Friday, January 8, 2010

Cars in my life.... Okay Dishes too!

Which car in your life time yanked your chain the most? YOU wanted one or maybe you got one. There is usually a reason, but sometimes it just strikes you as the most beautiful car built. There are stories of men who collected cars and kept them locked up for someone later in life to discover. There are cars loved by a lot of folks, and some that I thought no one liked.My first love was a 1934 ford coupe. I had a chance to buy one. It had a big old Dice as a gear knob. Bud Coren had it, but I could not get $50 to pay for it. (I used this one on the cover of RAgs!)

Then it was the ’40 ford Coupe, Black. I come close to getting my rear whipped by the owner of one once. (I was loving unwisely, as a teen)
BUT oh yeah, the d├ębut of the 1955 Chevy I drooled. Boy did I want one of those.

I loved the 1953 Skylark Buick, but never really coveted one.

Most of our cars I have kept up (repaired). Seldom did we pay a mechanic for any work. I feel frustrated now when I open a hood and the car is so complicated I cannot even change the fan belt.
I wish we could have kept every car we ever had. I don’t know why, none of them were really classics, I take that back we owned two Metropolitans, one Nash the other a Hudson. They are classic. But most of our cars were cheap used cars that ran well. Remember the Metro? Superman’s girl friend Lois Lane had one.

I SAW a new 1958 Rolls Royce, I had never seen even a picture of one that I knew of. This one was called ‘The Silver Cloud’. It was on display in Gulfport Mississippi. You could not come within ten feet of it. But it was pretty. I didn’t want one but looking at a car that was sold for $50,000 was something.

Anyway even though I can’t work on them, cars are better than they used to be. Harder to work on, the mechanic earns his money, but they are worked on less.
I had a ’48 convertible; my cousin bought it from dad. He went to sell it; the buyer said, "does it use oil?"
Ken said, "I don’t think so, it leaks out so fast it doesn’t have a chance to use any."

Thanks for coming this way…..
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Dishes! Hey folks , we only have two dishes to wash. Sometimes we have messy gravy and maybe some molasses. Stack the plates and they stick together. I just have to carry them 3 ft to the sink and the knife keeps them apart. BUT I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! HONEST, OKAY? I WILL JUST REACH THEM AND PUT THEM IN THE SINK ONE DISH AT A TIME! LOL
Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so...Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.

Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!


Lucy said...

You do love your cars, don't you Jack. We had a 55 chevy and we split up and he got that car. I got to live in the house rent free until I remarried. If I had not had the kids I would have preferred the car. He did not know at the time that I was not going to get remarried for 4 years. Wash the bottom of those plates. And do not put silverware in between. Loved the fruit pictures. At the little grocery store I worked at we called the grapefruit with loose skin ugly fruit.

Helen said...

You make me think of my dad, Now that man loved cars and he also worked on his and just about everyone elses also. I remember several of those you put for us to look at.
Glad to hear that you will now be washing those dishes better LOL.
Stay warm down there. Helen

shirl72 said...

I also loved the older cars so easy to work on.
I can't even work the radio in the new cars.
They put a CD player some have both. Just
found out where this was. They are to complicated. What a surprise when we need an
instruction book to operate a vehicle.
We have come a long way baby.


Anonymous said...

we had a 55 chevy when we leaked oil so fast...we never knew it used it either LOLOL...I stole one of your lines...but actually it did until a teenager in our church on a Saturday afternoon looked at the motor to check out the problem...he found it...changed the line...and boy was he would have thought he rebuilt that sucker from the ground up LOLOL...and wow...the preacher let me work on his car...awesome!!!!! we were just happy to stop buying oil by the case LOLOL...hugs to ya both....Ora and him

Terri said...

LOL@ the part about dishes....

Me? I LOVE Mustangs...Jeff owned a couple before we married...someday we plan to buy one again...this time i'll get to be the one to drive it :) I loved my Trans Am I had growing up wasn't in perfect shape but boy did I have fun cruising in that thing...

Love ya'll!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've found the car of my life yet!! LOL, I'm keeping my eyes open!