Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Old or just Being Old


(Paula, Lucy or Jean)

Lot of jokes, theories and facts about aging. Some folk hate the idea, others appreciate the fact they are on the upper side of the dirt and grass.  There are the in-between-ers who hate it one day and face it as a fact the next.

And it is a fact to each person who attains the age of 65-70, it seems to you that it happened over nightWe all know it didn’t.  We were so busy working, preparing for retirement, surviving, just getting by, or making it to the weekend, that we just didn’t notice. Now that is speaking from a man’s point of view.


I think from a woman’s point of view things are different. Society, movie stars and wealthy women have set the ‘standard’, and that is ‘the female must be perpetually young’. MOST girls hate it when they see the first gray hair or prominent wrinkle.

There is something in me (and most humans) that looks past the make-up, face lifts, hair coloring, etc. The majority of us look for that natural beauty. One of the prettiest ladies I know has a huge birthmark on her face. It took only a few minutes being around her, and I seldom noticed again. Her beauty came from within and that beauty was as obvious as the perfect ‘Playmate’ centerfold.

Sailors on the USS Independence Knew PT3 Akore. At a glance you couldn’t miss him. He looked like he was wearing the big nose novelty glasses. After you were around him 15 minutes, you knew you would love this guy and he was going to be a friend.

When you are old you look at reality. There is no perpetual youth. If a model or movie star lives long enough they will get old. Hollywood make-up artists can hide it, but the person knows what is underneath.


Age is not an obsession of mine (YET), my loss of hearing makes me appear much older (HA!), I am really a 17 yr. old boy trapped here in this 74 year old body (Still chasing that 17 yr old girl who is also trapped in an older body).  That is good, because otherwise I couldn’t catch her.Winking smile.In love.

Shucks, we all know everything doesn’t work as well as it used to, but IT STILL WORKS!

More on aging later.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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At one time seniors had to worry about kids putting them in a nursing home and spending your money.  Now the kids want you to keep on working to support them.


1939 Delage D8

This was born the year I was, but this one had a silver spoon in its mouth. 1939 Delage D8


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed the jokes and enjoy being the age I am too. You have to be content with what you have or you'll never enjoy life. It's been a beautiful day here with temps in the mid 70's .

Anonymous said...

Despite your age, you pretty much dive headfirst into the breakers with plenty of things other people are only thinking of doing. ~Mary

Louis la Vache said...

The photo of that beautiful Delage was taken at Pebble Beach.

«Louis» enjoyed the cartoons!

Chatty Crone said...

I did enjoy your post about aging today and your cartoons. I am better some days with aging then others. I think being older is easier for me - because I am in the I don't give a
darn stage - but I know there are more states to go threw! You are young Jack.

Glenda said...

This one made me laugh! Just yesterday I picked out 3 perfect avocadoes at the fruit market, then spotted the mangoes, found some nice limes, stopped by Walmart on the way home. Got here and discovered avocado bag wasn't in the car, yeah, when I went back there it sat right in the bin where I left it, happening more often, keep telling myself it's just distractions!

Jackie said...

Love that you recognize and appreciate beauty from within. That is the only beauty that truly matters.

shirl72 said...

I felt good yesterday but today I feel l00 after dealing with the computer all day. I sometime forget
how old I am and will say why
can't I do that, then I say remember
how your age. I am there..


Chuckling about getting older always feels good.

~mel said...

I never feel old because I know you're still out there kicking around ~ and you're a LOT LOT LOT older than me!! AND I don't worry about looks because I'm cuter ~ Sherry said so :) Hahahahaha!

JOHN said...

I really enjoyed this entry
I work with the elderly.Several or in there late 80`s and 90's One lady was 105 (She recently passed)All of them are very sharp minded And I learn a lot from them,Have a good day and stop by sometime