Monday, November 18, 2013

Dead Blogs And some pictures..

Every once in awhile when I am reading my blog or others on a whim I will click ‘next blog’ top left of the blog page.

I just returned from a great trip thru some interesting blogs. BUT many of them haven’t been updated since 2007/2009.

Soon to be mothers, I can understand why they haven’t had time to update. Winking smile 

Some great family, travel and recipe blogs that have just stopped. Being a curious fellow I do wonder why someone wouldn’t put a note in saying…’Taking a Break’, moving to ‘the back side of Alaska and will not have internet’  or something.

**_________JUST STUFF_________**


Crossing the Mississippi and a view of the famous Arch at St. Louis.  You can go up in it, and we did.


That monument on the hill is the location of the actual ‘Little House on the Prairie’, Pa planted the cottonwood. (DeSmit, SD)


Corn Palace in Mitchel, SD. All the pictures and marque  are done in dried corn on the cob. They drive nails right thru each one to hold it in place. They are made on 4x8 plywood then hoisted in place.




Sherry riding a Bronc at Wall Drug Store.


Mt. Moriah Cemetery and Wild Bill Hickok’s grave, Calamity Jane is buried beside him.


On west, into Wyoming and the Devil’s Tower.


Colette in the shotgun seat and Sherry driving the big Overland coach we had in 2004.


We had such a great time going across country. Sonny and Colette were the best traveling buddies anyone could ask for, we sure do miss them.

100_0725 - Copy

I suggested putting Sonny on Rushmore.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to
change the locks.
~Doug Larson~


1957 Chev motorcycle

Someone loved the ‘57 Chevy


Aluminum Willys

A copy of a 40 Willys I think. Done in aluminum.


Paula said...

Love Sherry on the bronc. I agree Sonny's face belongs right up there. I guess you, Sherry, and me are cut from a different pattern concerning blogs and friendship. People I thought were close friends as internet friends go just disappear.

Glenda said...

Some great pics here, also think Sherry looks fantastic! Love it when you do a trip down memory lane!!!

shirl72 said...

Sherry on the bronc is funny.
I should write more on my blog,
but I seem to stay busy doing
other projects. We both have been in the air or on the road most of our life. We have lived very enjoyable and full lives. Your
travels are very interesting and
glad you share them.

Louis la Vache said...

That '57 "Chevy" bike is super!


LOVE the Badlands and Sherry on the bronco.

betty said...

All great pictures! Sherry, you go girl on that bronc!! I always admire you too, Sherry, seeing pictures of you driving the RV!

I too, Jack, wonder about dead abandoned blogs. I too will do the next blog when I have time and it is amazing how many blogs haven't been updated in long periods of time. I wonder if they eventually will be taken down by Blogger or what?


~mel said...

Just wondering if the corn palace has mice problems?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What great pictures of places you have traveled to. I too wonder what has happened to many of the people whose blogs I used to read. Out of the many on my reading list, there are only about a dozen that still post anything at all anymore. I should up date the list I suppose, but I keep hoping maybe one of them will show up again.

Chatty Crone said...

Love Sherry on the bronc!! She is a cool gal!

I do agree when people stop blogging I think they should explain.

I KNow you are having a nice time.

I have been baking 20 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange - which will be my last!