Thursday, November 21, 2013

Opinions……….. Yes I have one.

Our Grand Twins have always been intelligent.  Their mom and dad are smart.  Once driving along with them secure in the back seat (no car seats required back then). I made a statement, and from the back seat came this wee little voice, “In my opinion they should not do that.” Hey opinion was a big word for a three year old.

“In YOUR opinion?” says I.

“Yes Grandpa, everyone has an opinion.”

(I have told that so many times everyone knows it. If anyone tells them that I said they were intelligent I will deny it! and if they happen to read this, it was hacked!)

Can you accept others’ opinions without getting upset? Are you often surprised if you casually make a statement, that there COULD BE NO CONTROVERSY about, and a friend says, “No way, I would never allow that.”

Sherry has bathed our boys and every grandchild in the kitchen sink. Once I posted this picture on my Blog. I thought it was cute:

Scanoldpic9 028 - Copy

All I see is a cute kid sitting in a sink.  I was surprised the someone was concerned he would turn on the hot water and be scalded. Another was worried he might fall out.

If Paula or Jean would post a picture like that on their blog, I would KNOW that one of them, or Mel or Grover was just out of camera range, stepping back for the picture. It would not cross my mind that they left the child there whilst they ran to another room to get the camera. I would  know the child is not going to be there  without loving hands being near.


I read comments made about many news articles. At times I agree or drastically disagree with an opinion.

BUT there have actually been times I changed my mind because someone was able to express a different opinion that turned on a light.

I accept opinions, most of the time without trying to change the other person’s mind.  That is what makes this country so good. We can have differing opinions, even express them, and go on about our business without worrying about ‘legal recourse’.

scan1982-84 069

(Group timed shot(no one at the camera!) of THE BROTHERS IN LAW. In this family when you married one sister you got them all!)

        Jack         Sonny             Elmer

  Rep/Libertarian   Democrat       Democrat

   Anti union       Union        Anti union

   pro-gun         pro gun       pro gun

   Military        non military    Military

  Self emp       Electrician      Self emp

   Chevrolet     Chev/Ford     Ford Man

  Different Religious back grounds.

  But all three of us agreed that most politicians are crooks at heart.

WE disagreed, had very different opinions on many subjects, but were the best of friends.

Here in Bloggerville we do not all agree, but we like each other and agree to disagree as we navigate this life.

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There ought to be one day -- just one -- when there is open season on
~Will Rogers~

(If Will Rogers  had said that today he would be crucified, that is my opinion!)


1947 Talfot Lago T26

1947                          NICE!


Dar said...

If Will had said that today, he'd be under constant surveillance. At least we still can have an opinion and not get totaled for it.
as for that guy of bad words out of his mouth with the 'ping', just an ' oh well, it happens.' lol, but I thought it was funny.
Life's More Better than Yesterday

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you have an opinion about everything and it thinks like mine.

What is that saying - I wholeheartedly disagree with what you are saying, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.

And which one were you in the photo?


Louis la Vache said...

Louis' mother used to bathe him in the sink when he was that size! No damage done!

That custom Rolls is at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA. Some of the trim is 24 carat gold.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My kids all survived the sink too. Times have changed and opinions have too. I voice my opinion most every day, especially on my blog. I'm sure some disagree but then that is what makes us all wonderfully and uniquely made.

Jackie said...

To be able to agree to disagree is a wonderful thing, Jack. Love this blog.
Ahhh. Memories. Memory number one invoked as I read: Being in the back seat as a child with no seat belt. Yep. They didn't exist back in the day, and I remember it so well. Much fun for us kids!!
Memory number two: being bathed/bathing a kid in the kitchen sink. Loved it. And...nobody got scalded with hot water (Mama is always there...and always watching and taking care of the little one.)
Thank you for your blog.
Sending you and Sherry warm hugs!

shirl72 said...

#3 guy in the picture has changed
his opinion about cars he now drives a Cadillac.

I bathed Ben and Jason in the sink it also saves the back. Very good blog "My opinion and I am sticking to it" hee hee.


I believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. And that's that.

Paula said...

I first thought you were going to say someone thought it was unsanitary to bathe a child in the sink. I even went as far as to lay them on the drainboard with their hair hanging over the sink to shampoo. I could give somemore confessions but I won't. LOL Another good entry.

betty said...

Never ran across my mind the safety of the child in the sink being bathed, how funny others would catch onto that and say something about it. I figured they were safe and sound.

I'm pretty good about taking and listening to other people's opinions even if I may disagree with it. Sometimes you do learn a new thing with it when they might defend their cause and say why they have that opinion about something too.


Anonymous said...

Your grand kid is very intelligent. Taking a bath in kitchen sink is something different.

Sheila Y said...

I might have been bathed in the sink don't remember, but I have laid on the counter with head over sink for a hair Paula mentioned. Brrr I think the cold is a coming...Sheila