Saturday, May 3, 2014

Albany, Georgia aka ‘All-Benny’

Yep, if you are from there it is ‘All Benny’. Anyway I reported into my new duty station. I liked the crew and the Old Man right away.We had a couple ‘Mustangers’ (Officers that had came up thru the ranks.) Lcdr Joslin was my officer in charge and he was a Mustang. Officers up to the rank of Lt. commander are addressed by rank, sir or Mr.  Mr. Joslin became a good friend and was always a good leader. My Chief in charge was Senior Chief Dan Doughton. What a great guy, he was also a family man with a great family.

Our little family lived at a state camp ground until housing became available. It was only a couple weeks and then we assigned a great 3 BR home. We then notified the furniture company to send our STUFF on down.

It arrived and we were a little embarrassed at our furniture ignorance, We had bought three master bed room suites.  They had 6 & 7 feet dressers and large chests of drawers, the boys small rooms were FULL!Surprised smile But we really didn’t care we were beginning to enjoy late night shopping if we wanted and TV around the clock. Winking smile

Speaking of TV’s. We bought one with a remote tuner (there was a time when they did not even exist?). Remember there was 13 channels on the tuner and we could point to the TV and click it and it would turn the dial, ‘click, click, click,etc, as it went thru the channels. If you were moving to channel 8 and mistakenly went to 9, you had to go all the way around again, it was called an analog tuner, today they are digital.

We had our own pecan tree out back, and it wasn’t far to the base and my work. The boys raced Moto-cross.

They entered school, Jack was in High School and Mark still in Middle School.

I was assigned there to teach, but I was required  to go thru the school to learn ‘how’ I was going to teach the stuff I already knew from Shipboard use. I taught two or three 6 week classes before the final closure.

When the base moved the Intelligence command for security reasons has to move itself, so we were doing a lot of shredding and burn runs. This also presented a family problem, Sherry and the boys were sent to Key West before I was able to go, this time things were reversed, they were living in paradise a couple months before me, this time. Open-mouthed smile.

Thanks for coming this way.

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This time there was no ocean to separate us, so we could drive down. Folks, Florida is a long state. From Albany to Key West is about 700 miles that is 12-13 hours driving. But to see your love, it ain’t that far!



This Pickup got about 14 mpg. It had a big V8 in it.


Annesphamily said...

I always love your stories Jack! The bedroom suit furniture caught my eye! When we bought a new bedroom set four years ago the sign sitting on the bed said "HUGE"! Being a man you may understand this! My hubby was saying "Oh it is not too large!" HaHaHa! We crawled over each other for a few weeks until we finally had to give our youngest son the nightstand and get our old slim ones out! We are still sleeping in a tight squeeze! LOL!
Your stories always make me smile and I am here catching up! Love to you and Sherry today and always.

Paula said...

Must have been fun buying all that new furniture at one time. Large reminds me of buying a big sectional living room set. After all my living room was 17x20. When the furniture store delivered it I thought I had bought a "cat in the sack". The way the windows and doors were situated it didn't look like it was going to work.
At that point I was settling in to living alone. When we moved from the ranch John's son helped and he said Pauline if you ever move again just hire a bulldozer and knock the wall out. It was so heavy and big. For the first time it is in a place where it fits and looks nice. Sorry got carried away in length.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You all sure learned how to move quickly I'd say. I'm glad to say I've not had many moves in my life, maybe that's why I've collected way too much stuff. Hope the next bedrooms fit your furniture better. It's really windy here today and makes me still think we're back in March. A bit on the chilly side too. Hope you all are enjoying a great weekend there.

shirl72 said...

You have sure made the rounds...
and having fun in the process.
Reading about your moves made my
moves come to mind. Some funny and some stressful..Thank goodness we were able to keep the house in Charlotte no matter where we moved and that made it a little easier. Glad we are now settled.

betty said...

That had to be an experience for Sherry to get to go first to a new place :)



Funny about the furniture being almost too big to fit in the rooms. Glad it worked out. And that Sherry had her time in paradise before you...