Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hoover Dam, revisited

On Sunday after church, we were looking for ‘THE’ place that said, “This where you want to eat.” In doing so we drove toward lake Meade. We did not see the eating place but did drive down and across the dam again.

As I related when we drove into Nevada we crossed the new Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  Mike was a Nevada Governor and you may remember Pat Tillman was a well known football player from Nevada,  who dropped a lucrative career and joined the army. He was killed in Afghanistan.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 006

Just ahead of the red car we will do a 180 turn and you will see   the bridge up close. here:

Hooverfdam VEGAS 008

We are tuning down to a check point. Since 9-11 all cars must go thru a ck point.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 026

This picture is taken from the car. I always love the white, it shows the max the lake has been. The Hoover dam blocks the Colorado River.  Before this dam was built the Colorado below the dam area would dry up, but with the dam as a holding tank of the Winter snows and rains, the water lasts all year and the Colorado flows. It also produces electricity, Sherry and I have been fortunate to go down inside and see the generators and workings of the power plant, many years ago.  (I believe they still have those tours)


(Above pic from the web)

Hooverfdam VEGAS 017Hooverfdam VEGAS 022

The 2 shots above show the dam and the new bridge behind it.  Now you still drive as we did down into the canyon and across the dam, but it is a round trip, you must go back the way you came, it no longer connects to the traffic going further into Arizona.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 029

Lake Meade behind us, it is beautiful.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 020Hooverfdam VEGAS 031

Memorial to the men who built the dam and died also. Guarded by these guardian angels.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 001

This was  a first for us. We took old US93 through Boulder. A beautiful view here over looking Lake Meade.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 002

The towns go to the base of mountains and stop. There are some beautiful homes here.

Hooverfdam VEGAS 005

That was our afternoon out. We did finally end up eating Prime-rib and eggs at ‘SAM’S TOWN’. We walked out of the casino with my $5.  I guess I could consider myself a winner. (I don’t want to hear about the cholesterol , Shirl!)

You must admire the rugged mountain in this part of the country. It surrounds Las Vegas.

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It is not hard to find beauty in our world. We are surrounded with it.



1934-Packard-1106-(Twelv-700x450) SS1935_Buick_66-C_jan4b1936_Chevrolet_Master_Deluxe_2dr_Sport_Coupe-b

These could have been some of the first cars to drive across the dam.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You said it all in that last is all around us. That dam, the bridge, the lake, the mountains are all beautiful. You really know how to have a good time. I'd have rather seen those sights than to spend the day gambling in a casino.

Chatty Crone said...

I have been there!!! And I have to say I just loved it. Loved the learning. Loved the information. The power of the damn. How many men worked there and lost their life. It just humbled me. Sandie

Mevely317 said...

What a great pix of the two of you!!! I'm embarrassed to admit, we've driven that road, but never paused. Yet! (That's the optimist in me - lol.)

Yes, Pat Tillman was an incredible American. He's fondly remembered in Phoenix for his ability on the football field at ASU.

Stay well, OK?
Hugs from Phoenix,

shirl72 said...

We saw Hoover Dam and it is wonderful site to see. Glad to
see more beautiful pictures of Vegas.

Glad you came out with your $5.00.
I know I would have played the
25 cent slot machines. That is my

Jackie said...

Thank you again for sharing your trip with me in photos and with your blog. It is always a pleasure to travel with you and Sherry.
Beautiful country you are in. Beautiful!


What a fascinating place. Have never been there. PRIME RIB sounds delicious.

Paula said...

I've not been a lot of places but Hoover Dam is one I have been to. I'm with Shirl I would have spent that $5.00 one quarter at a time, then leave.

Jean said...

Thank you for showing the picture's that will be as far as I will get to see that part of the country can't get my husband to go,lol. That's a beautiful place out that way. Great picture of you and Sherry. I think I have broken my desktop computer by working on it too much. I've been trying to get my mail address on this old laptop. I know I need to get to bed. Take care. Jean

Lucy said...

Oh my, such beautiful Scenery. I think the best one was of you and Sherry. I am with Jean, your trips are the best way to travel.

~mel said...

Geeze Jack ~ what are you trying to do ... blind us? Put a cap on that melon before the reflection of the sun causes serious eye damage to anyone looking your way!!! LOL (Lots of Love)

Rose said...

Wow, what amazing pictures!

I enjoy traveling with you guys even if it is thru your Blog!

I'm always amazed at the wonderful places you travel to. What a collection of beautiful pictures you must have throughout the years!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Anonymous said...

Don and I visited Las Vegas and the dam in wasn't till the other day that I discovered a bridge had been built across the river. Your photos show it quite nicely!