Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before you deep freeze folks laugh too loud, remember this is Central Florida.
This ice is still on the car after a trip out and back.
Caught on the awning, No, we did not get any accumulation. No, I did not have to scoop the walk! LOL (BUT it is COLD)

Well the Global warming (advocate) folks did a bang up job of combating that problem. 'tis fixed!
Now they will have to start attacking the Global Freeze warning. Funny how we just cannot out guess or beat ‘mother nature’. Now I don’t believe there is a ‘Mother Nature’, just a term to describe the world God put into motion. I think we humans can do something’s to make life better for the future generations so they can continue to live until the ‘end time’. Now since this audience is varied I will not get into religious beliefs of how the world will end, but I think everyone agrees it will end. Whether you believe Jesus is coming back on the clouds to call ‘me and the other good folks’ home (and leave the bad guys here to fight it out) or that some ignorant folks will blow us all up. One thing about it, All of us won’t be here to see the end, cause some folk are dying as I type.

Now…. No more gloom, Life is GOOD!

One great thing about Florida, even if it is cold/cool when the Florida Sun comes out, it gets warm. Soon the sun will be coming thru our windshield and warming up this Motor home.

We snack at night. What is your favorite snack?

I like a bland snack sometime, I love crackers and milk. It is even better if I have a little cheese to eat on the side.
I snack on pretzels and lately I have been buying ‘black bean and corn salsa’ to dip nacho’s in. I love it.

I love fruit to snack and when we hit the rack, I normally have a couple Werther’s buttery drops.

Yeah, it is no wonder I can’t lose weight! Yeah I do need to too. I want to lose five or ten pounds so all my clothes will fit. (All five pairs of pants)
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog

You just don't hear this anymore:

When you take your driving test, don't forget to signal each turn. Left arm straight out the window for a left turn; left arm bent up at the elbow for a right turn; And straight down to the side of the door when you are going to stop.

It's: 'Yes Ma'am!' and 'No Ma'am!' to me, young man, and don't you forget it!
If you roll through a stop sign while you are taking the driving test, you will not get your license.
Yeah I know it is hard to hold in the clutch and brake and press the gas pedal.


Anonymous said...

Cold weather like that is not good for the crops or the wildlife!! You guys had it colder than Calgary today, do you believe that?? Crazy!

My favourite snack is anything with cheese! :)

Stay warm!!!!

Helen said...

Looks like you may have got more snow than we did. I snack on just about anything I can get my hands and mouth on about mid afternoon until bedtime. Those saying sounds familiar. Our coldest night is supposed to be Sunday night.
Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Still nearly 60F over here. Day was long and most of my students did not do any of their homework...sigh...luckily there's the night to escape.
Favourite snack would be toasted bread with sweet chilly sauce, cheese and mushrooms as well.
Please have a nice Sunday you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too....and I say...."I snack..therefore I am a snacker"...on whatever there is to snack...keep safe...and happy...hugs Ora and him in KY...where it is 28 degrees and snowing!!!! again!!!

betty said...

I'm not saying what our temp was today but if is the equivalent of how many times Jesus said we should give our brothers plus 7 :) I am not trying to gloat too much about it :)

love to snack on Fat Boys (ice cream sandwiches) but gave them up in the new year when I gave up sugar :(

try to stay warm you two


betty said...

oops, it should be forgive our brothers, not give our brothers, LOL

so our temp today was how many times Jesus said we should forgive our brothers plus 7


Lucy said...

HEAT WAVE!! 26 degrees and no new snow and Joe is buying a battery right now. YIPPEE One marriage saved. Cold there huh? All I can say is I sympathize. Love to snack on peanuts but Spunky smells them and he is getting to fat now, again so limits my snacking.

Terri said...

I cannot believe it is that cold in Fla! WOW!

We like to snack too..our usual snack would be junk like chips, chips and dip etc... While still eating those things from time to time I am trying to eat a little healthier this year(I should say right now, cause that could change any moment..LOL) Last nights snack was a couple of seedless sunkist oranges...they were so good! Plan on having a couple more for snack tonight...


Fred Alton said...

My fav snack? How about peanut butter on a pancake!