Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday Dinner, the 100's, & Brother and Sister

Coincidences! Yesterday I was thinking about a 100 years, funny that I also received a comment from Cricket. We met her in Maine at the beginning of the 100 mile wilderness. The comment was for a post back in the summer. Cricket was a young lady who was hiking the Appalachian Trail alone. We met her along with two of the hikers she had met on the trail, one day at The Monsoon General Store, Monsoon, Maine.

The next day (was a Sunday) we were trying to locate a church but located hikers first. WE drove a couple up to begin the 100 mile wilderness the last stretch of wild country before the climb of Mt. Katahdin the Northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, and returned to Monsoon, only to find Cricket hitch hiking back to the trail. So we skipped church and took her to the beginning of the 100 mile wilderness. Tough gal, she hiked the full 2167 miles in less than six months, alone. I doubt if she looks back at the blog. I have no way to contact her, but if you do Cricket, thanks for the chance to meet such a fine tough young lady.
(This is Cricket as she heads into the 100 mile wilderness. She has hiked over 2050 miles at this point alone!, one tough lady!)

Living in a parsonage as a kid was interesting and at times a lot of fun. Honestly what I remember most was playing after church with the kids from the church. Tag, hide and seek, kick the can or just talking. We could do this while all the grownups visited and talked. No one had to rush home to see some program, most folks didn’t have a TV.

But the best time was after church on Sunday. Sometime I would go home with another boy and eat dinner (lunch) at his house or farm. Then we would play all Sunday afternoon, until church that night. (Yeah, I wondered that too, why did I need so much church?) I think I was a regular at some folk’s house. I think the Pages thought they had taken me to raise. Jim and Bub were about my age I had a lot of fun. Their dad, Brother Page, could pick a guitar and sing some great songs, but he could also sing some comedy ones. (The main attraction? they had a horse!)
Notice I said ‘Brother Page’ Our church had a bunch of people whose first name was Brother or Sister. LOL.
Back tomorrow, thanks for coming this way!
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PS: Now I play….some of these games!
******Sag, you're It.
*****Hide and go pee.
********20 questions shouted into your good ear.
****** (I might play) Kick the bucket


Helen said...

That was one tough girl. You meet some interesting people during a lifetime. Helen

Paula said...

John has a niece named Cricket and they don't know where she is. Wouldn't it be something if that was her?

Fred Alton said...

I've met some folks by "divine appointment". That's what I call what others call coincidence. I learned that from Brother Albert! :D Sounds like you feel good about your 'raisin just as I do. The Happy Goodman's song comes to mind: "I Don't Regret A Mile". Another thought - I grew up in the parsonages. Notice that was spelled with an "s". All over the S.E. from FL to TN to FL to TN to LA to TN to LA to GA to MS to TX and back to TN!

shirl72 said...

Poor Fred moved a lot. I am glad we were only moved 7 times and then last move it was time for Dad to retired. We had a good life loved the Sunday dinner (lunch) which was chicken. We had a good family and didn't know what it was to live with people fussing and feuding. We were loved and happy. What a life.


Lucy said...

Shirl, It sounds like it was a good life. Jack you have had an interesting life and you are good at traveling down memory lane.

Fred Alton said...

Shirl, I heard Mom say a few weeks ago that she had moved 52 times in her life. Her Mom was a pioneer preacher in FL so she had an early start. I posted her giving some of that testimony and singing the song "When I Make My Last Move" on Youtube. I only pastored 8 churches, but then we were in Guyana, S.Amer for a 3 and 1/2 year term and lived in Africa for 9 years. The last 10 years I lived here and flew over to Africa 5+ times a year. Still, "Don't Regret A Mile".

Anonymous said...

Yes, okay, I do admit, that girls are many times tougher than I am ;) Please have you all a wonderful Friday.