Friday, January 1, 2010

Florida Oranges...
Just one plant, just one day, doesn't that one picture look like enough oranges for the whole world? (This is not even A Tropicana! plant)
I had a great entry for today, then I read Mel’s ‘Honey I’m Home’ list. It was the last thing on the list that hit me, I will probably mess it up, I usually do when I copy (Done that sitting behind Sherry in French class and nearly failed). HA!

IN the world today we have twisted facts around. People are to be LOVED and things are to be USED. Now it seems that THINGS ARE LOVED AND PEOPLE ARE USED!”

Now there is nothing new under the sun, so some wise person has said that before, BUT I never read it. I won’t spill too many family secrets, but all of our married lives she has thrilled me, ESPECIALLY on special days. All I will say is when the phones get turned off, my eyes light up!!!! LOL Yeah, she is still ‘cool’ this girl of mine. (she snapped these pics as I 'juiced')

As we talked last night before the New Year rolled around I made it a point to tell her how beautiful and desirable she still is after 53 years of marriage. I want her to know SHE is LOVED, SHE is REAL , SHE is what makes my world go around. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, life is great! Happy New Year to one and all! (Pictures are detractors to keep the blog from censorship)

As I read the blogs, comments and e-mails with all the new year’s wishes I think how wonderful to have friends and loved ones who are optimistic about the coming year. I hope it is the BEST ever for us all.

We have never been much for partying, it was not in our raising. But once we stayed up all night with several couples and ended up at our house for breakfast (No body took their mama, LOL). It was fun. I remember two things about that night. One was a comment at the breakfast table by my Leading Chief as he looked at his wife ‘Sandy’, “This has been a great night, but we have to get home and ……….”.
Sandy interrupted him, “I don’t want to hear it Emmitt P., I offered last night and you couldn’t handle it!” The crowd just roared and
Sandy turned red. (Emmitt did too!)
WE were all young military couples, it was all in fun.

(The finished product, looks good and was, they came from the Pastor's tree)

The other thing I remember happened at the Chief’s Club before mid night. I was standing in line behind a mate who looked familiar. I got his attention, when he turned it was not who I thought and I said, “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.”
He looked at me and quick as a wink said, “I might be.” I have always wished I was quick witted.

Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by the log..
NIte Shipslog
PS: (Things you do not hear anymore)
Get out from under the sewing machine; pumping it messes up the thread!
Be sure and fill the lamps this morning so we don't have to do that tonight in the dark.
Here, take this old magazine to the toilet with you when you go, we are almost out of paper out there.


Paula said...

I wasn't raised to party either thats why I wanted to. lol Don't even drink or know how to. Those oranges look sooo good. Right off the tree is so different then the ones from the store.

Rose said...

I recall when I first moved to Florida in 1989, I had fruit trees planted in my backyard. What a difference in fresh squeezed orange juice! It is great.

Happy New Year to my favorite couple!

Hugs, Rose

Helen said...

Throw one of those fresh oranges over here to Alabama please. Happy New your to you and Sherry. May you have happiness and good health this coming year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that juice looks delicious! Good juicing job Jack!!! Stuff is fun and useful, but yes, in the end, none of it goes with us does it?
Sending winter hugs!! :)

Anonymous said...

Guess you 'juiced' the essence of life.

Please have you two a wonderful weekend.

betty said...

nothing better than fresh squeezed orange juice! looks delicously refreshing!

so glad you and Sherry enjoyed some time with friends welcoming in the new year

and so true your analogy between love and used. Old pastor of mine said people throw the word "love" around too freely. "I love pizza" and "I love my wife". We need to appreciate objects and love and deeply appreciate people especially our loved ones and cherish them

2009 was a good year; it was a hard one but it was a good one; God was and still is in control and I never was hungry or thirsty or without a home so it was a good year; and no matter what this year brings I will trust He will provide :)


Lucy said...

Jack and Sherry, I think you are the most well matched couple I have ever met, as much as I can judge by meeting you through the blog. As for love and using it the right way, if you genuinely feel love for something or someone, what is wrong with expressing it? I loved the flowers that my family surprised me with on my Birthday. I didn't use them, but I loved looking at them. Oh well, all is well either way in my opinion.

Fred Alton said...

Jack - this post made me remember - "Y'all got any peanut butter? We've just made some pancakes and I'm out of peanut butter and the store is closed!" What was it? 2:00am?

Terri said...

YUM!!! So jealous of those fresh florida oranges and fresh squeezed orange juice!!

Jack you are SOOO sweet the things you said to Sherry while you two were talking before the New Year...a woman needs to hear those things every now and then...(at least I like to) :)