Saturday, November 30, 2013

And then there is NOT thinking, Hard to believe, huh?

On our last mail call our bank sent us two brand new, pretty bank cards. Numbers taped on the front, call this # to activate.

Sherry called and activated the cards. All fine, the lady on the other end was nice and activated both cards at the same time.

I took Sherry’s Debit card and my debit cards and cut them into a bunch of pieces, my sister Shirl would have been proud. I even spread them out in the trash.  We be happy. Nice shiny new cards.

First stop with our new cards was Wal mart and groceries. Sherry slid the card thru, “It didn’t ask for my PIN?” She puzzled. Well just sign it it works as a debit and credit card.

On the way back from the Villages and a good dinner we stopped by our bank and ATM, I put may card in and requested the money.  I got my card back and NOTHING!!! No receipt, no MONEY!

Note on the side of ATM, call this number if there is a problem. I’LL SAY THERE IS A PROBLEM. Sherry called finally got thru all the punch this number, what is that number, how many kids do you have, what color is your hair, what is the name of your first pet? etc… Finally got a person. Who said, “THAT IS NOT A DEBIT CARD, IT IS OUR NEW WONDERFUL REWARDS CARD.”

“But my husband cut up our debit cards!” Sherry says into the phone.

“WHAT? Why would he do that?” Unknown human.

“He thought this was new Debit CArds!” Says Sherry (embarrassed for me)

“Sorry, they weren’t!” Says the voice, “You need to apply for new replacement DEBIT cards.”

Yeah, I cause a mess. I ASSUMED you know what that means. I become the ASS in assume.  So to the bank we go, and met some awesome folk who understood EXACTLY how I could make such a simple mistake.  The problem was solved in a jiffy, okay maybe an hour, but it was so much fun plus we got free coffee.

Now if I hadn’t made a simple mistake, we would have missed the opportunity of getting to know the awesome folk here at the bank in Wildwood. Now they will know us and I am sure will not ‘snicker’ behind my back like some folk do.

And so Happy Holidays to you and I hope you are now looking forward to Christmas and the Joys it brings. Hey, we have shiny new temporary debit cards for Christmas, all because of me.Embarrassed smile

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You have now learned a very important lesson, don’t cut ‘em up until you are sure.  You are welcome for the lesson.Winking smile


I heard a quote: “If you liked your card, you coulda kept it!”  But I heard it too late……


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Lucy said...

Glad you got it all straight with the cards. Now you can spend money. I almost forgot what a credit or debit card looks like. Cut every card I had up. Joes up so shower time.

Rick Watson said...

I just popped over from Jackie's blog.
Love your blog.
Rick, your latest follower.

Annesphamily said...

Oh what a story! Technology! Sometimes I just say Yikes! My brother-in-law who is staying with us is a bit nosey. He opened an envelope thinking it was his bank card and ended up putting a hold on our sons account! Jeremy was fit to be tied! It was his brand new flex card from his healthcare at work! Boy was he mad! I loved your comment at Myra's place! You can always make us smile. Hope you and Sherry had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings, Anne

Mevely317 said...

Oh, m'gosh ... you just made my day ... and it's only 8 o'clock!

I can so imagine this happening to any of us; but doubt I would've had the presence of mind to be so nice and look at the plus side. (Humming over here, "You gotta AC-cent-uate the positive ....")
Love that song ... love this post!


Dar said...

You, my friend, are not alone. Thank goodness, it didn't happen while you were on the road...

Chatty Crone said...

You know what I say? Everyone needs a shiny new debit card every once in awhile. I am glad that you do stuff like that - I do it all the time - keeps life interesting! sandie

Jean said...

I had to smile ☺, we all do that sometimes. I had to get a new one in 2011 some stupid person hack into my account. I usually hang on to mine for a while. They have been advertising a new shredder on one of the shopping places online that will shred up cards to.I wanted to get it so bad but? Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I try really hard never to assume things. It doses often lead to a really big mess. Thankfully your assumption was easily worked out. More and more I am finding it necessary to make sure of what things really are. I've not received any reward cards in the mail, but from now on I'll be sure to be check before I clip. Thanks for the warning. You may just have saved us a lot of frustration.


GLAD you got the situation sorted out and the cards replaced.

shirl72 said...

I can't believe they didn't put
big words on a letter saying a
reward card..what in the world is a reward card. I have no idea what a reward's card is, A reward for what.
I would probably have done the same
thing. Glad you got to meet new
friends and have coffee. Now I will
be looking for a reward's card

shirl72 said...

Jack you have made everybody
aware about the Reward Card. That is good..Now we will be on the look
out..for our card.

Jackie said...

Ruht Row...
And any other thing that I can think of as I shake my head...yet smile, Jack. Yep. I smile. I probably would have and could have done the same thing, so I "ain't" castin' any stones your way. OK.
This made me smile, and I am happy that you and Sherry got it all worked out and that you made new friends at the bank. Life is grand.
Love you both,

Paula said...

For some reason You made me laugh. (Assuming)you don't think I'm laughing at you. Good you have Sherry to get you outta messes and john has me.

Louis la Vache said...

Sounds like something «Louis» would do...

Those "K-cars" saved Chrysler - but good grief Chrysler tried to milk too many variations out of that platform for too long! Speaking of Chrysler, «Louis'» "Gearhead Tuesday" post will be about Virgil Exner and Chrysler's "Forward Look".

betty said...

I can see myself doing something similar myself. What a hassle though to get it worked out but glad it did get worked out. Sad thing is we depend on those cards a lot don't we? How did we do life without them?


Rose said...

Glad your got everything straightened out.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Lucy said...

Paulas comment goes for me and Joe to. You are lucky to have Sherry for a LOT OF REASONS.

Sheila Y said...

I'm like Shirl, what is the purpose of a separate rewards card. I thought any rewards were tied into the credit or debit card itself. Bet there were others who made the same mistake. When I cut up an old card I spread it among several trash cans...glad everything worked out and you'll still have shiny new cards! Love fro NC, Sheila