Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How Safe are you?

(I cannot get anything to work right this morning so I am posting this rough draft I make earlier! Greetings from Wyoming!)

I have mentioned it many times here, that when we park near cities we do not know, I will look on the net to check for great places to visit, and crime statistics.

Detroit has declared Bankruptcy and I remember being there and checking the crime statistics, which were bad. To visitors it said ‘you will be safe with two blocks of GM hq.’ That is sorta scary so we did drive by the GM buildings on the water front. ….BUT……

I never considered it a problem in Las Vegas. However, as we moved about the city (away from the strip) I noticed a lot of steel bars on windows and doors, not just businesses either.

What got me thinking about this?  We had a letter we needed top mail so I spotted a drop box on the street ad pulled up to it. An official USPS notice on each box:


Now that just gives you the warm fuzzies on a Blue USPS mail box.  As we walked past a home, I noticed a lock on the house mail box!  I have never seen that before.

As I have said many times here, Sherry and I have a practice of sharing a jelly biscuit on Sunday morning at McDonalds. I usually pick up the napkins as she orders. NO NAPKINS OR NAPKIN HOLDER, they were issued two per person at the counter. (If you are a customer you can ask for more and get them)

We usually use the restroom before leaving McDonalds, for church. I couldn’t get in. Note on door:


There is a large homeless problem in Vegas. There also is a crime problem away from the lights and glitter. I am not sure if the homeless are treated any better in Vegas than other cities. I do know they are good to senior citizens who live there. Free tours/Trips. Free grocery trips from home to grocer and back. I understand there are a lot of other perks to the seniors. I also GUESS that many seniors spend their SS at the casinos.

Anyway I was just wondering how you feel about your town or city.  Do you have a Crime problem that worries you?

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I know there has always been crime. But I can remember KNOWING it was a federal crime to mess with the US Post Office, and back then, theft of mail was unusual.


1930 Minerva Van Plas Cabriolet

1930 Minerva Van Plas Cabriolet

Built in Belgium, only about 50 of these were built. The goddess Minerva is the hood ornament.


Chatty Crone said...

I knew about Detroit. I did not know about Las Vegas. Gosh Jack I wonder if it is the sign of the times or if it is just some cities.

I worry about things like the economy here in GA - but not really about what you list above, but maybe I don't know.


Jackie said...

The only time we have ever had a car we were driving broken into was when we parked a rental car on the street at Fisherman's Wharf in Californua.
Thieves smashed the two side windows of every car parked on the street. They stole what was valuable to them and disposed of everything else in the corner trash can.
I feel safe in my hometown here in South Georgia , but I am leery of large cites now.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We've always had some kind of crime here in our town. I can remember years ago our garage was broken into and tools stolen. We put up bars on those windows for sure. Another time the battery was stolen our of one of our cars. And one time my beloved wicker love seat and chair were stolen off the front porch. We are warned all the time not to answer doors to strangers. And my front and back doors are always locked unless I'm outside. Our neighborhood postal drop boxes are a thing of the past, but the mail carrier does take something if I have mail to go out. I'd say crime is a big problem. Hope your computer problems are fixed soon.

Paula said...

John still leaves his vehicles in the drive-way unlocked but I think that is going to change soon. someone just stole his air compressor but it wasn't secure. It was a fact of life to have burglar bars where I lived in San Antonio. Now I need to go back and look at the picture to see if they are still on the house. We had nice heavy white ones and I didn't let them get rusty. I sure felt safe with them after Mel died and had escape windows in the bedrooms with a key always handy.

Rose said...

I hate to listen to the News every night as it is filled with terrible violence everywhere.

A sign on a U.S. Blue Mailbox is frightening. To have to put a lock on your personal mailbox is frightening.

Why do we have so many scumbags that refuse to work for a living????

Stay safe. Go away from those areas.

Hugs to my favorite couple!


They chain and lock the toilet tissue in some places here. That's pretty pathetic if you think about it.

Dar said...

We feel pretty safe around here except for some of the wild animals in the springtime when they will do anything to protect their young.
My sis down south has a lock on her mailbox...they all do down there. Scary. But here? It's safe til we say it, then something is bound to happen. Drugs are a real issue tho and getting worse...and bullying, makes it hard to be a kid~ I do a whole lot of praying...I don't want the area to get any larger...2 stoplights is enough for me.
Life is Still Good
God Knows

shirl72 said...

I feel safe but don't take any
chances..Don't let my guard down.
Even in a safe place crime can
happen. There are lots of criminals
needing money. It can happen in
a parking lot. Charlotte has a shooting every night and Business
break-in. Be careful and stay cool.
Stealing cell phones and jewelry.

Louis la Vache said...

There is a Minerva at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA. Quite an impressive car. They were aimed at the royalty and the very wealthy.