Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook and , Happy birthday Shirl! Mar 10, She is 41 today!

Wow, it is amazing how absolutely slow some things are on the internet, THEN IT IS ASTOUNDING HOW FAST something you don’t want to travel, can travel on the internet. If you are like me you see news reports of fights, arson and even murder because of something said on Facebook.

I just read where one of the Buckingham Palace guards lost his job because of what he put on FB. Teachers lose their jobs and crooks are found, MARRIAGES are lost all because of what they put on FB.

Strange how what you are picturing as a conversation between you and a friend is being read by many, if it is something that should not be said, all of a sudden the views go up, 100,1000, tens and hundreds of thousands if it is juicy enough.

It is bad enough for a Grand parent to read the grand kids stuff sometime, I try to stay away. I get shocked at the language of some ‘friends’ and especially the younger generation.  Sure boys (maybe girls) used some nasty words when they were joking and kidding around. BUT NEVER in front of an adult or girl! UNHEARD OF.  But now, it is out there for the world to see.

Funny (strange) congressmen have had to apologize publically, mayors and governors have been ignorant enough to say something the press is sure that it is not ‘politically correct’, and have been publically embarrassed. A sheriff has lost his job and several teachers for expressing (publically) how they feel privately.

I sincerely believe that about 80% of us have something we do not want the world to know.  It is none of their business, but when you put it on a public forum, it is all up for grabs and interpretations.

Shucks, I am not crazy about Rush ‘Limbangger’, I do agree with some of his opinions, but definitely not all. I think his ‘ignorant remarks’ the other day will hurt him, and should. I don’t even like to see someone try to tap dance out of stupidity, (well I do enjoy watching him squirm a little).

And it is just hard to believe that something said on a webpage can go just as viral as Rush’s public statements, but it can.

Okay I’m off my soap box now. Thanks for visiting this web site.  Now repeat it all so my books will increase. hahahaha

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A closed mouth gathers no foot.


1948 chevrolet

1948 Chev Fleetline, Sherry’s Fav!

(Every night I go thru hundreds of cars I have, I love them all. It is a hard decision for me)


Lucy said...

I heard something on CNN that makes me afraid to go on Facebook or even use the computer. I closed my Facebook account then opened it to wish some Happy Birthdays and just realized I had not closed it again. I aM WITH YOU ON THE language but I hate to sat this but it is getting worse Some are related to me and it bothers me so I try to not see it.

Jean said...

I agree with you Jack I try not to write much on FB I play a few games and I'm off.I do wish my friends a Happy Birthday. I'll just save it for my blog, lol.I hope you and Sherry have a great weekend. jean

Paula said...

I miss all those exciting things on facebook, guess 'cause I read what people are cooking or eating and get bored and get off.

shirl72 said...

Thanks for the Birthday Wish and
lowering my age. That is a good
number to use. Dad always used
39 like Jack Benny.

I don't understand people still
commenting on FB when they know
it will go world wide.

The only thing I will say is if
I was single I would be ashame
asking tax payers to pay for my sex life It could have been handled a different way. We pay for everything else they just put it a different way.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was always taught and still think that people that use bad language are showing their lack of education. There are so many other descriptive words that could be used instead. I'd rather find something good to say than not. Happy Birthday to Shirl! Oh to be 41 again!
Sunny but still chilly here today!

Anonymous said...

I'm not on Facebook. I guess I'm too afraid someone will hack into my computer or that I will see a lot of half nekkid people that I don't want to see. LOL.

I'm with Shirl about the absurdity of asking taxpayers to pay for someone's sex life.
To me that's more outrageous than the word Rush used to describe the 30-year-old activist who made herself a public figure by her activism and by testifying in front of Congress about how law students couldn't afford birth control. (Gimme a break!)
As someone said fertility is not a disease.
Years ago a worked with a young college woman. Her father advised her to use an aspirin for birth control (how cheap is that?). He told her to hold it between her knees, lol.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
It's amazing how many of those Fleetlines are still around!

Anonymous said...

Concratulations from Athens, Greece.

Apart from photography I do not write at fb. I shall search you there though. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sherry...that's a fine looking automobile!

I've deleted many a comment on FB and blogspot 'cause on reflection I didn't want it to come back and bite my backside! see how I used lady like language there! 4 letter words are being used so much these days...they're beginning to lose their shock value...which is why kids used to enjoy using them. there are so many delightfully, interesting English words to use instead of 4 letter words that I've never appreciated the appeal!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shirl. I do NOT do Facebook. NEVER have, probably NEVER will for all the reasons you described. Got better things to do, like blogging. LOL Take care.

Lucy said...

I just sent Shirl a late Happy Birthday. I told her she had better watch it or she will catch up with me. That was nice that your son dropped in unexpectedly.