Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The WEST end of the Journey, Layton, Utah distance only 110 miles.. Making the total 3,406.

We left the RV park in Nephi and drove  right through the small town. How do you like this main street?


Harry Truman referred to Utah as being the Mormon state, which in reality it is. Truman’s dad drove a wagon from Kansas city to trade with the settlers of the Salt Lake Valley (If I remember correctly)

Joseph Smith was a stickler for design. He was light years ahead of his time. The way I understand it is Brigham Young continued the city plans developed by Joseph. Streets being 132’ wide and houses set back 25’.  (I heard the width had something to do with the radius required to turn a multiple team wagon around in the street). GOOD IDEA for a MOTOR HOME, TOO! WOW, if every US city had been designed that way we wouldn’t be fighting for right of ways to expand  our roads. The street above is only about 98’. In reality the streets in Utah vary from 66’ to 172’.


Back out on the Highway there is more open space.  It is only a little over a hundred miles to our destination.


This looks like a giant pile of sand, the kid in me would like to slide down it. (To determine the size, see the tanker in the lower left corner.)


The ever present mountains at the end of the road. Below the houses near Salt lake City starting to climb the mountain.



Some of the Salt Lake City skyline, pictures are hard to get due to traffic and higher roads. We made it to Layton, Utah and are in the Circle L Mobile Home Park. View from our dirty windshields:


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PS: We settled in contacted some folk and walked about a mile for a quick Taco.

Then saw Elsie and her Dad!!!

Elsie1 004

Displaying a picture she drew while awaiting her dad. Of course she had to drive the Motor Home…

Elsie1 006

Elsie lives with her mom, Ashley. Grandma Carol arranged for us to see her early. SWEET!


On the way to get the Taco we spied this yard decoration.


Looks like about a 1950’s Jeep pickup.


Glenda said...

Cannot believe Elsie has grown SO much! Love those long limbs, perhaps she'll be a model...or possibly a chalk artist!!! Enjoy your time with the Utah folk :)

Paula said...

Looks like you are going to have a driver when you get too old. I want that old truck in my yard. Hee hee

shirl72 said...

Elsie is really growing. I guess
she has a special drivers license.

Glad you made it there safely.
I remember the last time the group
went we all flew 11 of us. I guess
the rest of the group will flew in
Friday. Good you have your home
with you this time.

Stay cool....


Elsie is a sweet driver, for sure. Glad you got to visit.

Jackie said...

Being a relatively new blogging friend, I'm not sure who Elsie is. I'm guessing she is a sweet family member.
She's a doll, and it looks as though she is having a great time "driving" the RV.
So glad that you are in the RV park and are having a restful evening.
Sending you hugs...and as always, a big smile, Jack.

Chatty Crone said...

Elsie is so cute - is she your great granddaughter?

I have never been to Utah but I do have a couple blogger friends from there.


Dar said...

Instill the desire to hit the road early. Someday, maybe Elsie will drive you around the country to see what you already have not seen. Now, that would be sweet.
On a good day, I wouldn't mind climbing one of those mountains just to see the flowers and trees that grow there...
Life IS good as God.

Anonymous said...

That Elsie!
Quite the artist, and a cute RV driver!

I like the sand pile, too. We liked playing in sawdust piles as kids.

Hope you have a great visit.

bonnie k.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's nice you are able to make the long trip around the country to see friends and family. What a cute little visitor you had.

Woody said...

Awsome photo of the "sand pile", looks like it's hot there, we are sweltering here with 80% humidity....