Monday, November 4, 2013

Just when I knew the answer, the Question changed!

Being near military bases brings back a lot of memories. My first experience AWAY FROM HOME, was the USMC. Every branch has some unique language. The Corps and the USN uses both land and sea terms.

Small example:  In the navy and Marines a toilet is referred to as a ‘head’.  Army/AF it is a Latrine.

Of course I thought the military was unique in this area, but as I have grown older I  learned that every occupation, sport and hobby has its own terms and language.  It is something that makes YOUR GROUP unique.  It produces camaraderie and insets memories that aren’t forgotten.

A few days ago Sherry and I were bush-whacking  (Hiking term for making your way thru the woods, no path just taking the way of least resistance). At our ages there are many folk who walk to the car drive to the store and walk in.  Then repeat the procedure returning and that is their exercise. We have friends who are limited because of health problems, so we know about that.

The few times we are out early (Winking smile) we are seeing more folk out walking, jogging or running for their health. I  give Michelle Obama credit for trying to increase the exercise and diet of our children and grand children.  It is something well needed with the abundance of fast foods and armchair games.

OUCH, now that I am into this entry, I have no earthly idea why I started it, nor where I was headed. So I will quit.  I have forgotten the questions and answers.

Thanks for getting lost with me, I needed the company.  At least Paula has cows to talk to and about!  I ain’t got a cow!

BTW, I thought of Paula when I saw this picture of a cow that had found a warm spot.

found a warm spot

Nite Shipslog

PS: This entry is an example of the “Senior moment”. So let that be a learning experience for you youngsters.


Now relax and think of riding around in this:


1952 Maverick Sportster


Chatty Crone said...

I LOVE the cow on the top of the car getting warm - probably not true - but it was cute.

betty said...

LOL with the cow on the car. I think it is that old adage, use it or lose it, so it is a good thing you and Sherry are out there walking. They always say walking is the best exercise.



That is the sweetest thing I ever saw. A cow on a car.