Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Being Old

(Pictures are Studebakers, some were built near here in South Bend, IN)

As we sit here in Buchanan, MI, sorta recuperating from the fast track trip from Layton, Utah to here, we have time to think. Also we have time to  take care of some sore spots on our bodies.

51 stud

With a new pain, the first thing we say is, “I guess it is old age.”  We say that of course because as these bodies age they do develop some aches and pains.  And besides that is what old folk are supposed to say.


There is a generation of writers who are obsessed about how to treat the elderly or aging. I just read an article entitled, “What not to say to a person over 50!”  One of the things was never say, ‘you look good, for your age.’


First of all, any older person who gets excited over what someone says has a personal problem, and in all their years still do not know themselves. As we aged, everyone of us, have said (or thought) something ignorant (sometimes stupid) to or about an older person.


Seriously, I can remember thinking 35 was ancient and about time for the walker. Winking smile. I have thought that a person  65 had lived a long life and they are ready to accept their passing.

I was telling Sherry a day or so ago. I can remember thinking 70 was at least one foot in the grave.


(Shirl had one of these until a few years ago, her’s was a ‘38)

You are not old, as long as you know someone older. In other words, now that we are mid 70’s, those 80’s don’t seem all that old. LOL

I know a fact, you are as old as your birthday says you are.

Not: as old as you look,

Not: as old as you  feel,

Shucks folks, you are as old as YOU ARE!

You are silly to add worries to your mind about how you have aged, or what others think or say. It doesn’t change a thing. Wrinkles? they show you know something someone else doesn’t.

MA and Rose say this much better, Be yourself, love life and be happy in your skin. You are unique. There is no one like you.  And of me, folks say :Thank the Lord there is only one!

Thanks for coming by the log.

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You and I do not need to add unnecessary problems to our lives. Life brings enough along to keep us busy.



We are in Studebaker and Notre Dame country, this is a 1929.


Rose said...

Photos of the Studebaker brought back memories. One of my brothers taught me how to drive with his Studebaker and it was a stick shift and I kept bucking it.........Oh, he then passed me over to another brother as he was losing patience with me! LOL

You are right on the money about "being old".

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Chatty Crone said...

Do you watch The Pickers? They find these old cars sometimes like you showed and they are so valuable. Cars get more valuable with age. Do we?

Hey when is your birthday?


Jackie said...

I would love to add a hearty "Amen" to your post today, Jack!
Spot on, my friend.
Hugs and love to you and Sherry!

Jean said...

I'm glad to hear you and Sherry are getting some rest. I took the granddaughter up to the lake fishing a while this afternoon. She thinks that I'm still young. Lol. Nice post as always. Take care. Jean


REST up. But be free to embrace your age, whatever the number says.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you stopped to sit a spell there. You were going at a pretty fast pace there. I love life in the slow lane and don't hurry much for anything anymore.

Paula said...

Home from trying to keep up with those girls. John and susie were still here making those messes for me to clean up but I guess I'm rejuvenated to do it now.

shirl72 said...

I bet it was fun seeing all those
Studebakers. Had 2 of the white one.
Enjoyed seeing them the 50 had
the bullet nose. We also had a 50 convertible. We had 7 of the antique cars drive the 38 and 56.

Hope someone else is enjoying
them. Get some rest and stay cool
This may be on there 2 times. First click wouldn't go.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
You are 39, right, Jack?

«Louis» wishes he could see the Studebaker museum.
He still remembers the address of the factory:
635 South Main Street, South Bend, 27, Indiana...

Great looking '56 Sky Hawk. It had the Studebaker 289 V8, the Power Hawk had the 259 V8 and the Golden Hawk got the Packard 352 V8.