Monday, July 15, 2013

What do you know about Las Vegas?

(Just pulled in to Nephi, Utah, from Las Vegas, more tomorrow)

LV is a city of over 500,000 people, reportedly 60,000 move into the area every year (Some must move out, huh?)

On our first trip here, 95% of the casinos were on the strip. The Strip is about 4 miles long with  the Famous spots Sahara, Caesar's Palace, New York, NY, Frontier, Circus Circus, etc. Something most folks do not know is that the Strip is not even in Las Vegas. It runs thru two towns, Paradise and Winchester.


This is the ‘Stratosphere’ (Near the Gold Winn and Encore I had on earlier.)


Palazzo, Venetian with Treasure Island below.


Fifteen of the  worlds 25 largest hotels are here with a total of 62,000 rooms. Total rooms exceed 140,000 (Orlando actually has more).  There are now about 122 casinos in the area with more off the strip than on it. BUT the Strip is still the “IN” place to be and walk around and of course stop to gamble (If you can figure how, and evidently millions do! probably says something about my intellect, haha).

Utah navada VEGAS 052

It is an exciting place to visit and see things you never dreamed. Who would have thought someone would rebuild NYC and the Statue of Liberty here.(those are giant buildings)

Utah navada VEGAS 032Utah navada VEGAS 035Utah navada VEGAS 036Utah navada VEGAS 037Utah navada VEGAS 040

The Eiffel Tower

Utah navada VEGAS 039

Or build a GIANT “Harley” and stick it out of a building.

Utah navada VEGAS 058

I will bet they have the largest coke bottle in the world.

Utah navada VEGAS 053

One Hotel has a beautiful  giant fountain that is set to music.

I look at the hotels and wonder how in the world hotel PR can  fill these places?

If you fly on vacations and stay in hotels, this is the cheapest place in the country to Vacation. NOW a fair WARNING, You are not required to gamble, but of course they expect the 95% who come to leave money at the tables and machines, that is what keeps this place alive.

Jerry Clower was my favorite comedian, one of his stories: “Marcel heard of the money made in Las Vegas, he drove out there in a $15,000 car. After a week he came back in a $90,000 bus!”

The food is good and reasonable. If you enjoy music and shows, they are reasonable and some of the top names are always here.

I have had family here for a few years, but me? No way, good to visit but not to live.

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Some of the pictures are from our last trip.


Spotted in Las Vegas:

Some one’s Hot rod, looks broken in the middle.


And some one’s beauty a Mustang  65-67.



Paula said...

I'm glad I was able to see La Vegas one time. We flew in at night and it was beautiful. We stayed at the casino where there is antique cars on an upper floor. Can't remember the name of it.


I've been to Reno, Nevada but not Vegas. Looks like fun. I'd go see one or two of the shows and forget the gambling.

Woody said...

Never been to Vegas, probably never will, looks interesting, hope ya didn't leave too much of your money there, "just kidding", enjoying the pictures.
New York is HOT, kind of reminds me of an old fashioned summer when I was a kid.
You 2 enjoy yourselves.
Love ya's,
Gary & Anna Mae

shirl72 said...

I feel like you Vegas is a nice
place to visit but would not want
to live there. I did enjoy seeing
the shows when I was there.
It was also seeing the Stars
walking around..

Hope the weather is not as hot as
Vegas. Stay cool and safe.

Chatty Crone said...

I probably have been there about 4 times - everyone likes to go there - I have fun - but the one thing I hate - is the smoking - yuck - it just bothers me death. sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I really didn't know much at all but now thanks to you I do know much more. I loved seeing all the sights. I'm with you a nice place to visit, but living there - no.

Dar said...

I jear it has more than 3 cars in the parking lots and restaurants and too many lights. Not for me, not even a quick visit. I need dark to sleep so I'd be in dire straits.
Continue on your exciting journey as long as you can. I like tagging along...sorry to read about your good friend, Jerry., but happy to read you had a chance to get a double cousin visit in.
Life is grand~
Love and Miss you guys

Lucy said...

You 2 really get around. I had a cousin that lived there for years. but when they died they came back to Omaha. I have one cousin who is in Omaha but she lives with her daughter and her family. Neither of us want to drive that far. It is probably less than 50 miles but I could not do it. You have lots of memories when and if you finally stay in one place. You must have tons of pictures. Vegas is really glitzy isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're really having lots!!!

Sara S. said...

Jack, you mentioned the light and water show there in Vegas ... I know the guy that designed the whole thing. He use to come into the bait shop when Mom and Dad had it up and running. He lives in Indiana and would come up north every year to go sturgeon fishing. I had a really nice conversation with him on one of his visits and he told me all about the building and designing of it. Every note in the song sprays a different jet of water. I don't remember how long he said it took to do it all but it was very interesting talking to him. Sadly I forgot half of what he told me about it as it was many years ago already but still very interesting.
I hope you and Sherry are enjoying your travels and thanks for sharing your adventures.
Safe travels!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thinks the Mustang is a '66. They "fattened" up the '67s. If he could see the taillights, he could tell you for sure.

Vegas, with its imitations of Noo Yawk and Paris, has a plastic feel about it - but, hey, it is meant to be fun, so «Louis» doesn't mean for that "plastic" comment to be elitist...