Thursday, March 22, 2012

Uncles and Aunts

My daddy had 8 brothers and 3 sisters. I Can know the girls names. Growing up my kin folk had first names of Aunt and Uncle. On Dad’s side there was Aunts: Ruby, Bert and Annie Mae. I remember Aunt Ruby being sweet and kind, Aunt Bert (Bertha) and Aunt Ann were kind, and real cut-ups. They could play and joke just like kids.

On mama’s side there was Aunts Julia (Julee) and Aunt Demmie. Aunt Demmie was always old and an authoritarian, she was our baby sitter once while our parents went somewhere to a church convention. Aunt Julee was sweet and a cut up, bless her heart, she had 4 boys, my cousins, I guess they kept her young. hahaha!

The uncles on Dad’s side were hard for me to remember. Most of the men would have been listed with some ‘craziness’, or cut ups. Some of Dad’s brothers were young enough to play and work with my brothers, since Dad was the elder of the family. Dad was Frank the next brother was Jessie. I mentioned once they were named after the James’ brothers. At the time of their births (1903-1905), Jessie and Frank James were Heroes to the working man.

Then I am not sure of the ages but there was Parker, Hershel, Hisure, Fred, Ralph, Roy and (who am I missing?). I was closer to Ralph because he lived with us a lot, and Fred because he was the youngest, If I had a favorite it was Hisure. He was a truck driver by trade and a close friend of you older brother Odis. Odis was the fighter and Hisure was a wonderful easy going man.

Ahhh, papa Hisure, as my grandsons called him. He was their baby sitter when they were babies until school, for one and until his death for the last one. He was also their teacher in life things. Clean up after yourself, put equipment and tools away in the proper places, etc.  both boys remember him with much love.

I was so touched by little Luke at the grave side. He was the cutest thing, looking up at me he said, “Does this mean I play with Aggie now?”  Aunt Agnes was Hisure’s wife. Luke was so sincere and broken hearted at knowing he was not going to have Papa Hisure any longer.

I wonder sometime, what happened to the first names of Uncle and Aunt, they are seldom used anymore around us.

I guess most folk have the favorite Uncle and Aunt. Thanks for coming this way.

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Two trucking companies Uncle Hisure drove for.

I believer three more uncles were truck drivers.


Lucy said...

You did not even come to see me but that is ok. I made it so Ron could get in my blog and he will update all. I hope they don't figure out I have a cold or they won't do it. Take care.

betty said...

I'm guilty of that "aunt" name being dropped, LOL. I don't consider myself an "aunt" even though I am x4, and even though 3/4 of them call me "aunt" it still feels "funny".

Seems like you had a lot of great aunts and uncles that were fun to be around when you were growing up!


Anonymous said...

I loved my father's mother and miss her till this day! She was kind!

Paula said...

I've never heard the name Hisure. sounds like he was a good and liked man.

Ken Riches said...

Don't see many big families these days.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My mom and dad both came from families of 10 children so I had lots of aunts and uncles...the numbers are less now than they used to be of course, but I do have a few of them left. I also have a lot of cousins some of which I hardly know. Now it seems I rarely see any of them. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday there!

Fred Alton said...

Extended family was a delightful thing for me. Uncles, Aunts, and grown up Cousins were all addressed with those pre-fixes. Uncle T.J, Aunt Corene, Uncle Fred, Uncle Ben, Cousin Manuel, Cousin Alice...etc. It was a matter of manners and respect to older people. I would not have dared to call Cousin Manuel simply by his name, Manuel, for example. One of the things I think we need to re-gain in our country is respect for others.


So many aunts, uncles for you to remember all their names. I like to be known as AUNTIE, myself. But all my nephews are grown up and do not keep in touch. My only niece I've never met. take care.

Rose said...

I come from a family of 12.

My father had 9 brothers in his immediate family.

My mother also came from a large family of 8. She was a twin!

Hugs, Rose

Chatty Crone said...

You my friend have a large and wonderful family! sandie