Thursday, March 15, 2012

The sense of Smell!

Everyone has their favorite scent or fragrance. Nothing like popcorn, even before popcorn became my favorite it was parching peanuts over the fireplace at Great Grandpa Hilly’s homestead.

You may not remember the smoke of a steam engine , oh boy I loved that smell. I remember standing on an over pass while the  P & N went thru Art Cloth in Lowell. 


Chanel #5 has been Sherry’s favorite perfume for many years.  Therefore I love it. A nice bottle of Chanel #5 has gotten me out of many tight places, except for the Thanksgiving I burned the Turkey.


I prefer Old Spice after shave, because it has a ship on the bottle.  On the ship and away from home I always used the cheaper Mennen Skin Bracer. I have a BIL who gives me the Old Spice he gets for Christmas, because he cannot stand it.

Remember what your baby smelled like just after a bath?

Oh, I love to smell Sherry’s hair.

I cannot forget Cinnamon Buns, ahhhhh it makes my mouth water. There is a small shop on the Alcan Highway, or maybe on the way to Dawson City off the Alcan. Anyway they advertise the largest Cinnamon buns in the world, they are big, one feeds two with a little left over.

I love the smell of fresh baked bread.

I am no longer a smoker, but I love the smell of some pipe tobacco’s.  I was in a perfume factory in France once, amazing the overwhelming aroma.


Most scents are limited to a small area, room, house or at most, a store. BUT if you have never been in Florida at orange blossom time you have no idea. The air for miles is filled with the sweet scent of Orange blossoms.  Today was one of those days, it always amazes me.  Oranges bloom while fruit is still on the trees. the scent just might be too much, if you  were picking.

Most folk have a favorite aroma, scent or fragrance. Your nose, knows!

Thanks for coming by the log.

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This sign is in a Laundry in Paris :

(No wonder Louis enjoyed France!)



I can smell that smoke now!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How I would love to be smelling those orange blossoms. It would be just heavenly. We had a morning thunderstorm here and it is smelling like spring outside. That is a wonderful smell too. I watched some robins finding earthworms in the yard yesterday. Spring is on the way, finally. I am loving every moment of it. Enjoy those smells today. The fragrance just pouring out like a glass of orange juice, I can only imagine...

Louis la Vache said...

Yes, indeed! «Louis» has a SPLENDID time in France!

Nice shot of the steam engine and the old Chevy pickup!

Anonymous said...

Love the steam locomotives! I'm a FAN of the Virginian g'pa "B" was a postman on the Virginian...the track through Virginia is long gone...torn up in the late 1980s! Not sure if folks can hike up and down the rail bed as I think I read that some of the rail land had reverted back to the original owners.

Don't do perfume anymore...causes my allergies to act up and can even trigger a migraine. Used to like Emeraude years and years ago and Chantilly.

Sometimes I get a olfactory blast from the past...chalk dust, smell that and I'm in grammar school again! Was going in to Walmart the other day and someone was taking a cigarette break...Camels?, smell that and I'm with my g'pa "M"! Funny since I'm a walking "no smoking zone" and I LOVED that cigarette smell! The sense of smell is a powerful thing! I have the last Old Spice I gave Don...I was smelling it just every now and then...but I remembered that over time it can change and smell I threw out the red plug and I'm letting it scent the air...wonderful!

betty said...

I bet those orange blossoms do smell good! You are so right, we do have our favorite smells and we have smells that trigger memories for us, like fresh baked bread reminds us of our moms if they baked, etc. I think it would be very hard to lose one's sense of smell; life would sure be different if we couldn't smell the wonderful things God created for us, like flowers, salt at the ocean, etc.

Hope you and Sherry have a great day!



My fragrance of choice is ANGEL. But recently I had some PINK SUGAR and my husband LOVED it. Smells like cotton candy. Unfortunately for me my sense of smell was pretty much destroyed by a doctor flushing out my nasal cavity with peroxide. So sad. Take care.

Cher' Shots said...

Just the thought of smelling something good, sounds good to me right now as I have a horrid head cold and am all stuffed up. My 'sniffer' is not functioning properly at this time. Love your blog!
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

One of my nephews when he was young got drunk sniffing the gas tank. It is a rare treat for us when I decide to cook something in the crock pot over night. Hummm roses, I like roses. So many things.

Lucy said...

My favorite smell is just walking down the popcorn isle in the grocer and home backed bread, cinnamon rolls, notice it is food. The one I remember best and he is gone a long time, was my dad's pipe tobacco. I swear when I think of him , I can smell that aroma.

shirl72 said...

I love to smell my blackberry wine
cake in the oven. I also love to
smell oranges.

A realtor said one time if you want
to help sale a house put an apple
pie in the oven.

Been shopping all day with Billie,
and Michaelle. I am tired ready
to get into my chair and rest.


Rose said...

My favorite smell is Shalimar perfume by Geurlain. I've been wearing it since I was 16 years old.

Then, the smell of gravy and meatballs simmering on the stove for hours every Sunday morning! You have to be Italian to really appreciate this!

Hugs, Rose

Chatty Crone said...

You brought back some good memories from the past - love the smell of baked goods - and the perfumes - and the newborn baby. sandie

Ken Riches said...

I am particular about my aftershave, and recently found another scent at Bath & Body Works (where I have gotten my scent for awhile).