Saturday, November 16, 2013

The COOK said: It’s Darla’s fault!

A few entries back, ‘Ms. Smart aleck Darla’ put some delicious looking food on her blog, as she and her sisters are known to do.  Anyway, one was called an apple crisp. Now I have never eaten Apple crisp, but it looked sooooo good I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.
(Sparrows bathing in the puddles)
(It is a rainy day here in Florida.)  Every day I try to eat an apple.  Today I asked my girl if she wanted one, I am going to cook mine.
‘I’m eating mine with p-nut butter,’ says she. I didn’t say anything but in my mind I said, ‘I’m making some apple crisp, the name just sounds good.”
I found a recipe, looked doable with what we had. I have never thought you needed everything in a recipe, so I don’t mind substitutes or skipping.
I chopped up a Jonathan and a golden delicious. First on the list was Cinnamon. I grabbed it threw in what looked like 1 1/2 Teaspoons. then thought a little more won’t hurt. Then I looked closer and it was ‘CUMIN’.  Well that is close to Cinnamon, right? Okay, the containers looked the same. Anyway, it’s done. I grabbed the Cinnamon and added twice as much (that should help). Recipe doesn’t call for honey, but that might kill the ‘mistake’, so I added a 1/4 cup of honey (and a little molasses for good measure). I doubled the Lemon Juice since I had added so much honey. Logical, right? Of course it is.
Taste test after cooking awhile, better put some Stevia in there too much lemon. I also threw in a handfull of pecans and extra margarine (we use the margerine that helps you live forever).  It has olive oil, longlife, Omega3 and sunshine (or something) in it .
Taste-test = ain’t bad.
Now for the topping. Powdered milk?  Didn’t notice that, real milk should work. Cinnamon again, this time I read the label twiceWinking smile.
I’m cooking this in a toaster oven. It is heated. My pie pan won’t fit and close the door!  Quick tin-foil, ah,  now just wait.  Sherry is gonna be wishing she had forgone the p-nut butter.
My Crisp cools down enough for  the taste test. Shucks it ain’t half bad, but it doesn’t taste as good as Darla’s looks.
Now to watch my bride try it. Her spoon dips in ‘MY APPLE CRISP’ the first ever in our family.
First words out of her mouth, “Not bad, but there is something in there that shouldn’t be!”
Girls are so darned smart! (I ate it anyway, cumin is good for you ain’t it?)
Nite Shipslog
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there is no river.
~Nikita Khrushchev~


Gotta be a ‘50’s Merc. 1956?


Helen said...

Is that some of Sherry's peanut butter I see on top of that last slice?

Anonymous said...

You gave me the best laugh!!
I improvise sometimes when I cook, but you beat me hands down!

We had lots of apple crisps as we were growing up. We also had some kind of peach crisp; the recipe was entitled "peach paradise," and, boy howdy, was it ever aptly named! I wish I had the recipe today.
I think you ought to use REAL butter in a crisp for superior taste. That's my two cents' worth.

bonnie k.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I do love apple crisp and so easy to make, I just slice apples in a pan,sprinkle with cinnamon and top with brown sugar and flour mixture and moisten with melted butter and bake. Yours does sound interesting!

Louis la Vache said...

Cumin?! Olé! Did you serve it with a side of tortillas?

That's a '58 Merc Turnpike Cruiser. That roof line and the flow-through ventilation at the top of the windshield was going to be on the '57 Packards that weren't built. When Packard folded, Nance went to Lincoln-Mercury. «Louis» has never seen any documentation on this, but he is of the opinion that Nance gave Mercury the idea for that roof line and the flow-through ventilation. The "Breezeway" rear window on later Mercurys was another Packard idea they most likely got from Nance. The '56 Packard Predictor show car had this feature. The '53 Packard Balboa show car was supposed to have it (they said it did in the brochures) but it wasn't actually put in the car.

There's your auto trivia for the day... :-)

Jean said...

It look good I need to try cooking one. I think I did once, but the one I fixed had oak meal in it, I like oak meal, but I think the apple crisp would taste better without it. Take care. Jean

Dar said...

CUMIN????? ROFL, you're killin' me here man! But as long as it tastes good...lookes like you scarfed that right I have to go back and see which one I made. I usually don't use a crust with my Crisp, but top it with the oatmeal, butter, cinnamon and sugar. Thanks for the praise, tho. I made a Carrot Apple Pecan Cake yesterday, and topped it with caramel sauce and Cool Whip...lip smacking stuff.
LoveyaMan, and SherryToo
Life's A Crisp Apple

shirl72 said...

I thought apple crisp would have
a crust. I fixed apples today
Cinnamon, little lemon, nutmeg and
brown sugar it was very good.
We had rain last night will be
warm tomorrow, you could come back
home were having warm weather.
But it will be cold next week.
So you can stay in Fl. until next

Paula said...

Sounds like a good snack minus the cumin.

Sheila Y said...

LOL, I could imagine the scientist concocting his experiment...glad it turned out good...ha. Enjoy your warm weather in Florida...I'm waiting for the snow...:-) Take care, Sheila

betty said...

It does look delicious, Jack. I had to laugh with the mix up of cumin and cinnamon; you won't do that again I believe :) Good first attempt!! I hope you try again; I'm sure the next one will be even better!


JeanJournal said...

You 2 make me HAPPY just from your way of life and your love for one another SHOWS~~~keep on cooking Jack~~~I love fried apple pies~~~when I cook something 'apple'~~~Jean(Rome Ga girl living in Calhoun)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess you can't really mess up when you are cooking apples and cinnamon together. Glad you enjoyed your concoction. I just got a bag of good apples called Jonagold. Another new variety I've never had. They are good. I had some called ginger gold earlier this fall. I love apples of all kinds. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


THis made me smile all the way through.

Chatty Crone said...

I must not have seen Darla's yet - but there must be oatmeal on the top!