Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti, remembered.

The photo is of a young Hatian in the Mission school. Rev Mann and his wife, son jack with his back to me and Son Mark on the right. Like them cool striped pants!
We went to Haiti on this ship. It is a Submarine Tender. USS Gilmore AS 16.

Seldom is the TV on. When we decide to watch it, it takes ten minutes to program it and remember how to work it. AND Every time my Girl will say: “I want a TV I can just turn on and change the channels!”
I say, “ME TOO!~”
Anyway we are watching the news now; Sherry turned it on to see what was happening in Haiti. IT is terrible and the place is so poor to start with.
I remember Haiti under Papa Doc, Fran├žois Duvalier, MD. He was a terribly hard dictator, it is said he had his ‘guards’ kill up to 30,000 Haitians.
Baby Doc Duvalier was also the Dictator until forced out. We visited Haiti a couple times during Baby Doc’s rule.
Sherry and I bummed a ride over there once on the USS Gilmore. We anchored in Port as Prince Harbor and went ashore. Once we caught a ride on an Embassy Flight and went to see Missionaries from Florida. Garland Mann and his family, they were very Gracious. Before visiting the Missionaries we called and asked was there anything they would like for us to bring. The asked for country ham. WE could not find any, but bought the largest ham we could find to take.
WE visited a Baptist Missionary group also. (Then to one of my favorites, the Rum factory, but don’t tell anyone, no! the missionaries didn’t take us!!!).
One of my favorite people of all time is a man most folks wouldn’t know, Dr. Charles Conn. He was a dedicated Christian and a prince of a man. He has a son Ray and his wife Joan who work with the restavek children. The term is French and means to ‘stay with’. For years families have given their children to ‘someone’ so they would have a better life. The children were sold into slavery by and large. This group seeks out and rescues children in slavery. It is run by a man who was one of these slaves. I just read an entry, which Ray sent via satellite to his BIL.
“Joan would have been in the Hotel Montana, but I urged her to come on over to another port where I was working that evening. If she had not have left, she may not be with us. Thank God for that. We are trying to locate some of the children we were working with, this is devastating.”
The Montana is a hotel, it was completely destroyed along with more than 200 there. If you pray, I know you are mentioning those unfortunate souls.
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PS: for more on the children in slavery.


Paula said...

So terrible. I pray for the people.

Helen said...

I have been sending up prayers for all those people and for the workers trying to help. Helen

Rose said...

Such sadness in Haiti. I'm praying for them.

Your story and experience there is very interesting. As they say: "Join the Navy and see the World". That you have done my friend and have many memories and experiences.

I, have never traveled much because I was always busy working and raising my children and now that I have the time, I don't have the funds!

Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

This is so bad the people were already poor and
needed help. We will just pray that the
missionaries and others will be OK. I guess
you have a vision of the devastation after visiting.


Lucy said...

We have been watching on CNN and it is hard to believe their be such a horrific disaster. I can only watch it so long and have to leave it. God help those people. Opening old crypts and push in, and bringing them by the truck load and wheelbarrows. They are so overwhelmed now.

Anonymous said...

Hi is hard to watch the devestation over there...but then I think about..what if we were there...a part of it...??? the country has had so much hardship already...we can only pray the Lord will be a part of the outcome!!! and as always it is great to learn of your travels...God Bless you both...hugs...Ora and whoever that is sitting in that lazyboy chair..with his mouth open...eyes closed...and softly snoring!!!!! hahahahahahaha

Fred Alton said...

The scenes coming out of Haiti today are heart-rending. Lovell and Ginny Carey are there with Lloyd Frazier. I think you may know these three. CNN picked up and aired pictures of Lovell and Ginny - which I saw while waiting for my pick-up to be serviced this morning. They look very frail and weary.
You shoulda called me for the country ham. We always have a little stash of it - partly because Frances' brother sends it to us now and then - and partly because we can hardly resist buying a good one when we see it.
Is Ray Conn still in Haiti working with the Restavek? I honestly didn't know about his work before. I'm sure you heard that Charles W. passed. I see Paul occasionaly and also chat some with Stephen (two other sons of C.W.)

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