Saturday, November 9, 2013

What was the weirdest job you ever had?

(I wouldn't mind the job of counting these puppies, if mama would let me)

I have had lots of jobs in my 74+ years. Very few I did not enjoy. I have always liked to work. VERY seldom in my life did I hate to see Monday roll around, most of the time I was chomping at the bits.
I don’t think I would like to be a beautician. You  must be a miracle worker (or a good BS artist) to satisfy a lady with her hair.
I respect teachers no end, in today’s world I am not sure I could handle the job.
I also respect house painters, but I am not sure I could be happy doing that every day.
I could NEVER be a waiter/waitress. Too many folks want to know, “Can I substitute the gravy for beans, etc.”  I would want to say “Order from the menu, that is what we have!!!”  I have seen waitresses pushed to the utmost and still smile. I admire ‘em but I ain’t doing it. I never liked that burger place that said ‘Have it your way’. No, if I was serving, you get it my way, I get confused with a lot of changes.Surprised smile.
In 1957-58 it was hard to buy a job. I finally did get a job at the Charlotte Observer (newspaper), my job was putting the ‘This Week’ magazine in the funnies by hand Tues-Sat. Then come Saturday night, my job was inserting them into the Sunday paper by hand. Thousands of them. Yep, no machine, Jack done it. I didn’t last but a week or two. That is when I “done what I always done” in a pinch. “One day I announced to my Girl, well honey, we just joined the USAF, better pack we have to be in Biloxi, MS in a few days.
She said Okay. No fuss, no yelling at me, just Okay….. See, Ain’t she sweet?  She has always been that way, cause she loves me, I have always been so loveable. Embarrassed smile She was missing me. I was stuffing those funnies on the mid shift.
What was your oddest job?
Nite Shipslog
Everyone should do a job they like or can be happy doing. I believe that is one thing that makes life good. Being happy where you are.
1956 Ford… I started liking this car later, I wasn’t sold on it when it came out, but now I thinks it is a beauty.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know as I've had any weird jobs like stuffing funnies in the newspaper. I worked in a bakery, a Coke bottling plant, a bank, as a secretary, and an office manager, but the best job I ever had was that of being a mom. Your Sherry is the greatest! I don't know that I'd have been as good with all moving around that your jobs made. The sun just popped out here this morning. It's going to be a great day here in Ohio! Hope your Saturday is a wonderful one too.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» worked in retail most of his life and usually enjoyed it a lot. The exception was when he was a department manager at Bed, Bath and Beyond. That company puts on a good show for the customers but is VERY unethical behind the scenes...

That '56 Ford is a beauty! «Louis» remembers a newspaper ad for it just before it came out where they had kids (like he was then...) connect the dots to see what the new car would look like. «Louis» had great fun doing that.

Paula said...

That dog reminds me of a big hunk of chocolate melting down into the puppies. The stupid job I had was working for a company that distributed several small weekly papers. I had to count small squares of numbered papers that were put atop the bundles. My favorite was switchboard operator in my home town and later for Sears. Mostly I liked being a housewife and mother.

Jackie said...

First of all....LOVE the photo of the Mama dog and her pups. Absolutely precious!!
I've only had one job: teaching. I didn't even have a part-time job before teaching. Never baby sat or anything. Just went from the world of college to the world of teaching and stayed in it until I retired.
I knew when I was 8 what I wanted to do...and I loved every moment of it. Thank you for asking.
Hugs to you and sweet Sherry!

Dar said...

now that's a pile of pups. What a gorgeous family they are.
jobs~hmm, not that any of them counted by my oddest job, I suppose, was learning how to suction a human beings lungs....not fun, never liked it but knew the benefits. Another was just this year~being a pumpkin salesgal. We did good on that one and I thoroughly enjoyed all those smiling faces picking out the ' perfect ' one.
The Ford? never was a Ford gal but sure do love that car. How come they call all that pretty chrome, ' extras ' now. It should come with the car, well as those tire aprons. Sweet ride I'd be so proud to own.
Life is Great, but not today.
I have a doozy of a headache :/

betty said...

I don't know if I have had an oddest job since all my work experience has been in the medical field, either as a secretary or now transcribing, but I have had to do odd assignments at jobs, like the one time I had to go to the pet store to buy mice so the classroom's snake could eat. It was my doctor I worked for at the time, his children's week to bring the snake. He didn't have time to run the errand, so I got assigned it. The box with them traveled back to the office in the trunk of my car, LOL. I was glad I never had to do that job again.

I would think stuffing inserts into a paper night after night would get tedious indeed!



Sounds like a tiring job stuffing newspapers. But you changed to something more interesting in the service.

Chatty Crone said...

I would be mad if my husband took a job without telling me and moving!!

I don't know if I had any odd jobs - but I have odd things happen as a mother and grandmother.

I do believe you have to do something you love.


Anonymous said...

I have stuffed inserts... while driving a straight shift. I had one pile of papers, one pile of inserts. Pick up the insert, put it on the paper, fold it together, rubber band it from the stash of rubber bands around the fingers of my left hand (replenish from the stash of bands on the rearview mirror). That poor little VW bug was ALL OVER THE ROAD!
I've cleaned the church, babysat, worked for the Forestry Service, worked in a fabric store, maintenanced indoor foliage. One of the jobs I hated most was cashiering in a tiny bookstore where I mostly ended up selling candy and cigarettes. There were no windows to the outdoors, and I worked with two older ladies with whom I had very little in common with.

bonnie k.

Rose said...

I've had bosses that I disliked but I've always loved my job tasks.

I was in the legal field most of my life and then did some partime work for doctors. I was always behind a computer. But way back in thos days, I started with the old manual typewriter.

I do agree, You have to love where you are going in the morning as 8 hours is a long day if you hate being there.

Sherry is the best!

Hugs to my favorite couple

Lucy said...

Working in a factory on a line. Can't even remember what they were building. I lasted 2 weeks. The job I liked , or I should say, many of the jobs I have worked was dry cleaning clothes. It was one of the hottest, heaviest jobs I had but liked it so much I worked it for 7 years.

Lucy said...

I hated factory work and left after 3 days. I then worked much later at a dry cleaners for 7 years. I liked the hours, 7 to 3:30, and loved the finished product. Waitresing was long grueling hours, especially at 26 cents an hour plus tips. Tips were not all that good.

Glenda said...

"Bloom where you're planted"
comes to mind :) I've had a few jobs where I know I've "withered" but overall, most were enjoyable once I hit my stride! Great entry Jack!!!

Mevely317 said...

WOW (again) for Sherry!
I suppose the craziest (part-time) job I ever took on in 1999 was chauffeuring. Loved the tuxedo and the feel of that stretch limo!!! Only problem, I'd never parallel parked before ... and I don't back up so well.
In short, the mysterious loss of a front bumper and having to cleaning out the back in the wee morning hours contributed to a short-lived gig!