Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trying to get the Christmas Spirit! Bah Humbug!


It is getting close to Christmas, I sometimes get the spirit, and others I’m blah. This is such a nice place Mark has here, and I feel bad that he has part of it up for sale. Mark followed in my foot steps and got his general contractor’s license. He built more and bigger than I did and always done a good job. He was conservative with his money and stayed ahead of the game. He has worked 60-80 hours a week and had a very good reputation.

He is selling the center piece of his holdings, and I guess that is a little discouraging. The boys have mostly known this place as home. Mark built the house especially for the family, at the time Corinne was the center of the family and did a great job on interior decorating (I sure miss her). The pool always stayed clean and clear and the grass was always cut, the fields bush-hogged. They had a driving range, baseball field, go-cart track, Motocross track and trails to ride the golf cart on. They added a tree house and horseshoe pits.

AT least he has something to sell to get back in the groove. He will buy a much smaller house somewhere near I guess. He will sell two acres with the house and it will take part of the baseball field and of course the pool and pool house. Business is in the pits for contractors so he is scraping any job he can find. This is what gets me down I guess. At least he now has a contract on the house, and is getting near what he asked, but not near the value of the property. It is like living in the country and having town three minutes away.

Of course we will lose this nesting place that we just fixed earlier this year or last year, I forget! (It goes too) So Shirl, we will be coming back to your RV Park when we are in NC, if there are any vacancies.


But really Christmas has always been the best time of the year. So I have got to get my head straight and start to appreciate the things I do have and that are working. Life has always had ups and downs. Ours has been more ups. Life has been good, so I am gonna snap out of it.

So I look across the table at my Sherry to see what mischief I can get into!!!


Thanks for listing to this drivel. Come again soon and I will be flying high.

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Don and Evelyn just came in for Christmas, from Florida. It was nice to see them.

merry christmas printable card

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
and Your hand over my mouth! Amen


Helen said...

So sorry that your son has to sell his home. Thing is it's hard for anyone to come up with anything to buy with except folks that have lots of $$$, you can't get what it's worth right now.
I am not feeling very Christmasy myself. Daughter just had more surgery yesterday and won't feel like coming. Her car is in the shop anyway. Ken said he would go get her but she says she doesn't feel up to the trip. Son is working way out of town 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am afraid he can't hold up to this for long. About three weeks ago he was out of work about a month and never told us a word.
Ken's son is mad and no word from him so there you go. I agree with you, Bah humbug.
Things could be worse though so I am thankful things are not worse.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is always better to count your blessings! I like that little prayer you put in your post's almost as good as the serenity prayer you like so well.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Uck Oh......were you naughty or nice this year...??
The Spirit will hit you....maybe Sunday....LOL

Enjoy your Holidays with your Fanily..

Fred Alton said...

I heard a fellow say once, "I'm so far down I have to look up to see the bottom!" At that particular time I could really identify ... but thank God it didn't last too long. It's so sad to see young people who are willing to work and have the ability to work but who cannot find work. I'm praying for you today - and for Mark. It is so painful to see and feel our children suffering.

Paula said...

I'm not much of a holiday person and I hate it when people try to put me on a guilt trip about it. I don't give a darn how many turkeys and hams are eaten just give me a country road and a taco. lol I have respect that it is Jesus' birthday and I love my girls but I saw one Thanksgiving and saw both of them Tuesday so my Mama "fix" is in place for now. Happy Holidays to you both.

Anonymous said...

M.Luther once said, he 'would plant an apple tree tonight, while knowing the world would end tomorrow.'

Please have you all a blessed Christmas.

betty said...

It is good that Mark has a contract on the house, but I know it will be hard for you all to say good bye to it; lots of memories there I am sure. Its hard to get into the Christmas spirit these days with so much going on; that's when I think I really need to step back and remember why we celebrate the season and try to think more about that than other things. Regardless, it will be here in two days (whether we like it or not :)

I hope it is a kind one for you and Sherry, Jack! Merry Christmas!


Debbie said...

I worked hard last week at finding Christmas spirit because of a loss in our family earlier this month and wham something happened in our family on Sunday night that knocked it right out from under my feet. So I know how you feel. Yeah..bah humbug!

Love ya'll

Jean said...

Merry Christmas Jack and Sherry! I know about how you feel it was around Christmas time three Christmas ago when my youngest sons marriage fell apart he sold his home (he bought before they met) and give her half of what he got for it. Things turned out great he bought another home and has a new wife this Christmas and they are both so happy, I'm sure this will happen with your son. Take care, Love from Alabama, Jean