoiable that he'll learn them as well - maybe just a matter of time.
Please have you all a wonderful Wednesday.

Lucy said...

I have a vocabulary of four letter words you would not believe due ti the alcoholic neighbors I dislike intensly since their goal in life is to make me miserable. I now have filed them a way after hearing them for years, the hardest core cuss words you could ever imagine. I now have one that slips out. c--p.