Tuesday, November 19, 2013

There are things The USA needs to do.

One is hire the PR sales people who sold the nation on bottled ‘water’.

Everywhere I go I see folks carrying a bottle of water. Some will pay more for the water than a soda or beer.  I just commented to my girl, singers in church keep a bottle of water. They cannot sing two songs without drinking water. The preacher now has a plastic bottle of water.  Did Billy G. keep a bottle handy? I don’t remember.

Through the years choirs have sung an entire Cantata without a break for a drink.   ………………………….

Now, think about the USA!


***The USA is actually a very good country.  We give to poor countries. If there is a disaster we volunteer millions $ even billions$ in aid. Thousands of people pay their own way to go and assist. We have a huge foreign aid policy in our government. Organizations raise money. Fact is the church we attended Sunday raised money for the Philippines. But some of those countries we help still hate or dislike the USA.  WE are not bullies, really, we are overall, good guys…  WE need who ever sold the bottled water drinking craze, to sell the USA to the world.

Don’t get me wrong, drinking water s better than a sugar drink, but is it needed every 15 minutes? NO.  The latest studies say that in a normal situation, all the 8 glasses of water gets us is an extra trip to the bathroom. The body only needs to replace the water it expels.  Before the water craze did you ever see folks passed out on the sidewalks from dehydration?

I cannot fuss too much my girl has a glass of water and ice all the time.  What I am trying to say, and not doing too good a job of it is, someone is getting VERY RICH on all the plastic we are throwing in the land fills.  Using a product they pay little for.

BUT, Sometimes it is all in the mind, Take Ms Jones.  She is 94 yrs old. Her family doctor just retired. The new doctor reviewed her meds. Going over the list he sees BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! “Ms Jones, do you realize these are birth control pills you are still taking?”

“Oh yes Doctor, they help me sleep.”

“I assure you ma’am, nothing in this pill will come close to being a sleep aid.”

Reaching over and touching the Dr’s knee kindly and as if addressing a 3rd grader she said, “I have a 16 year old grand daughter living with me. Each morning I grind up one of those pills and put it her orange juice, and I sleep much better  Winking smile.”


If you like the comfort of a plastic water bottle, by all means, continue. But believe me the water will not prevent pregnancy!Surprised smile

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I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be
left to the politicians.

~Charles de Gaulle~


Since I quoted DeGaulle here are a couple French guys I haven’t used before:

Amilcar_C_4_Duval_1924 French

1924 Amilcar

Leon_Bollee_G_2_Double_Diligence_1913 must be french

1913 Leon Bollee (That was a good car, my middle name is Leon!)


Sheila Y said...

Good afternoon Jack and Sherry! Yeah we fell for that bottled water PR too. Rick likes to take a bottle when he goes to bed to take his meds with and to have if he wants a drink during the night. Have a good day today, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

I could not agree with you more - we need to sell how wonderful the USA - is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I use Dasanti - lol).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with everything you said and as I chuckle away here I'm sipping my sweet tea, my drink of choice. For years and years most speakers had a glass of water near them. The magic of the bottle is the twist off lid that keeps us from spilling it. My sister read on her bottled water the other day that the company that bottled it had been in business 175 years. That got us thinking. We know they didn't have bottles like we do today, and wondered were they bottling the water in jars or what??? We are a great country and I think the only reason others think less of us is that they are jealous. We have so much and I'm thankful to be an American.

Jean said...

I don't really like water, but I drink it if I get thirsty and don't have anything else around. Lol. I don't buy their bottle water we have pretty good tasting water here, but if I lived in some places I would buy my water before drinking it. I'm like MA I love my ice tea. Lol. You and Sherry take care. Jean


I love the water, bottled or not.

shirl72 said...

I have been a singer all my life
and never had to have a bottle
of water with me and you know
how hold I am..After retirement I sang with a band didn't have a bottle. I have never passed out
because I didn't have a bottle of
water. I think that is so funny everybody you see has a bottle
of water, I beginning to think it
is a security blanket. I am like
Ma I like my tea..hee hee

betty said...

Loved the joke with the birth control pills, Jack.

My biggest gripe with bottled water is how much they charge for it at the movie theaters. You can get 24 bottles of it for the price of one at the theater. When we would go to movies a lot I would just sneak one in under my jacket or sweater.


Louis la Vache said...

We need that bottled water salesman to sell the current occupant of the White House on our country! He hates us!

Glenda said...

Here in Chobee there is so much clorine etc in the tap water the dog won't drink it!!! I use a Brita filter and occasionally buy a 24 pk when it's on sale; refill my bottles numerous times ~ it works for me. And the convenience of capping the bottle IS a good point!