Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fixing the Job market and a Wiener Roast.

Do you have any ideas on how to bring jobs back into the USA? I have some BUT they take government rules and a law or two. The BUT is there because I do not like more government as a rule, but in this case losing jobs in this country came from an act of congress and other government rules that ran jobs over seas.


Now that that is said, I wrote the President (again) to tell him (really to tell some low lever reader of mail) that I thought the following should be done to reclaim some jobs (some are repeats):

1. ALL military, law enforcement and fire fighters uniforms should be made in the USA, congress should require this within 5 years.

2. ALL steel used in interstate road and bridge construction should be US steel that should be on a schedule of 8 years.

3. The same with steel in ALL CARS built in the USA foreign owned and domestic.

4. At least 80% of the steel used in Military Ships should be US made.

5. Tires on US Made vehicles should be 80% US made.

6. Taxes on imports should reflect the same (or higher) taxes and fees applied to US exports to the exporting country.

Folks this is nothing new, It doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to know why we have near 10% unemployment, JOBS are not available.


We went down in the woods for a wiener roast last night. Had a good time. It is a spot that Mark has designated the Hobo house. I have been working on the storage areas and keep a big fire going all thru the day. I bank it and cover it at night and start all over the next day. So the fire was great for the outing. Mark, Luke, Rom (the guy Mark built for last), Sherry and I. Rom’s daughter and her two kids walked down later.

AS I read this over it seems I have written this whole thing before. Charge it off to OLD AGE if it is a repeat.

Thanks for reading the Log.

Nite shipslog.


An actual note to God:


Jane has an idea!


shirl72 said...

I'm glad you are helping the President with
his decisions. I don't think he is listening.
I thought I smelled a fire last night and
especially the wieners cooking. You should
have had all the neighbors in for the roast.


Lucy said...

I like the way Jane? thinks. I hope to get back to being "normal" and commenting. I am slowly getting things back up.

betty said...

the roast sounded fun!! I like your ideas to get the jobs going again. They certainly sound doable and reasonable and you are right, something needs to be done to bring down that unemployment rate!! Now if only the president would listen to you.....


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your hot dog roaster. It looks like a leaf rake you have there with a hot dog on the end of each spoke of it...great idea! We often do hot dogs over the fire when we are camping. They are so good. I do wish something would happen to get folks back to work. Our of 7 children only one has been affected by a job loss so far and he hopeful a job will come his way soon. Others have had benefits reduced and have no bonus coming. All of us are feeling the effects one way or the other.

Cher' Shots said...

Jack, have you been recieving any of the comments I've been leaving for you?? I ask because for some reason they are not showing up on my end after I send them.

Cher' Shots said...

OOPS ... spoke too soon - that comment showed up. Anyways, I like the points you made in your letter.
'hugs from afar'

Sheila Y said...

A weiner roast sounds good in this cold weather, maybe a few marshmallows after...I wish someone in Washington would listen to your suggestions. Have a great weekend, Sheila

Fred Alton said...

Repetition of your requests is a great way to get some folks talking about the ideas! Keep repeating those ideas and hope that someone will listen. I loved the roasting stick the boy was using. I've been wondering whether I should buy such a tool but now it looks like it would be a good investment!