Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Acuna, Mexico (con’t)

We have not been back over the border since my last post. So I wanted to finish yesterday’s tale.

As I said we took a taxi over, got some teeth work done and walked to find something to eat. On the way we only met friendly folk. And only one person who seemed to be ‘hustling’ for a handout. Quite different from our experience in Progresso, although even there, they weren’t persistent.  I have been in many countries, mostly ports of call of the USN, I have given my share of money to those less fortunate than I, I mean, who can turn down a cute Street Urchin.

Mexico DENTIST 002

All the side streets are very narrow. I loved this guys outfit below! Martha’s restaurante is in the back ground.

Mexico DENTIST 008

I could not get a good picture of these cowboy boots. If anyone can explain them, I am ready to listen. Look close and you  will see the toes extend about 8”

Mexico DENTIST 011

We did a little window shopping, walked in the plaza and always enjoy the colorful displays. Dresses of all kinds…

Mexico DENTIST 015

Mexico DENTIST 012Mexico DENTIST 014

Boots above a good price 200 pesos = $15.50

Mexico DENTIST 017

I surprised these guys or they surprised me, working on the display we all laughed.

Mexico DENTIST 025Mexico DENTIST 027

Above is the Border notification and a shot of the River. 

Mexico DENTIST 028

This is the Rio Grande it is very clear water and much larger than is is in The Big Bend Area West of here. BUT here the water is coming from Lake Amistad, where the River is dammed.

Mexico DENTIST 024

Looking back, as we walked back to the taxi stand where we left our car. You see the Gold on White sign of Mexico.

We do plan to drive over the next time we go. I don’t see a problem here. This is a pleasant little town. Well not so little, Acuna is much larger than Del Rio.

I must say here, Please forgive my lack of visits via comments, we are operating on 2G here and it actually took 25 minutes to post last nights blog entry.  They are slow loading, but I am getting to read them.

Most of the time a click send you into never never land.

Thanks for coming this way. We will be here until after the 4th, then head towards Albuquerque.

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shirl72 said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures.
I was wondering are you through
with your dentist app. Hope
everything went well.

Hope you have a nice forth. I
plan to have a quiet one. An
AT&T reps. is coming to check
computer lines. Mine has been slow.

Stay cool..our temp. is down some.

Jackie said...

Glad you are having a good time, Jack...but I look forward to your getting back into the USA.
Smiles to you and Sherry,

~mel said...

Hope the smiler is smiling:) I've been to Texas in June and July and this northern gal knows she wouldn't be handling that heat of Mexico too well this time of the year. You're in my thoughts and prayers as you travel about. Love ya's!

Paula said...

People used to wear those pointed toe boots. In fact I was thinking they are coming back as we saw some somewhere. They are really good if you need to kill a roach in the corner. I have a pair and I don't think I ever wore them. They are in my living room with what else? Flowers in them, I'm strange like that.

Paula said...

Whoops I didn't see those odd boots the first time. I don't have any like that. Strange for sure. Tell Sherry I was kidding about the roaches. I actually scrubbed John's kitchen with a Brillo pad this morning and then applied a thin coat of wax. Tonight I'm feeling weak

Chatty Crone said...

Don't worry about commenting or reading - I am enjoying the trip and information you are telling us. Very interesting seeing how others live too. sandie


Looks like a fun, interesting place to visit. KEEP ENJOYING.

Mevely317 said...

Times like this, I'm (softly) kicking myself for not keeping up ...
Your positive outlook is so contagious.
I'm guessing those 2 fellows in the shop window would be amazed at their notoriety. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You may have a very slow connection but your post came through very well. I'm glad that at least you can get a connection there. Hope your trip back with the car is successful and your dental work will be all finished so you can continue on your trip.

Elizabeth said...

Enjoying the trip with yall ! Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Those look like boots I'd seen as a child in a fairytale. It was the bad guy, I believe ;O.~Mary

Sheila Y said...

I'm like Paula, I saw the normal boots first, took me a minute to see the strange ones. Wow, less than 16 bucks for boots, I should have gave you my size...ha. We are enjoying the trip with you. Loved the pics of you feeding the deer a few entries back. I get a little behind and have to play catch up. If I remember right, we had some friends that lived on that lake when we lived in San Antonio. The lake was down then too...but not as bad as it is now. That was back between 1998 - 2002. Stay safe, sending love from NC, Sheila