Monday, January 11, 2010

THINK AND be happy!

I could be happy with a '34 Ford.

Sherry could be happy with either the choclate or the home made p-nut butter fudge

I would like to try this, I THINK I WOULD LIKE IT.

Todays stuff,,,,,,.......

I do a lot of unnecessary THINKING sometime. When I see something built like the buildings in Dubai, and hear the number of hotel rooms that go for thousands of dollars a night, I THINK WHO affords this? Who will pay ten thousand dollars a night for a place to sleep? But then Who will pay ten million dollars for a condo of apartment to use four weeks a year? As a very small time builder I know nobody builds anything to let it sit. Someone has done a study and know there is a very good chance that they can sell 300 apartments at ten million.
So I THINK who are these people. Then I say to myself, you don’t know them boy!

I THINK sometimes about what makes folks happy? Is it money, animals, faith, religion, food, friends, family, cars or making money? Oh speaking of animals Rose posted Dr. Oz website ‘’. I took the test and came out pretty good. Not as well as I expected but good. He thinks my real age is about 65 instead of 71. But what got me was he says I need a dog. JUST HOW IN THE HECK DOES HE KNOW I NEED A DOG? I have enough dog with MJ, Layla, Hendrick, Patches, Spunky, Tugi, & Beau. LOL Anyway I know turtles and cats also.

Anyway I do know dogs make folks happy, I had one that was the greatest as a kid.

I remember once when Vondale & I and my dog Ace were walking in Albemarle, by the high walled homes of the rich. I remember commenting as a ten year old, “I bet they have no idea how good pintos and cornbread tastes. They have stew beef all the time. They are rich but I bet they ain’t happy.”
I never was smart, even as a kid. LOL
Anyway, this boy is one happy fellow. I cannot put my finger on what makes me happy, but I have been happy most of my life. One thing that really helps is having the right girl. LOL YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!
Thanks for coming by the log, I appreciate you taking your valuable time to do it.
Nite Shipslog

I keep wondering what color to put for hair on my driver's licenses, there is no spot tocheck… bald.

I thought about how mothers feed their babies with tiny little spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use. Toothpicks?


shirl72 said...

I had a dog for 21 years the last 5 was stressful. We had to take care of her like a
baby. I wondered about some of the questions.
I e-mailed and ask how the realage was caculated. Mine ended up being my real age.
I am in pretty good health and take care of myself. I don't know if that is good.

Put natural for color of your hair. Some of us ladies don't know what color to say.


Helen said...

Hey I took that real age test and they never sent an answer LOL. All that time spent filling out that thing and no email. Think I will just go to bed. I love dogs but do not ever want a cat because they catch birds that I feed. Helen

Paula said...

Just stopping in to say "HI" to you and Sherry. Still have company so not much computer time. I like that little red car at the top even though it is older then me.

Anonymous said...

A quarter to five over here...way too long a day. Kid did sleep only after midnight, as he wanted but couldn't do his "big business" - guess I deserved a piece of your big cake, as I took care of it on me own, leaving his mother go to sleep. Well, hope he'll sleep a bit longer though in the morning. Nice coincidence that there was a piece of chocolate on my mind tonight as well, even though with red pepper - yes, it's a delight !
Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! I have a recipe for peanut butter fudge that takes only 3 minutes cooking time in the micro-wave and 1 minute cleanup ... and I kid you not! Tastes better than the way I used to make it in Ocean Springs - and I would cook the mess for what seemed like forty-five minutes - then takes an hour to clean up - plus you never can scrape burned chocolate off the pan.

Frances and a couple of friends we've almost adopted are trying to say I need a dog. Animals of any kind tie you down. You cannot take an impulsive trip. You have to find a good kennel. They have to have shots. They leave hair on everything. They chew up the furniture and I can think of a doz other reasons I refuse but don't want to bore you. LoL.

Anonymous said...

I did the real age too, I'm 41 and Dr Oz says I'm a budding 36 year old, lol! Yours is pretty good! Being able to function without disease and strife is what makes me very happy. And because of that I find joy in every little tidbit of life! Freedom too! :)

Lucy said...

Put white for the color of your hair. White is beautiful on a man, not to bad on the woman that chooses to leave it that way. Dogs keep you young. At 80 I still crawl under the table to retrieve torn up kleenex or paper towels. I do not think I will take the real age taste. If I am 80, I am 80 and no test will change that. I love that food and I would eat any otr all of it.