Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where is home?

Yesterday as I was preparing for the move today, I got to thinking as I rolled the front awning up, how long has it been since we lived on a foundation?  It must have been back in 1998 or 1999. 12 or 13 years, that is longer than we ever lived anywhere.

When it comes to times and dates, I must ask Sherry, so I asked. ‘We lived in Paw Creek, NC about 7 years, that is the longest you have left me settled!’ Sooooo we have been on the road a long time. I think the longest duration of full timing that I have personally heard, has been about 15 years. That is a long time to wander.

We have traveled about 416,000 miles over the past 12 years.  There are many folk that drive that far commuting to work and on vacations.  Then you have folk like Sheila and her family who live in homes with foundations, but move from one coast to the other following jobs or job promotions. They have probably traveled about that far.

My buddy Sonny never lived over a couple blocks from where he was raised, his entire life. He was very happy where he was. I ask myself, what is wrong with you?

I was telling Sherry yesterday as we walked our couple miles, what makes me want to be where I am not! The move today was not over an hour on the road.  Anyway, here we are, a new place. There is an advantage, our mail service is less than 3 miles away.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your years of wanderlust! I have a friend in Virginia (whom I've known since before he was born), who lives on an acreage between the one where he was born and the one where he grew up. He's 64! I can't even begin to fathom this kind of anchor to the soil of one place. My parents moved when I was 4 1/2 and I've been moving ever since. If Don and I had been able to stay "on the road" I figure we'd have managed around 10 years...but then Don was older so we got kind of a late start. ;-) I enjoyed the time we did get to was fantastic to be able to get up in the morning and say let's go here...and by mid afternoon you were somewhere else...with your whole house turtled along with you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Home is where your heart answer your question. I've live in several different homes, but most always in the same town. I do love my camper in the woods, but that is only home for a few months a year...the rest is spent mostly here at my house. I've been here almost 20 years now and that is the longest I've ever spent in the same house. Glad you like your new home and hope every day there is a blessing for you both. It was warm in the 70's here today and I raked leaves out of the flower beds...just heavenly!

Ken Riches said...

Moving is never fun, but change is good.

betty said...

Quite a lot of miles traveled over the years! And the adventures you and Sherry have had traveling them! Longest time we stayed put was eight years. I can't imagine being like your friend that stayed in the same hometown and so close to where he grew up. One could really set down roots in situations like that I do believe!

I think you and Sherry have the ideal situation; if you don't like where you move, you can always move on shortly afterwards without the "baggage" of packing and moving furniture etc!

enjoy your new "digs".


Glenda said...

Jack, Home is where the heart is :)

Paula said...

I think your lifestyle is great for you but not for me. Just give me a country road and back to my bed at night. 'Course I know you and Sherry carry your bed with you.

shirl72 said...

I like to travel but want to be
back home at night. I guess I
am what you call a day traveler.

I was in our Charlotte home about 40 years. When we were transfered
we still kept our home there.
Moving is not my thing, packing,
unpacking puttings things up.
You are lucky moving is easy for you everything goes with you.
Have bed will travel.



That's quite a journey the two of you have been on. I can't imagine being on the road that long. Do you ever plan on settling down?

Fred Alton said...

You sound an awful like my Dad, who started out hobo-ing freight trains at 15 years old. I've heard him say often, "I just wanna see whats over that next hill, or around that next curve." He lived that out in his career too. Mom says they made 62 moves together. Only one of them that I can remember was anything close to your traveling style - that was when we (Dad, Mom and three boys) moved from Florida to Seveirville, TN in a 16 foot long camping trailer. I enjoyed the change and the challenge of making new friends, learning the new places to shop, new things to do, and experiences to try. Alas - I've lived here longer than anywhere else in my 73 years. We have been in this house now - which is 14 years. Almost time to move again???

Anonymous said...

When my son was young and we were reading picture books, we read on by Allen Say called Grandfather's Journey. It described a man who learned to love the US as well as his homeland of Japan. But whenever he stayed in one place too long, he began to miss the other. The book had a simple elegance to it, and even though my roots run deep, I think I could imagine how someone would learn to love more than one place.

Rose said...

I admire your adventures but for me, I like to be grounded.

You surely have enjoyed the sites of so many states and amazing memories. I think it's wonderful.

Hugs, Rose

Sheila Y said...

We have had a few moves. We spent the longest in Kansas, 9 years. Both girls were born there. Maybe I should use our travels as fodder for a few blog entries. Enjoy your new scenery, Sheila

PS. what happened to the subscribe button? Can't follow comments made. Noticed mine was like that too so I changed the setting...may just be on my end...