Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HAPPY BITHDAY SHERRY, Something about her that I might not have told you.

(This is my NOV 6th entry, since it has been taking over a day to post once submitted.)

She was cute ( Oh, I told you that didn’t I?)

scanoldpic7 024

She was born on the Climax Mill Village, at home in a Mill house. She had a very cute mama and a handsome dad. She was sixth in a family of seven. Grade school and HS was with the same folk in Belmont, NC. She still sees many of her class mates.

Scanoldpic9 043

(Next to the last row,3rd over from the teacher)

Sherry lived in two mill villages, First the Climax, then the Imperial. She lived in the same house while attending school.  She was a member of the Beta Club and the first in her family to graduate High School, a  big accomplishment. She paid for the first phone in their home, going to work when she was 16 and continuing school.  Her family never owned a car.

scanoldpic7 037

(I love this pic. my wild and wonderful girl)

A stroke of fate allowed us to meet. She had planned to quit school and move to Burlington, NC before I moved to Belmont. Had that happened I would have never met my LOVE.Sad smile

When she stayed in school she had dreams of becoming a Nurse, those plans were dashed when I moved into town. Surprised smile.

To know my girl, you  need to know her mom.

Susie1 - Copyscanoldpic7 065

A woman of pioneer stock and frugal, because growing up she had very little. On the pay of 10¢ an hour at 10 yrs old to $1 an hour 45 years later, she handled the finances of the family and actually paid to have two houses built for her family and one for a handicapped brother. An amazing feat on cotton mill pay. That is what Sherry came from.

Scanoldpic9 042

(My Sweetheart’s Graduation Picture)

We fell in love in HS. She graduated, I quit.  She took a chance on a dropout with very little promise, That was over 57 years ago, and a multitude of career changes.

In our marriage she has helped manage our finances. We both hated debt and lived that way. This lady has followed me all over the world, never once complained. I made a lot of promises, most WE fulfilled but not without this girl living in a 26’ house trailer, 30’ and 42 ft. house trailer. She did not complain even in a leaning, converted chicken coop or a house with no inside plumbing.

Scanoldpic8 006

(On our cheap transportation outside the 32’ house trailer in Mississippi)

Once the kids were in school she attended a business school and began her own career in Civil Service. She worked for the USN and the US Army.

Scanoldphoto3 091Scanoldpic9 013

(On the job)

New Folder (2) 055

Together we were able to build  three custom homes in the later years.  Susie her mama died at 61 years old, if she were alive today she would be very proud of her baby girl, I sure am.

I have never told her until this week, But HER birthday was the best thing that ever happened to me.


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To my girl: As I have told you hundreds of times:

I am the luckiest guy in the world.


1953 MG1955 Chevy

Before we kick the bucket I would like to drive her around in one of these. My two dreams above, her’s below:



Chatty Crone said...

You are one smitten man! Happy birthday Sherry and may you have many many more. I love seeing your pictures - you are a beautiful young lady and you are both lucky to have each other. sandie

Rose said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful post! Happy Birthday Sherry, it is also my Mother's birthday,she would have been 101.

Jackie said...

Sherry....you are a blessed woman. You have a wonderful husband who loves you, you had a loving Mama who left you a legacy that you will treasure for always...and you have a family that you love and that loves you. To wish you a happy birthday after all that is 'extra'...but I'll add the 'extra' here....just because I can. Sherry: Happy Birthday to you!! I am so pleased to know you as my blogging friend. May each day of yours be blessed...and extra blessings on your special day!!
Love you, Sherry.

Glenda said...

Lovely, Jack. Those pics are so wonderful, she is always a happy girl, Love, Hugs & Happy Birthday to Sherry!!!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Sherry. May you have many more blessed ones.

shirl72 said...

it own its way. We were proud to
have you in our Family. Hope you
have a wonderful day...and many

Paula said...

Happy birthday Sherry. So glad I was able to meet you even for a little while this past summer. Now I know Jack is telling the truth about how nice you are. Have many many more.

Sara S. said...

What a wonderful post about a very sweet woman. Happy Birthday Sherry, I'm sure you had a splendid day with such a loving husband by your side. Here's wishing you many, many, more wonderful birthdays in the future. Have that sweet husband of yours make you something chocolaty for your special day! Stay sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sherry!
Great blog post, Jack!

Love the pictures.

bonnie k.

betty said...

Happy birthday Sherry! I loved reading more about you; I didn't realize you had worked in Civil Service and had a career of your own! Enjoyed reading about your family too and the achievements of your parents, wonderful stock you came from!

I hope you have a wonderful day and Jack spoils you rotten!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY! Enjoy! May you have many more.

salemslot9 said...

Jack, reading that aloud to my John nearly brought a tear to my eye

happy birthday, Sherry!

~mel said...

Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very Happy Birthday to Sherry. That was quite a write up you gave her Jack, I'm sure she already knows how much you mean to her. But if she needed confirmation she now knows for sure! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful birthday celebration!

Dar said...

SherryGirl, The day we met and sat on the park bench talking the evening away, I didn't realize what an impact your kindness would have on me, but it has. You are such a wonderful lady, kind, soft-spoken, pure sweetness. I mean every word of that. You are one blessed couple to have found one another and made it work~an inspiration to all who know you. I'm sure you've had a most wonderful relaxed birthday. Did Jack make that cake Chocolate?
Loveya, dar n' bill

Karen Lange said...

What a lovely tribute! Congratulations to both of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on Sandie's post today. It's great to meet you! :)

Sheila Y said...

Happy belated Birthday Sherry! I have fallen a couple of days behind on blogs. Jack this was a wonderful tribute to your girl. Love the pics! Hope you had a great day Sherry and many more too come...So glad I got to meet you both! Love you guys, Sheila

Annesphamily said...

Happy belated birthday to Sherry! You are both so incredibly blessed!